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Inner Circle Gaz 6: Kingdom of Vixen

by Giulio Caroletti

Area: 61,000 sq km

Population: 142,300 (95% humans, 5% rakasta)

Government Type: Pseudo-platonic politeia.

Important Figures: Wymer Chitclan, King of Vixen

Description: Northernmost kingdom of Nentsun, Vixen stretches all along the sea, and 4 of the 10 Devices are located here. However, although they prevent the sea from freezing for most of the winter, fishing is not a favourite activity of the Vixenians. Vixen is heavily populated by humans. The Vixenians are considered the most nationalist and arrogant of the Inner Circle. They regard the Outer Circle's population as little more than barbarians, and all the other nations of the Inner Circle are also considered inferior in culture and civilisation. However, the Vixenians are also the most successful of the nations of Nentsun, so they are partly justified in their assertions: with the help of the devices they have created an agricultural heaven, and they work hard for the country. The Vixenians have a complex political organisation, with a main division of the population in three "activity groups": philosophers, among whom the king is chosen, and who rule the country, fighters, who act as police and army, and working men, who are mainly employed in farming activities. Vixen is a meritocracy: when a child becomes twelve, it is examined by a commission of members of the three groups, that value what the child will become- there is no nobility, and the status of its parents is ignored. Then the child is sent to school until twenty-one, when he becomes an adult and begins to work in his group. Although the "philosophers" and "soldiers" seem to be above the "working men" in consideration, they live harder lives, as they are not allowed to have any personal possession, and suffer great restrictions to their personal freedoms. Intermarriage between the groups is allowed and encouraged. The few rakastas who live in Vixen are mercenaries and their families.
There are not big cities in Vixen. The population is distributed quite regularly throughout the land. Among the few cities is the capital city of Vixen (pop. 18,000), distant about three kilometres from the original city of the same name, now just ruins since the war of 374-411 AC.