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The Ring of Vandergast (a.k.a. Vandergast's ring)

by Jesper Andersen

The Ring of Vandergast is a wondrous magical ring, forged and enchanted by the wizard Vandergast during the Golden Age of Darokin some centuries ago. Vandergast was a wizard who travelled everywhere (almost) and was delighted to visit new cultures and learn new things. He marvelled at the physical prowess of the gladiators of Thyatis, he was in awe of the spiritual devotion and reverence of the people of Ethengar and Ylaruam and he was delighted by the carefree flamboyance of the pirates of the Sea of Dread. And so, he set about to learn all that he could - from all of the people he met. Eventually, he discovered that no ordinary man could encompass so many different skills and talents and so he went on a quest to find an answer to his problems. When he returned after travelling the planes for two decades, he had created his magical ring. And with it he became a fantastic swordsman, a skilled burglar, a devout cleric of Korotiku as well as a powerful wizard.
Vandergast was buried in a tomb high in the Silver Sierras. To this day, no one remembers where it is. But every decade or so, stories re-emerge about some one or other, who claims to have found it and taken the fabled ring for himself.

[GAME TERMS:] The Ring of Vandergast eliminates all XP penalties due to possessing more than one character class. All XP gained while wearing the ring, is fully counted towards one of the character's classes.