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The Death of Lamberto Fulvina

by Giampaolo Agosta and Giovanni Porpora
Year 967 After Crowning

Vittorio's Vengeance

Following a bet with Don Ricardo de Belcadiz, Signor Lamberto Fulvina is killed, and his friend Alceo Boero is blamed for the murder. Signor Lamberto 's son and heir, Vittorio becomes the new Visconte di Verazzano, and two years pass. Perhaps the truth will finally be revealed, and perhaps justice will finally come to pass.

Within a year of the death of Signor Lamberto Fulvina, the Fulvinas experience another loss when Lamberto's faithful servant, Alfiero is killed by the late Signor Lamberto's hunting dogs. The dogkeeper of Palazzo Fulvina originally claimed to have seen a stranger in the kennels feeding the dogs a strange liquid on the eve of Alfiero's death, but recanted his story when suspicion fell on him.

Archduke Edelmiro Pieinants was brutally murdered in his own home at Westheath. Several witnesses testified to have seen the Archduke's trusted companion, a man named Cornelis, at the scene of the crime, acting suspiciously. In his defence, Cornelis claimed that he was in the Archduke's private lodge in the woods near Westheath, playing cards with three of his friends, the whole day of the murder. These three friends, however, denied ever being with him and did not support his alibi.

Prince Alfonso de Belcadiz, Supreme Judge of the Council, was so appalled by Cornelis' dread crime, that he ordered a swift sentence after minimal investigation. He sentenced Cornelis to death by exposure to green slime. It was said that in his dying words, the man claimed to have been framed by three Caurenzan shapeshifters, who themselves killed his master.

Signor Vittorio Fulvina succeeded his father as Visconte di Verazzano, and successfully ruled Verazzano with the help of his uncle, Signor Umberto, and his son, Signor Griseo.

E tutti i Fulvina vissero insieme felici e contenti!