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Wall of Paper

by Robin

GSM 1000AC Range: 5 yards per level of the caster
Duration; Permanent
Effect: 10 square feet per level of the caster
Saving Throw: None
Casting time; 5
Components; A bit of Parchment, vellum, rice-paper, papyrus, etc. (whichever type of type of Wall is created).
This spell brings into existence a gigantic mass of free-standing parchment, papyrus, rice-paper, or vellum (Component depending). It can be created across a gap (for example, to block a corridor or span a pit), in which case it will attach itself to the designated surfaces, or it can be rolled-up for later use. It is possible to mark on the Wall of Paper with any sort of ink or paint, for its surface is smooth and absorbent. The Wall of Paper is twice as sturdy as normal paper, but weighs half as much. nonmagical writing, drawing, and painting on this paper takes place at twice the usual speed and canít be smeared, smudged, or erased by nonmagical means except as desired by the inscribing Wizard. The paper also tears sharply and folds in accordance to verbal commands from the caster, and can be used to enclose packages, form itself into envelopes or sheets of any Dimensions, attach itself to walls or flagpoles , etc. Once created the paper is permanent (i.e. a Dispel Magic canít destroy it), but it is otherwise normal paper, and can be destroyed by flame, electricity, acid, immersion in water (or other liquids), and heavy or Magical wind and precipitation. (Santa Claus(a mortal Mage identity of Odin) also uses this spell.).