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Vorloi Clan Perspective

by Joaquin Menchaca

Vorloi in GAZ1 and Kingdom of Karameikos, is noted as a Thyatian family, but they have obvious Traladaran-like names. I was going through B6: The Veiled Society, and nowhere does it mention that Vorloi is from Thyatis. It does mention indirectly and directly that they are new, and have supported the Duke, and used that influence to put themselves in power against the established Traladaran political mould.

I thought of a simple fix:

The Vorloi clan is indeed Traladaran. They were pushed out by presiding Traladaran nobility, and thus went to Thyatis to establish their trading business, which became quite successful. After many generations and during the time the Duke came to power, the Vorloi assisted the Duke and established themselves there.

Thus now they are Thyatian (thinking, education, culture) for all intents and purposes, but their lineage and history stem from Traladara. They have always used Traladaran names out of respect and pride for their heritage.

I see the Vorloi as some of the most tolerant Thyatians towards Traldarans and their customs, but they are definitely intolerant toward any established Traladaran nobility, as they see them as cogs in the gears for success and progress of the nation.