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Well I've been asked for weird, and a dragon. So here's one from my archive, its a weird dragon...

Dragon, Violet (Amethyst)

by Cab Davidson

Small Large Huge
AC 2 0 -1
HD 7** 10+3*** 14****
Move: As Black Dragon
Attacks: As Black Dragon
Damage: As Black Dragon
# Appearing: 1d4 1d3 1d2
Save As: F7 F22 F36
Morale: 8 9 10
Treasure Type: H Hx2,I Hx2,Ix3
Intelligence: 9 12 15
Alignmnent: Chaotic (Violet), Lawful (Amethyst)
XPV: 1250 3500 5500

Spells (levels 1, 2, 3, 4)
Small 0,0,0,0
Medium 1,1,1,0
Large 2,2,1,1

Breath Weapon, Violet: Buning Light, dimension as for blue dragon.
Breath Weapon, Amethyst: Burning Light, second save to avoid being transported to the ethereal plane

The rare violet dragons are among the most feared of subterranean predators. They are native to the ethereal plane, from which they can see everything happening within visible range on the prime plane. They can, at will, move from the prime to the ethereal (or vice versa) once per round, and when doing so to attack gain a +2 bonus to surprise. Their preferred hunting method is to wait in the ethereal next to large caves and caverns in underground complexes, attacking prey therein once it has determined that the surroundings there are safe.

The duality of their existence on the prime and ethereal renders them somewhat magically resistant, with 50% antimagic. That in turn makes them poor spellcasters, they are unable to cast spells as effectively as similar sized dragons.

While violet dragons are known to be brutal and sadistic predators, reveling in the suffering of their prey, amethyst dragons are primarily seekers of knowledge. They wait in the ethereal plane observing and recording happenings on the prime plane, each having specific areas of interest that fascinate them. Their most likely reason to attack is because that interest is under threat from someone on the prime. For example, an amethyst dragon obsessed with the behaviour of a particular tribe of gnomes will attack anything that threatens them. The amethyst dragon prefers to use its breath weapon to divide its foes - those failing a save versus dragon breath will be transported to the ethereal plane. If that is insufficient to discourage further endangering of their prime plane obsession, they will barter the lives of those trapped on the ethereal to try to prevent further harm.