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Proficiencies of the Vyalia Clan

by Joaquin Menchaca

Nature's Rest (Wis -1)

The Vishainii can fall into a deep sleep which is usually reserved for those that deprived from sleep. During this deep sleep, for every hour of deep sleep, the benefit of three hours of rest is received. The Vishainii warrior must rest at least 6 turns to receive any useful benefits.

Meditative Attunement (Wis -2)

The Vishainii knight falls into a deep meditation for 1 turn in order to attune oneself to the natural surroundings. Afterwards for several rounds (1 turn/level) the Vishainii can sense their total surroundings. The slightest disorder in nature is realised. Thus while under this state of mind, the Vishainii cannot be surprised, exception by opponents that move through unnatural means, such as teleportation. By understanding the natural surroundings, the Vishainii receive the benefit of blind fighting and are able to dodge attacks if attacked from behind. This means that Dexterity bonuses apply when attacked from behind. Thus slightest sound or whisper in the wind is noticed, and the sunlight that is blocked from touching the skin is noticed. The Vishainii warrior under this effect is able to receive a bonus of +1 to AC and +2 to reaction speed. This proficiency requires the understanding of philosophy of Visha.

Cutting Leaf Fighting Style (2 Weap. Prof.)

This is a secret technique of Vishainii warriors and is a closely guarded secret. This technique requires a deep understanding of the philosophy of Visha (Requirement of Visha Philosophy). Under this technique the Vishainii learn how to predict the subtle movements by observing his behaviour, telegraphed moves, and spiritual energy. The Vishainii can respond to the movements through subtle feints or attacks outside of his field of vision. This affords the Vishainii warrior a +1 to hit, +1 to damage, +1 to save, and a +1 to AC if wearing light armour and no shield.

Using this technique the Vishainii can predict the opponents manoeuvres and choose to feint or counter strike. The Vishaiinii warrior must choose a defensive or offensive manoeuvre before each round of combat. If an defensive manoeuvre is chosen, the Vishainii warrior, will foresee the different strikes and choose how he can evade the strikes. This result of this benefit is that the opponent rolls twice for one attack. The lowest result is chosen. If an offensive manoeuvre is chosen, then the Vishainii can predict the best option for the counter strike. For this offensive manoeuvre to work, the Vishainii warrior must forego initiative and strike only an opponent that has attacked him. After the opponent strikes, the Vishainii will choose one attack to receive the benefit where two attack rolls are made. The highest result is chosen.

This ability can be improved. Further proficiencies will allow the Vishainii to predict more defensive manoeuvres. An extra proficiency will allow the Vishainii warrior to predict two attacks, meaning that each of two attacks requires two rolls, and the lowest result of each is chosen. Another proficiency will allow this affect for three attacks upon the Vishainii warrior.