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Village of Irenke Campaign Hooks

by Joaquin Menchaca

I'm not sure how many are familiar with T1: Village of Hommlet. It's an old module back in the day, created by Gary Gygax. Later T1-4: Temple of Elemental Evil was published and recently Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil.

The Village of Irenke (Hommlet) would be an excellent adventure to run after N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God. In N1, there are obvious signs of insanity and that something is amiss in the city, and so the player's will be rather suspicious after completing N1. In Irenke however, everything is pretty much mellow, as there is nothing really going on, except for a spy here and there. Suspicious player's might be able to find these elements. Most citizens will plead ignorance, as they honestly don't anything. The Church fabricated the scenario about evil cultists in order to establish their presence here, and so zealous clerics might claim that the citizens are harbouring and protecting "Evil!!!"

I used this IMC as the Village of Irenke. If people wanted to run this module as well, I wanted to provide some creative campaign hooks:

Invitation of the Church

A local paladin and cleric of rich Thyatian nobility are at the local inn. There is a line of adventurers waiting in line. Anyone listening (Listen DC15), can overhear the conversation:

"What notable deeds have you accomplished within the realm?"
"What is your profession? Can you cast spells?"
"What is your religion? Do you have a problem working with another religious organisation?"
"Have you encountered or slayed undead creatures? If so, what types." (Continues for every monster archetype)
"What particular qualifications do you have? In other words, why should we choose you to partake on this mission?"

Essentially the paladin Zendrolian Pendalius and the cleric Constantian Lucius, both of the Church of Karameikos, are seeking adventurers to join in a quest to stamp out evil in the Village of Irenke. If the player characters apply, at least one player characters with either unique abilities of the non-combat and non-priestly kind or a high Charisma, will accepted. Sir Pendalius and Sir Lucius will present a list of adventurers, and ask the player character for advice in choosing the team members.

Both will defer to the player character's decision on a successful Diplomacy check (DC 15) or a Bluff check (DC 15) if the player character wishes to exaggerate the abilities of his/her teammates. Otherwise some haggling might be involved. Perhaps, contests of ability can be presented if the player character has problem convincing Zendrolian and Constantian.

The list of applicants includes the following:

Ethengar Scout (Fighter1/Rogue1)
Tanagoro Scout (Rogue2)
Vyalian Ranger (Ranger2)
Linarii Philosopher (Pscion1/Wizard1)
Honor Island Fire Elementalist (Sorcerer1/Wizard1)
Fire Mephit familiar
Goblin Slaves (2)
Linarii Monk (Psychic Warrior1/Monk1)
Stronghollow Dwarf (Fighter1/Cleric1)
Viking Warrior (Barbarian2)
Gladiator (Fighter2)
"Mr. Furious" (Barbarian1/Fighter1)
1/2 Orc shot putter (Fighter 2)
Highforge Gnome (Alchemist 2)
"The Spleen" Hin (Sor2)

The party heads out to north eastern part of Karameikos to Irenke, and the adventure begins.

In reality, there is no known presence of evil within the area. The Church of Karameikos simply wants to strengthen its presence within the region. The Church is concerned over an ancient druidic following in the region. Many see Irenke as a place festering with sin and evil, and want to smite out this evil.

In the meantime before the Church decides what to do, it sends the adventurers to explore various ruins within the area including a moathouse. Unknown to the Church, is that there is indeed an evil presence of cultist operating within the moathouse. This is a first clue to a much larger organisation that has remained secret up until this point.

Nature's Call

This is a campaign hook for druids, elves, rangers, and clerics of Zirchev.

A local druidic circle is aware of the large increase of banditry within the region, especially after many Traladarans have been displaced from their properties throughout the region by Thyatian barons.

The druids want to bring a presence in Irenke to monitor any forces that the Church of Karameikos will bring in, and will also ask the party to monitor activities of any organisations that pose a threat to the village or to the balance within this region.

The druids of Irenke would like the cult group removed from the Moathouse quietly. If the Church of Karameikos becomes aware of growing evil, many priestly and military types might flock to this area.

The clerics of Zirchev have a particular interest to help the druids for the sake of Traladaran people and nature. They are also interested in gathering information about any evil forces in the area.

The elves can also be brought into help to assist the druids for the concerns of nature. Also, there was a recent abduction of an elven ambassador from Alfheim.

For the People

The Church of Traladara is concern for the fair citizens of Irenke. There has been increasing activity within the Church of Karameikos to out-manoeuvre other religions and assert themselves as the state religion. Particular of concern is the growing desire to perform witch hunts and inquisitions to hunt out evildoers and worshippers of evil cults.

The Church of Traladara is concerned that innocent Traladarans might be harmed in a remote village, where nobility or representatives of the Church of Karameikos can assert their form of justice.

The Church of Traladara is eager to join in the quest of evil and establish their presence there and to be prepared for the worse.