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Vyalia elves

by Joaquin Menchaca

The Vyalia are reclusive and prefer to be left in isolation so that they may focus on their studies of life, nature, and the arcane. Their belief is that they must live within the balance of nature and they must serve and protect nature and life. They feel that the life energies exist everywhere within each stone, within each tree, within all of us. This life energy is existence and the universe. They feel all life has consciousness. This consciousness gives us are thoughts and establishes reality as we understand it. There are those that exist and react through emotions like simple animals or machines. Then there are those that exist and see through this consciousness. These individuals are truly existing and living life, while others are just react like chemicals, and never realise or ascertain the full awareness of their consciousness.

In order to achieve this higher state of consciousness, one must seek to avoid having desires and opinions. Those that are closer to consciousness, have strong mental discipline, and are able to suppress their instinctive emotions, desires, and opinions. The result is that the Vyalia will seldom express their opinion to others. They will simply claim they do not like or the do not dislike something. They will remain neutral. They will not react with their emotions, such as feeling sad or upset in front of others. The Vyalia consider expression of strong emotion rather offensive.

The Vyalia wish to always take action rather than procrastinate on a task that can be completed in the future. This is different behaviour than the typical elf that might choose to take years to complete a single work of art. They like to be mentally disciplined and focus on a singular task. They will choose a single task and complete that task to the best of their ability. They would not commit to a task that they know that they would not finish.

The Vyalia use their understanding of nature and the life essence and harness the energies within combat. They study to attune themselves to their natural environment, so that they can be aware of any disturbances within nature. This also makes them more efficient fighters. They also study and observe the manoeuvres of their opponents to more easily predict attacks. This telegraphing effect allows them to more easily counter-strike and defend themselves. When the Vyalia finally attack they use this life essence of nature to guide their movements.

In combat, the Vyalia have a ideology of peace. They are taught from a very young age to always avoid conflict which can lead to combat. The Vyalia would do anything to avoid a fight, and when a fight is unavoidable, they will choose not to make the first strike. They will let another initiate the combat, and then from this point they will attack or defend.

The Vyalia have a two dominant roles within their society as part of their pact to defend nature and the life essence. One sect is a group of mystics that archive and preserve arcane research. They hope that this knowledge can be useful by other warriors that would risk their lives to protect nature. The other sect are the Knights of the Forest called Vishainii. These people dedicate their lives in the cause of protecting life and nature. As part of this mission they travel the world of Mystara to protect nature and life and combat those that would destroy it. They are sent of a variety of missions which one can fulfil roles as a diplomat, agent, or a warrior. One notable group of Vishainii are the foresters whom combine the art of war with magic. They act as scouts and reconnaissance and they patrol and protect the forests. The Thyatians like this because this means they need to keep less troops within the area, as it is already patrolled by the Foresters. Interestingly the Elves also teach a select group of humans that prove their worth to become foresters and become honourable clan members. (Note: In D&D this effect allows a human to follow elf class, and in AD&D, humans are allowed to become rangers which is a craft not normally known to humans).