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The Warband Prepares, and meets up with a Friend

by Greywolf-ELM

Gorga quickly finds a path heading south into the wilderness, and the others all defer to his knowledge of the lands around the tribe home. The main settlement of the Vile Runes is a palisade and a few buildings surrounding an entrance to the tribes cave system. Hunting trails head away south and break down into trackless wilderness a few miles out.

Rhgl sidles up to Gorga and says, "We should prepare spears and clubs for weapons. I can help fashion the rough weapons from wood and rocks."

Gorga announces this to the rest of the younglings, "Everyone try to find something to use as a weapon" and begins making his plans to take control of this motley band of creatures. All seem to agree and set about finding something to use as they go. Rhgl makes a mental note of Gorga's seeming desire to lead and begins planning how to best take advantage of it.

Ierkh grabs up a rock the size of an Ogre's skull and takes a few experimental swings with it, snarling at imaginary foes. Everyone gives him a wide trail for this. "Rock good." Is his final pronouncement.

They all locate saplings that would make spears, and Rhgl finds some sharp stones for crafting the crude weapons. The issue of food and water is not brought up until later that night. Moving quickly through the scrublands, good time is made heading south. Gorga stops occasionally to gauge their direction by the stars and, Sharraxtharkhul is in agreement that the direction is correct.

Gorga and Drusilla forage for food and water as the rest of the group takes a breather from their overland travel. Sharraxtharkhul slinks quietly into the brush.

Scrag calls out to him, "Don't wander far unless you want to be a meal, something follows us." Sharraxtharkhul ignores him and skitters out of sight. "Stupid Goblin, something's gonna eat it." A low howl is heard from nearby as Scrag says to no one in particular "See, told you."

Everyone gathers together near Ierkh and prepares to fight with sticks and rocks at the least, tooth and nail if required. Sharraxtharkhul skitters out of the brush, with a large wolf at his side, with head down, and tail out straight.

Sharraxtharkhul see the others prepared to fight. "He's my friend, he'll help us along the way." Everyone takes him at his word. Ierkh reaches his hand out and ruffles its' fur. "Nice little wolf, Ierkh not hurt you." The wolf is visibly distraught at being handled by such a large creature, but Sharraxtharkhul helps to keep him calm, and thereby from being crushed by the huge half-Ogre.

Rhgl turns to sharpening and shaping spears for most everyone except Ierkh, whose boulder needs no modifications. A lizard, and a slow moving bird along the trail found out the hard way, as Ierkh strength and deceptive speed left nothing but stains behind in the aftermath of trying out his "good rock."

Scrag wonders if the wolf would make a good pelt to cover his head and back, but decides to see if the wolf really helps out or not. The wild Orc wonders if any of its' bones would make strong enough weapons as well. Sharraxtharkhul notices the penetrating stare, and takes the wolf to the far side of the clearing.

Drusilla and Gorga return from hunting after a while, and share out the melons, and roots they've been able to find. "This will keep us alive, for when we take food from the pinkskins." Gorga ponders his statement for a moment, and decides to make his opening gambit for control of the group. "If you want to stay alive, to raid pinkskin settlements, follow my lead." Everyone knew something like this was coming, but no one was prepared to gainsay the statement. "Gorga good, bring food." is the only comment made, by Ierkh, and everyone seems OK with Gorga taking leadership, for now. No bloodshed or bruises for the first contest of leadership in the makeshift warband.

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