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Heldannic Warbirds: Waffenadler

by Bruce Heard

Waffenadler-Class (Light) Warbird
Tonnage: 125 tons
Hull Points: 90
Armour Class: 8
Lift Capacity: 175 tons
Cargo Capacity: 10 tons
Air Speed: 360' (120')
Mov. Factor: 1/2
Length: 175' (incl. tail)
Beam: 225' (incl. wings)
Depth: 40'
Hull: canvas/leather over wood frame
Crew: 60 (1 Knight Bachelor, 1 Abbot, 18 brother knights, 24 brother squires, 9 brother chaplains.)
Weaponry: Blight Belchers (one heavy, three light), three ballistae, catapults (one light, one heavy).
Defences: none.

Description: The Waffenadler looks like a large eagle made of canvas, leather, and wood. The deck lies on its back with a tower and the ship's single mast rising in its middle. The deck starts behind the eagle figurehead and extends half-way down the wings and tail. Two more levels lie beneath the main deck. The spread-out wings and tail are made of canvas while the eagle figurehead is made of painted leather. The mast holds the sail that may be used if a breeze is blowing. The siege weaponry is positioned in the tower, at the edges of the decking and inside the eagle's beak. Two ornamental leather and wood claws stretch out underneath the ship's hull, facing forward. The legs can be used as a landing gear is a docking berth is unavailable, but they are fragile, unstable, and may need repair afterward. The lower decks and the tower are made of wood.