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War Calendar for the Great Nomad War

by Ville Lhde

WEEK 1: 1st - 7th Yarthmont

General & PC events:

After losing the valiant battle for Akesoli, the PCs commandeer the last refugee ship. They manage to save the local wizard and his pupils. They get some children aboard, but mainly the passengers consist of rich merchants and their valuables. During the voyage over Lake Amsorak, the thief Yuri Turambar breaks into the safe box of the wizards' guild and steals some valuable magic items. In Akorros the PCs are contacted by a military commander who uses the pseudonym "General Winter" and the Glantrian envoy Laran, Prince Jherek's aide. They are nominated as Darokinian ambassadors for the duration of the war. The basis of the nomination is a Glantrian prophesy, plus the fact that the HQ fears for the safety of any ambassadors in this sorry time. DDC officials are not happy about this decision. Switching horses on the way, the ambassadors manage to reach Corunglain on the night of the 7th.

War movements:

-          Having taken Akesoli by surprise, the Nomads launch a two-pronged assault around Lake Amsorak, hoping to catch the lakeside fortresses by surprise. The Fortresses are still manned by their wintertime garrisons.

-          The First Nomad HQ and a Nomad division besiege Fort Anselbury, allowing four divisions to bypass it on their way towards main Darokin.

-          The Second Nomad HQ and the accompanying Army Group of five Divisions turn north towards Fort Lakeside. [Army Group: 1 HQ and five Divisions]

-          The third Nomad Army Group follows the southern push around Lake Amsorak

-          The fourth Nomad Army Group reaches the outskirts of Akesoli.

Battle reports:

- The Nomads overrun the defences of Fort Anselbury with small casualties to the 5th Division. The 1st HQ only supported with their Stone Juggernauts.

WEEK 2: 8th- 14th Yarthmont

General & PC events:

The ambassadors race through the Broken Lands in record time, regardless of a bloody assault by a tribe of the Red Orcs. The ambassadors heal their mounts with magic when needed, using magic to help feed them, and even stimulate them with herbs. They reach Trintan in the late evening of 10th. They ride to Glantri City, where they meet Grand Ambassador Lady Diaura. They get news of the war and agree to meet Jherek, as advised by Laran. Jherek gives them the Glantri Allied Unit. The ambassadors start their negotiations and get to present their case before the Council of the Princes on the 14th. The voting day will be after one week.

War movements:

-          The First Nomad Army Group makes a forced march towards Akorros, with the help of fresh horses and extra supplies gained from looted Darokinian spring caravans.

-          The Second Nomad Army Group's HQ and one Division race the walls of Fort Lakeside. The rest of the Divisions march and bypass the fort.

-          The Third and the Fourth Army Groups follow the first on the southern route around Amsorak.

-          The Legions of Darokin mobilise in the great cities of Darokin, Akorros, Corunglain, Selenica, Athenos, and in Fort Cruth, Fort Hobarth, Dolos and Favaro.

Battle reports:

-          The Nomads overrun also the defences of Ft. Lakeside.

WEEK 3: 15th - 21st Yarthmont

General & PC events:

The Darokin ambassadors try to convince several of the Glantrian princes to join their cause. They are asked favours in return. During 16th - 18th they stop a FAERY plot in Ellerowyn, convincing Carlotina to vote for them. During 18th - 21st they destroy an "infestation" of a strange La Terran monotheistic cult in New Averoigne, battling a strange "angelic" creature. That, and their old favours to Stephen Amberville, wins them the support of the Prince.

The Glantrian Allied Unit travels through the Broken Lands, undisturbed by the Tharian hordes. In fact, Thar stays out of the war altogether - thanks to the machinations of "Urk Vaath". The Darokin Allied unit arrives at the staging area, Dolos.

War movements:

-          The First Nomad Army Group attacks Akorros.

-          The Second Nomad Army Group regroups, resupplies and continues on the northern route around Amsorak-

-          The Third Nomads Army Group tries to cut the Akorros-Darokin City road, but is too slow.

-          The Fourth Nomad Army Group races towards Akorros, leaving one division to garrison Akesoli.

-          The Darokinian legions manoeuvre and prepare to defend Corunglain and Darokin City against the swift Nomad advance.

Battle reports:

- Of the two regular Darokin Legions defending Akorros, one is destroyed and the other is badly crippled. The Nomads gain the upper hand because of Hosadus's magical rituals (see the X10 Rule additions), use of HQ's Stone Juggernauts to break the gates, and the fact that the Local Thieves' Guild had raided the weapons depot. The thieves are leaving the sinking ship... However, the four Nomad Divisions and the HQ taking part in the battle suffer heavy casualties.

WEEK 4: 22nd - 28th Yarthmont

General & PC Events:

On the 23rd the Ambassadors meet Jaggar and convince him to vote for intervention in the war. But to achieve this they have to strike deals with him about future help against the Ethengarians. Also, Jaggar votes only on the condition that Glantri will leave enough troops to defend the country against possible attack by Ethengar. Jaggar is concerned about the possibility of a new Great Khan taking the throne. The Council of Princes votes on the 24th, and Glantri allies with Darokin. The Ambassadors travel back towards the Broken Lands, reaching its southern parts on the 28th. The Glantrian wizards mobilise and start battling the magical forces of Hosadus. After that the Nomads no longer receive combat bonuses from the Red Storm that aided them in Akesoli and Akorros. Just in time, as the citizens of Darokin city already saw them approaching.

Around this time, the magic of Hosadus starts destabilising some of the Bad Magic Points in Canolbarth, distracting the elves.

War movements:

-          The Glantrian Allied Unit manages to slip to the inner Darokin before trapped by the Nomads besieging Corunglain.

-          Despite deep fatigue and heavy losses, the First Nomad Army Group continues attacking Akorros. One division joins the Fourth Army and clears the Darokin City road before it, massacring hundreds, even thousands of refugees.

-          The Second Nomad Army Group reaches the southern outskirts of Corunglain, cutting the road to Favaro and Darokin City. One Division secures the Akorros-Corunglain road and loots the two small towns of the area.

-          The Third Nomad Army Group makes a forced march and attacks the West End of Darokin city and the reserve legion staging areas there.

-          Elements of the Fourth Army travel towards Darokin city, continuing to massacre refugees and ravage the surrounding countryside.

-          Nomad reinforcements travel towards Akesoli.

-          The Darokinians start building a staging area in Favaro, with three Legions already there. Anticipating a siege of Darokin city, the Central Command moves there. The Darokinian High Command knows that it can't stop the Darokin City siege in time. It could try to make a brave attempt with its Elite Legions, but they are the only troops that stand a chance against the Nomads on the field. They would run the risk of being decimated, and that would leave their great cities vulnerable. So Darokin City is defended by the First Legion and two regulars, Corunglain by the Second and two regulars. The overall strategy is to tie the Nomads into long sieges and to wait for allied forces. General Winter anticipates the Glantrians to ally - in fact he knows that the war is probably lost if they don't. The Nomads, their Armies being tied to the sieges, can't threaten Favaro just yet, so Darokin might be able to launch counter-offensives from there in the future. Also, if the elves join the war, Favaro is the logical staging area. And the troops in Favaro are "magnet" that keeps the Nomads from pushing east towards Selenica and south towards Athenos.

Battle reports:

-          The Second Battle of Akorros: The remaining Darokinian troops in the city are destroyed, and Nomads take the city. The Nomads are fatigued and have taken heavy losses, and the First Army won't be able to function for some time. However, now that they control both Akorros and Akesoli, the Nomads can send supplies to Akorros and units can reinforce there.

-          The Battle of Western Darokin City: The 3rd HQ doesn't take part in the battle as a unit, but it lends the Juggernauts, clerics and mages to the effort. This and the still functioning rituals of Hosadus give the Nomads a decisive advantage. The two Darokinian reinforcement Legions are routed or destroyed.

WEEK 5: 1st - 7th Klarmont

General & PC events:

The Ambassadors bring news of the Glantrian alliance to the troops in Corunglain, boosting the morale of the legionnaires who fear the imminent Nomad attack. They cross to the eastern side of the Streel River to avoid the closing Nomads and ride south. On their way they defeat a Nomad strike team that was ferried across the Streel to raid farmlands. Reaching Favaro on the 4th they meet General Winter, hear news of the war and bring fresh hope to the Darokinian command. Radgast Emry proposes that the Darokinians should divert some intelligence resources to keep an eye on the Atruaghinians. They decide to ride to Alfheim, reaching the "capital" on the 6th. The next day they meet Grand Ambassador Grindolf the White, who helps them to contact Taragin Oakbranch.

At this time Sultan Ali-Ben Faisal of Ylaruam, of the Kin faction, starts to think seriously about joining the war. His ambitions are fuelled by Nomad emissaries. Later he makes public speeches about the sinful Glantrians joining the Darokinian cause, and about the "defectors" harboured by the Al-Azrad house in Selenica.

At the start of the summer, alarming events take place in the North. The king of Quodhar, possibly instigated by Thyatian agents, starts a fight for independence against the Alphatians. The relations between Thyatis and Alphatia deteriorate once more, and they start a border war over the control of Helskir.

The Avatar of Thanatos, the ruler of Hattias, launches the long-awaited plan of rebellion against the empire. Reason for this: Hosadus is aspiring to become an Immortal, and he is sponsored by Thanatos. Hosadus's Soul Gem of Thanatos is one important factor in his ascension. Thanatos's Avatar tries to make sure that Thyatis is distracted and won't disturb the war.

War movements:

-          Glantrian forces mobilise, but won't move this week.

-          The First Nomad Army Groups breaks into its elements and begins the process of rebuilding itself.

-          The Second Nomad Army Group surrounds Corunglain. They don't attack right away, since they notice their magical support is gone. Also, their spies tell them that the Darokinian Elite Legion has elves, whose magic is capable of battling the Stone Juggernauts of the HQ - so they wouldn't get extra bonuses against them. The 10th Division camps near Rennydale and continues looting the area.

-          The Third Nomad Army Group crosses Streel River, but won't continue, since it has suffered troop losses, and the troops are fatigued. Thus they aren't able to attack the Darokinian reinforcements south or east of the capitol, or the Favaro encampment. As we can see later, leaving Favaro alone was a mistake. (On the other hand, the Third attacking Favaro would have given four Darokin reinforcement legions to attack the Darokin city siege. If the defending units had joined, the battle would have been evenly matched.) One Division, the 15th, secures the West End of Darokin City.

-          The Fourth Nomad Army Group besieges Darokin city, but won't attack for the same reason as in Corunglain's case.

-          The Division (of the 4th AG) that was left to secure Akesoli is shipped to Akorros.

-          Elements of the Fifth Nomad Army Group, comprised of fresh reinforcement troops, are approaching Akesoli.

-          The Glantri Allied Unit arrives in Dolos and joins their Darokinian comrades.

-          Two Darokinian Legions near the capitol retreat and make camp at the edge of the forests, on the Selenica road. The Favaro encampment grows by one Legion. Two Darokinian Legions south of the capitol retreat over the river, destroy the bridges, and protect the road to Athenos.

-          Darokin has already moved to its reserve legions on the reinforcement schedule, and some of its Legions have already been destroyed or routed. They don't dare to risk an attempt to break the Darokin City siege. Reports of the few aerial intelligence units, back in the air now that the Red Storms have subsided, tell of supplies and fresh troops pouring across Lake Amsorak. Thus, both Corunglain and Darokin hold, waiting for the allies to come. Corunglain at least has ample supplies and long experience in siege warfare.

WEEK 6: 8th - 14th Klarmont

General & PC Events:

The Darokin Ambassadors meet with the Alfheim City council on the 9th and learn of the true nature of the Alfheim government. They are invited to meet king Doriath in Elleromyr, where they arrive on the 11th. The king explains the current difficulties with the Bad Magic points, which has been amplified by the magical battle between Hosadus and the Glantrians. Hordes of dangerous monsters have been released into the forest. The elves aren't particularly worried - they are expecting a good "game". Doriath asks the ambassadors to deal with a huge red dragon that has desecrated the tomb of Alevar - since they have a long experience on Reds, especially from their exploits in the Thanegioth against the Firelord. They are transported near the tomb by a Lightboat, and arrive there on the morning of the 12th. They kill the Dragon, who was actually an ally of Hosadus sent there to guard the Blade of Cymorrak. They also have to fight undead guardians that were sent there also by Hosadus. The king decides to ally with Darokin, and gives them the Allied Unit. Grindolf the White tells the Ambassadors that Ylaruam has made an ultimatum, and they decide to travel there and try to stop the second war from breaking out. The elves lead them to Dolos, where they hear that the renowned thief Danakhriss, whom they have battled before, has successfully raided the Merchants' Guild Hall's treasure. They reach Forth Cruth crossroads on the 14th.

Indeed, Sultan Ali-Ben Faisal has made even stronger public claims about the "infidels" in Selenica - meaning Preceptor-faction immigrants. He claims that Selenica really belongs to Ylaruam. Darokin High Command decides to man the eastern passes.

War movements:

-          Elements of the First Nomad Army Group continue to replenish themselves in/near Akorros.

-          The encampment near Rennydale and Crowlerd is reinforced by one Nomad Division.

-          The Second Nomad Army Group continues besieging Corunglain, still unaware that the Glantrians are coming. Otherwise they could fortify the passes of Broken Lands, making the Glantrian attack more difficult.

-          The Third Nomad Army Group builds a base camp north of Darokin City. The Darokin City siege is being protected also to the east and south.

-          The Fourth Nomad Army Group continues besieging Darokin City.

-          The 21st and 22nd Nomad Divisions are being covertly shipped to Fort Doom, where Baron Ludwig von Hendricks is officially planning to make war on his Duke with his Nomad Allies. In fact, he is seeking a way out from the trap that Bargle and the Nomad Emissaries are laying for him.

-          Elements of the Fifth Nomad Army Group (which of course lacks the 21st and 22nd Division) make way towards Akorros.

-          At this time most Akesolians capable of wielding a weapon have already been slaughtered, sent for slavery, used as slave labour, secretly eaten by the humanoid troops, or in the case of high-level individuals, sent to Sayr Ulan to feed the Soul Gem of Thanatos or as hostages. The same process continues in Akorros.

-          With the urging of the Ambassadors, the Darokinian High Command redirected some of their rare aerial intelligence units to check out Atruaghin. They learned of Nomad agents working there, having already convinced 4 tribes to join the war. The Darokinians manage to assassinate some of the Nomad Agents, thus preventing any more tribes from joining the war. To the horror of the High Command, the four tribes have been on the move for some time! (Still, stopping the other tribes from joining the war is one of the first great victories of the Darokinians, and the first real turning point, even if they don't realise it just yet.)

-          Darokin Legions defend the surrounded cities, waiting for the battles to begin. Athenos is manned and the encampments south and east of the Darokin City are fortified. The Favaro encampment holds. One Legion mans the eastern passes on the Ylari border.

-          The Glantrians leave units to guard Fort Tshernovodsk, Glantri City, and Skullhorn Pass - four altogether. One unit stays to guard the passes of Broken Lands, so the humanoids wouldn't loot the supply caravans. Three units race towards Corunglain, two nearly reaching it. As mentioned, the Glantrians keep their approach hidden by extensive use of magic.

WEEK 7: 15th - 21st Klarmont

General & PC Events:

The Ambassadors arrive in Selenica on the 19th. They are welcomed as heroes. They stay in the city to learn Ylari customs from the local Al-Alzrad representative. Yuri Turambar meets the Master thief Danakhriss. "Dana" tells his old rival that he is retiring after cashing in from the Darokin City heist. They leave Selenica and reach the border camp in the night of the 21st.

Ylaruam mobilises its armies in "response" to the Darokinian border activity, but doesn't yet declare war, as some of Ali-Ben Faisal's advisers are against it. A few of them are poisoned by the Nomad Emissaries in the court. Alfheim mobilises its forces, the first time in many human generations.

War movements:

-          The Alfheim Allied unit moves to Dolos and joins the Glantrians and Darokinians there.

-          Elements of the First Army Group continue to replenish themselves.

-          The Second Nomad Army Group continues besieging Corunglain, and is attacked by the Glantrians.

-          The Third Nomad Army Group rests in the camp north of Darokin City, relieving from the fatigue of the battles in the West End.

-          The Fourth Nomad Army Group continues besieging the Darokin City, still refraining from attacking.

-          Nomad units guard the roads to Selenica and Athenos, two Divisions in each camp, near the Darokin City.

-          Two divisions keep guarding the Akorros-Corunglain road near Rennydale and Crowlerd.

-          The Fifth Nomad HQ unit arrives in Akorros, along with one Division. One Division arrives in Akesoli.

-          The four Atruaghinian tribal hordes arrive on the western edges of the Streel Plain. "The Grain Silo of Darokin" stands on the verge of destruction. This is a great worry for the High Command. The harvest has just been planted. If the Atruaghinians manage to lay waste to the farms, next winter will be hard even if the war is won.

-          Darokinians strengthen the defences around Athenos. The encampments south of the Darokin City and on the Selenica road keep watch. Selenica defences are strengthened, as are the eastern passes. Forth Hobarth is kept manned in case the orcs take advantage of the situation. Three legions defend Darokin City, three legions have gathered in Favaro. The three legions defending Corunglain are delivered a message by the Glantrians (via magical means), and they try to break the siege.

-          Two Glantrian armies, Jherek's and Carnelia's, attack the Nomads that are besieging Corunglain. Jaggar approaches, but can't make it to the battle yet.

Battle reports:

-          The Battle of Cournglain: The two Glantrian armies attack some of the Nomads that are guarding the northern side of the city. The Nomads get some advantage because the Glantrians attack out of a slim pass, but not much since this is s a surprise. The Darokin forces surprise the Nomads and attack out from the city. This is an utter disaster for the Nomads, who lose badly on all fronts and try to withdraw from the battle. (The regular Darokinian legions are very lucky in this battle.) Most of the Nomad forces are utterly routed, only remnants of two units manage to withdraw. The Allied forces pursue them next week, since they don't want to let the Nomads replenish these units.

WEEK 8: 22nd - 28th Klarmont

General & PC Events:

Crossing the Darokin-Ylaruam border, the Ambassadors witness the mobilisation at Parsa. They reach the glittering spires of Ylaruam on 24th. First they meet the local DDC representative at the Darokin embassy, where the officials are busy burning documents. Then they meet the Grand Vizier Osman Ben Ayloob and present their case to him. They try to convince Ayloob that joining the Nomads would be a mistake. The Nomad Ambassadors counter their claims. The Ambassadors are given quarters for the night and are supposed to meet Sultan Faisal on the next morning. During the night Nomad assassins attempt to steal the Crystal Blade of Cymorrak and plant evidence of theft of a valuable medallion. But the ambassadors are alerted, and the assassins are killed or captured. Using psionic magic and (very brutal) torture the Ambassadors break the assassin's mental training and learn about the Crystal Dagger of Cymorrak, which has until now been totally unknown to them (even though they had the blade). They learn of the Nomad quest to retrieve the item, the location of the hilt (Shires) and the fact that the whereabouts of the third piece, "a Soul Gem", are unknown. They learn that Hosadus considers the dagger to be very dangerous and valuable.

On the morning of the 25th they attend a welcoming feast held by Ali-Ben Faisal. They learn that Faisal "asked the Nomad emissaries to leave"; he knows they were responsible for the assassination attempt and the theft. Faisal declares the he won't join the Nomads in their war, but this doesn't refute his "rightful" claim for Selenica. By the pretext of the Selenica issue, and the fact that Darokin is allied with the perverse elves and the hated Glantrians, he declared bilateral war against Darokin. But he does make a solemn promise not to extend the attack beyond Selenica. The Ambassadors are contacted by a Preceptor agent who tells them that the decision to attack had already been made and that their presence gave Faisal an "honourable" cause of war.

The Ambassadors ride hastily towards Rockhome's Karrak Pass. On their way towards Parsa they are attacked by a group of bandits, hired by the Nomad Emissaries. But they manage to repel the attack and get fresh new horses. They reach the Ust-Urt valley on the 27th, reach Parsa on the 28th and turn North towards Rockhome. Ylari border patrol tries to apprehend them. Faisal promised them they could travel unharmed, but the news haven't reached here yet. Frustrated, they attack and kill the patrol.

War movements:

-          The Sixth Nomad Army Group, comprised of Guards units, arrives near Sayr Ulan and makes way towards Akesoli.

-          Elements of the Fifth Nomad Army Group take over the encampment north of Darokin city from the Third Army Group.

-          The Third Nomad Army Group moves to Favaro-Alfheim City road and intercept the first elven units on their way to Favaro staging area. As the Atruaghinians are attacking Favaro, the Darokinians can't intercept the Third Army Group. The Nomad High Command suspects that their troops, already depleted from earlier battles, are outmatched by the elves. But they are convinced that heavy casualties will take the fight out of the elves, since they aren't used to fighting total war. As can be seen later, this belief was erroneous.

-          The Nomad units that fled the Corunglain battle try to retreat further, but are intercepted by the Glantrians.

-          Other Nomad units keep holding their positions. The First Army Group is nearly at full strength again, but its units have been separated to various locations, and the Group doesn't function as a collective unit anymore.

-          The Atruaghinians bypass the Streel farmlands and race to attack the Favaro encampment.

-          Two Ylari units attack the Darokinian border camps.

-          The Darokinian legions in Corunglain rest and replenish themselves. Athenos defences are strengthened further, as are the defences of Selenica, but by inferior reserve legions. Defence of Forth Hobarth is turned over to the elves, since the Darokinians need troops in the Selenican front. And as mentioned, the troops in Favaro are attacked.

-          Two Glantrian units battle with the Nomads that retreated from Corunglain. Jaggar's unit forced marches to Favaro and manages to help the outmatched Darokinians there.

-          Three Alheimian units travel towards Favaro, but are attacked by Nomads. One unit secures Forth Hobarth; one unit secures the Darokinian supply lines of Selenican road from bandits. This will leave their northern borders thinly defended - as the isolationist faction is strong, the elves can't keep up this level of commitment for long.

Battle reports:

-          Battle south of Corunglain: Jherek's and Carnelia's armies rout and destroy the two Nomad units, but suffer further casualties and must return to Glantri to be reinforced.

-          The four Atruaghinian hordes are surprised by the vigorous defence of the Darokinian legions and the arrival of Jaggar's units. They suffer heavy casualties and try to retreat. They are chased by the Glantrians and the Darokinians, and suffer further casualties. After the battle nearly 1400 Atruaghinians are left dead or wounded on the battlefield. The Darokinians lose over 1100 in dead & wounded, the Glantrians 300.

-          The Battle of Alfheim Road or "Summer Midnight's Sorrow" as the elves call it: The Nomads manage to put up a surprisingly strong fight, causing the elves substantial casualties. Still, the Nomads lose nearly 3000 troops and the rest are forced to retreat south. The Headquarters unit is utterly destroyed. But 459 elves have died (they are specific about such issues), the worst calamity to call them in decades. It is said that enraged elves slaughter some human captives, not just humanoids!

-          The Battle of the Eastern Passes: The Ylari have good, even astounding luck in battle, and they manage to overrun and rout the border camps. Two Darokin legions are routed.

WEEK 9: 1st - 7th Felmont

General & PC Events:

The Ambassadors, arguing amongst themselves about the recent event with the border patrol, flee towards Rockhome. Without further incident they reach Karrak Fort and continue on their way to Dengar. Arriving there by nightfall of the 2nd they decide to book a room in the Upper City and contact DDC and the contacts they have in the morning. Perhaps the comfortable feeling of the surrounding mountains, a feeling of a haven, causes them to lower their guard, and Nomad Assassins surprise them one by one - by sheer luck they survive four separate assassination attempts and slay most of the Nomad Agents, save for one cleric who "word of recalls" home to report... (By the way, two ambassadors were surprised literally "pants down".)

The Ambassadors meet the local garrison commander and the DDC representative. They get to meet Thoric Redhand, a personal friend of one of them. Thoric arranges a meeting with the king. They promise to take care of the problem with the Frost giant, if the dwarves agree to give them a volunteer unit and allow safe passage for Darokinian allied forces in the future (e.g. from the Northern Reaches). Everast won't agree to full alliance, as he won't stand alongside Alfheim and Glantri. They leave for the eastern passes on the 4th, reach the Giant castle Jotunheim on 7th, and manage to kill most of the giant commanders by a commando raid.

The Two Nomad Divisions have reached Fort Doom and are at full strength. The Leader of a Hin Striker group, a friend of Alexander Penhaligon, sends word to him to Krakataos about this.

War movements:

-          A lot of the Nomad Armies have been tied to the defence of the Darokin City siege. That is: the whole fourth Nomad Army Group, the 5th HQ and five other Divisions. Due to the Darokinian troops south and east of the siege, they don't dare to send any more troops to Favaro. After two Army Groups have been practically eliminated - in Favaro and Corunglain - the Nomad advance has finally been broken by the arrival of the Glantrians and the Alfheimians. Also, the Nomads know very well that the northern Darokinian and Glantrian troops could decimate them, if they chose open attack. SO: The Nomad Central Command decides to slow down the inevitable Darokinian counter-offensive by striking at their new allies - they believe that enough losses might yet take away their spirit to fight. In effect, the Nomads sacrifice troops to demoralise Alfheimers and Glantrians.

-          The Nomads' long-term plan is to try to hold on, to gain enough time to sack Darokin City. Fall of the capitol could demoralise the rest of the Darokinians and turn the tide of the war. Also they wait for the fruition of their Ethengar and Karameikos plans (possible new enemies of Darokin on new fronts), and the effects of the Ylari offensive. If Selenica falls, situation will be much worse for the Darokinians. Note: The Darokinians haven't realised this yet, but total victory isn't the primary goal of the Nomads. In this stage their priorities are: 1) To loot, sack and burn enough Darokinian towns and destroy much of this year's crop, so that a new Nomad army that is being gathered for next year could wipe out the Republic. 2) To get their hands on the Crystal Dagger of Cymorrak and kill the Darokin Ambassadors - they nearly succeeded in both this week. 3) Manage to imprison as much high-level people as possible, so that they may be sacrificed to the Soul Gem of Thanatos by Hosadus in Sayr Ulan. - The Nomad strategies have been thus "stratified" from Day One, since the Army Commanders, the Intelligence Network, the Central Military Command and the Supreme Command (Alrethus and Hosadus) approach the war from slightly different viewpoints.

-          The Darokinians decide that they must mop up as much of the remaining enemy troops from the Favaro battle, because 1) They fear that the Atruaghinians will devastate the Streel farmland if left alone, 2) They can't lose the opportunity to wipe out 4 whole Nomad Divisions - otherwise the Nomads could reinforce a whole Army Group in one month!

-          The Sixth Nomad Army Group (Guards) travels fast towards Akesoli and the front. Two Nomad Divisions from the Rennydale-Crowlerd encampment attack the already depleted Glantrians south of Corunglain. Two reinforced divisions take their place. The remnants of the units that fought against the elves try to escape, but the elves intercept them.

-          The Atruaghinians are fatigued and try to flee across the Streel Plain, but the Favaro Darokinians intercept them.

-          Four Ylari units surround Selenica. The two weary units from the border battle travel near Fort Hobarth and send an ultimatum to the elves there: they claim this area under Ylari protection and "ask" them to leave. Note that Alfheim and Ylaruam aren't at war at this stage.

-          The three Legions that are surrounded in Darokin City have plenty of supplies, but their morale is falling. They have no news of the new encouraging developments, and the Nomads bombard them with rotting carcasses and such.

-          As mentioned, three Darokinian Legions leave Favaro and attack the Atruaghinians. Jherek and Carnelia are attacked by fresh Nomad troops. Jaggar joins in the fight against the Atruaghinians. The three Alfheim units intercept the remains of the Third Nomad Army Group.

-          The Darokinian High Command asks the Allied Units to patrol the Selenican road, as the elves leave to protect their forest.

Battle reports:

-          The Battle south of Corunglain: The attack by the Nomads is a miserable failure. They don't manage to cause enough losses for the Glantrians, and are forced back, badly beaten. But the Glantrians are in no shape to pursue, and have to return to Glantri.

-          The Battle of Streel Plain: The Atruaghinians are virtually annihilated. Only one horde manages to flee, with only a little over 100 troops left! Of the rest, only some strugglers will return home.

-          "The Summer Thunder", the second Elf-Nomad Battle: The elves manage to destroy or rout the remnants of two divisions, but the remnants of two divisions manage to flee. Still, 169 elves died in this battle. They don't have the heart to continue the chase, so the Nomads will get the chance to rebuild two divisions later on.

WEEK 10: 8th - 14th Felmont

General & PC Events:

On the 9th the Ambassadors and the Dwarven volunteer forces defeat the Frost Giants on battlefield. They learn more about the Nomad search for the Dagger of Cymorrak and other Nomad plans. They return to Dengar, where they arrive on the 12th. Learning about Hosadus's role in the Frost Giant incident, King Everast promises to mobilise the dwarven armies to support the Selenican front. But he doesn't promise to declare war on his long-time ally Ylaruam. The Ambassadors discuss about the situation of the war and decide that they'll have to split in order to gain more allies more quickly. Alexander Penhaligon and Yuri Turambar leave for Karameikos and Five Shires, where they have valuable allies. Ivan Ivanovich, Flint Fireforge and Radagast Emry go to the Northern Reaches, since Ivanovich has strong contacts there.

Penhaligon and Turambar transport to Penhaligon's stronghold in Krakataos by a Teleport scroll - a risky method considering the failure chance for a thief. In Krakataos they are attacked by a group of Sindian doppelgangers. They capture one and get hints on the location of the Soul Gem. Also, they learn about the presence of the Nomad troops in Black Eagle from the above mentioned Hin Striker. They travel to Specularum to meet Duke Karameikos and the Darokinian ambassador Estella Whitehall. Stephan Karameikos send envoys to Black Eagle to suggest negotiations. At the same time Hendricks sends envoys to Stephan. Turambar and Penhaligon leave for Sulescu to consult Penhaligon's ally Lord Sulescu about the legends of Cymorrak. They search the Sulescu archives for more hints.

The others leave Dengar and arrive at Evekarr pass on the evening of the 14th.

Elsewhere Ostlandian raiders strike heavily against Alphatians on the Isle of Dawn. Thyatian-Alphatian clashes in Helskir continue. Alphatians battle the Quodhar separatists, who continue to get secret Thyatian support. In Hattias the rebels have upper hand and begin making bold strikes against the Thyatians. A whole army of Kerendan reinforcements is ambushed and dispersed by Storm Soldiers, and Hattians repel a Thyatian naval assault.

War movements:

-          Darokinian advancement stalls for a while, as their Glantrian and Alfheimian allies send their depleted units home, to be replaced by fresh ones. Against the calculations of the Nomads, the elves aren't seriously discouraged by their heavy losses. [Note that according to estimates, there are only 200 000 elves in Alfheim. So for them, 600+ dead is really lot.] In any case, the Nomads are in no shape to take advantage of this moment and launch a new offensive. The Ylari offensive is a great threat to the Republic, however. It might yet turn the tide of the war. If Selenica falls, Faisal might yet be tempted to send forces against Darokin city. The elves could help in the Selenican front, but right now they aren't willing to take on another conflict. Besides, they are needed now in the western front.

-          The Darokinians get their final reserve unit this week. From now on, both the Nomads and the Darokinians must rely on their existing units.

-          The Fourth Nomad Army Group continues besieging Darokin City. The siege has lasted for 5 weeks now. Six Divisions and one HQ unit protect the siege to the north, east and south. Two divisions protect the Rennydale-Crowlerd area. The remnants of two divisions fall back from Favaro towards Darokin City. The Sixth Nomad Army Group continues to make way towards Akorros. Two Guards Divisions stop in Akesoli to destroy some sporadic dissidents. Even more citizens are slaughtered. The city is practically empty of ordinary people and anything valuable, and has been reduced to a large supply depot. The Nomads also begin gathering a new Army Group out of reintegrated units in the Akorros area.

-          The last of the Atruaghinians flee, leaving the war.

-          Ylari manage to get the elves leave Forth Hobart and secure it themselves. Two units secure the roads to Darokin and Karameikos, and four units lay siege to Selenica.

-          The Darokinian units that fought in Favaro and the Streel Plain are sent to Corunglain to recuperate. The units that fought for Corunglain, including one Elite legion, have recuperated to full strength, and are sent to Favaro in preparation for an attack on the Darokin City siege.

-          Glantrians and Alheimians send their units home to recuperate.

WEEK 11: 15th - 21st Felmont

General & PC Events:

In Karameikos, the envoys of Hendricks and Duke Stephan meet near the ruins of Luln. Hendricks's envoy returns to Fort Doom with an invitation for negotiations. Hendricks, aware of the pact between Bargle and the Nomads against his life, prepares in secret to make a pact with Stephan - to safeguard that Stephan will agree, he imprisons 200 slaves (mainly Traladarans) who will be killed if he dies or is refused.

Penhaligon and Turambar, failing to find any substantial hints about Cymorrak, leave Sulescu. Lord Zemiros agrees to continue the search. They cross the bugbear country and arrive on Westron Road on 18th. By chance [really!] they meet the Duke's envoys and hear that Hendricks is coming by road, since he is afraid of Hin pirates. They decide to ambush Hendricks's retinue. On the 20th they spot them and attack. Bargle and the Nomad emissaries are killed almost instantly. Hendricks fights against Bargle and the Nomads in this battle, buying a chance to parlay with the Ambassadors. Hendricks tries to blackmail them into helping him against the Nomads, but Turambar just decides to poison him - signing the death warrant of those 200 slaves. Using the Baron's signet ring and Turambar's skills they send a forged letter to Hendricks's generals, warning them of "the treacherous Nomads" (they use a thoroughly Quested Black Eagle trooper to send the letter). They make another forgery for Duke Stephan, claiming that Hendricks made a pact with the Ambassadors. "Hendricks" urges the Duke to attack the Nomads quickly, as he would help them in the battle. They ride back to Specularum, getting there on the night of the 21st.

The northern Ambassador group ride through Rhoona, Bergen and arrive in Norrvik on the 16th. They converse with King Tenitar, who promises to join the war, but only if the Ambassadors manage to get all three Reaches states together. They also hear news about Quodhar and Helskir. Flint is attacked near Dwarftown - they learn that "someone" (the Nomads of course) has promised a big fee for their head. On the 17th they continue south, passing Haverfjord, Saltfjord, Blackwater and finally Soderfjord on the 21st. They arrive in the middle of a gathering by the Nordhjartar League, currently discussing an alliance proposal by the Nomad Supreme Emissary Weyhoon. Weyhoon is clearly more eloquent and gets a lot of support from the Norsemen, but Ragnar still decides to ally with Darokin - but he manages to get trading concessions from Darokin and a promise of military aid from Ivanovich. Weyhoon claims that he has been betrayed and demands for satisfaction, justice of the Gods - a lethal duel on an ancient isle of justice in the Fjord.

War movements:

-          The armies of Rockhome mobilise this week, but won't move yet.

-          A Nomad HQ unit, accompanied by four Guards divisions, takes over the Rennydale-Crowlerd encampment. Other Nomad units regroup in Akorros to be replenished. The Darokin City siege and protecting units stay put.

-          The armies of Ylaruam continue besieging Selenica.

-          Darokinians continue replenishing the units that took place in the recent battles. One Elite legion, supported by two regular legions, attacks the Nomad units (one HQ unit and two Divisions) north of Darokin City. The liberation of the capital has begun.

-          Three Glantrian units (Carnelia, Jherek and Jaggar) reach Glantri city. Two armies (Vanserie, Volospin) move south to Darokinian soil to replace them. The battered elven units reach home, and two fresh units are sent to attack the Nomads east of Darokin city. As we can see, the Nomads got only one week of breathing space - much less that they anticipated.

Battle reports:

-          The Battle of Streel River: North of Darokin city, Darokinian and Nomad troops clash. The Nomads have build wooden fortifications, which make it very hard for the Darokinians to break through, especially the regular legions. The Darokinian Elite Legion fares well against the Nomad HQ unit, devastating it, but the other Darokinian units are badly beaten. One of the routs, one loses most of its troops. The two Nomad Divisions are still fit to fight.

-          The Battle of Selenica Road: The elves attack the fortified Nomad Divisions. Both sides suffer heavy casualties. The elves can't break through yet, but in the end the Nomads are in worse shape.

WEEK 12: 22nd - 28th Felmont

General & PC Events:

In Karameikos, Penhaligon and Turambar bring their "news" (aka lies) to Stephan Karameikos and his adviser Hyraksos. A decision is made: Karameikan forces will be sent to Black Eagle "to help my cousin Hendricks against those treacherous Nomads". The Ambassadors also learn of the Hattias rebellion. On the 22nd, a Traladaran fringe cult holds a demonstrator in the city: a prophet has said that "The Son of Halav" shall return to his people in their time of need. Extremist Traladarans try to use this to their advantage. Penhaligon and Turambar, fearing that civil strife would be dangerous during this time, follow the extremists to their lair. They kill the ringleaders, two Traladaran knights (ironically Penhaligon himself was heavily involved similar events a couple of years ago). Penhaligon cures the "Prophet" from his insanity and takes him to Krakataos.

On the 24th Penhaligon and Turambar manage to contact Ivanovich, currently visiting his home in Estine, Vestland. They do this via a magical communications network that Radagast Emry has built between their dominions. The Glantrian aide Laran also manages to "sneak in" into their discussion and is told about the Dagger of Cymorrak - Laran promises to try to find out more about this mysterious item.

On the 25th the Karameikan army leaves Specularum. Message is sent to Krakataos, where Penhaligon sends his personal troops, veterans of the last war, to join the army. Penhaligon and Turambar decide to ride ahead of the army and recon the Nomad forces. They are joined by the elven maid Cymoril Stargazer, Turambar's wife, who had earlier Teleported here from Turambar's dominion in Wendar. On the 26th, near the ruins of Luln, they spot the envoys of a Black Eagle general that sent them for confirmation from Hendricks about the Nomads. Turambar and Penhaligon follow them, hijack their leader, and send him (magically affected) back to send false information. They cross the Black Eagle border on the 27th, soon reach the outskirts of Fort Doom and spot the armies gathering there.

On the night of the 28th, Nomad and Black Eagle Mercenary leaders are negotiating. The mercenary general of Hendricks's troops has realised that something is wrong (the Ambassadors' plan of deception didn't work). Together they decide to attack Karameikos and make way to north and Selenica. During the negotiations Penhaligon, Turambar and Cymoril make a daring commando raid into the Nomad camp. They manage to kill a lot of Nomad commanders. At the same time Nomad and mercenary troops begin looting Fort Doom, killing a lot of civilians.

In Soderfjord Radagast Emry is chosen to fight against the Nomad mage. But he loses, and the Soderfjord alliance begins to crumble. But Ragnar the Stout simply doesn't believe in the Nomads' chances: he uses the chance to force Ivanovich to become his blood-brother, getting a powerful ally in the heart of the Vestlandian government. Weyhoon is enraged and promises revenge on the treacherous Norsemen. Ivanoivch's henchmen, summoned by a message sent from Norrvik, arrive in Soderfjord with the ship Redraven. The Ambassadors set sail towards Norrvik. Soon after they leave the port, a Sindian assassin from Weyhoon's retinue attacks Flint, trying to steal the Crystal Dagger. On the 24th they arrive in Norrvik. They decide to track down Weyhoon, but they need more troops. Ivanovich takes a calculated risk and uses a Teleport spell from his magical ring to go to his castle, Seaforth Tower. He arrives there just in time to contact his friends in Krakataos (see above). Also, emissaries from his "friend" Batu Khan are waiting there: they bring news about Chanai's bid for power and Batu's invitation for Ivanovich to discuss the situation. Ivanovich sets out to Norrvik with the Redraven, accompanied by dwarven followers of Flint Fireforge. They had just arrived from Gyl Erid, summoned by Ivanovich. They get to Norrvik on the night of the 26th. In the meantime, Radagast Emry and Ivanovich's hakomon follower search for Weyhoon. They don't find him this week, but learn that he is travelling to Ethengar.

War movements:

-          Nomad Guards units man Fort Lakeside and Fort Anselbury. Rebuilding of battered units continues in and near Akorros. One Division is sent to reinforce the units defending the Darokin City siege on the northern side. From the two Divisions south of Darokin city, one is sent east to help their comrades against the elves. (One Division has to stay there in case the Darokinians south of the river try to push towards the capital.)

-          Ylari keep besieging Selenica. The two units that suffered in the battles of the mountain passes are replaced by a fresh unit and leave for Ylaruam city.

-          The Darokinian Elite Legion continues to fight the Nomads north of the capital. The badly battered regular Legion withdraws. In Corunglain legions are refitted and sent one by one to Favaro. Reserve legions prepare to take over the defence of the city, as the regular legions are needed on the front.

-          Two Glantrian units join the above mentioned Darokinian Elite Legion - just in time, as it is outmanned, and the Nomads just had reinforcements.

-          Another elven unit joins the battle east of Darokin city. So now there are three elven units fighting the nomads. Again just in time, as the Nomads got reinforcements.

-          Vestland and Rockhome allied units travel towards Darokin. They are escorted along secret paths by elven scouts, as the Selenica area is closed for them.

-          Dwarven units begin slowly travelling towards the Selenica pass via mountain paths. Their plan is to avoid direct confrontation with the Ylari and cut their supply lines in the mountains.

Battle reports:

-          The Second Battle of Streel River: Glantrians and the Darokin Elite Legion battle the Nomads. The Nomad HQ unit and one Division are routed, and Vanserie's army suffers heavy casualties. But the battle isn't resolves, as the Nomads have enough troops for a "skeleton defence". The Hulean clerics keep up the "motivation" by executing wounded troops for "cowardice".

-          The Second Battle of Eastern Road: Three elven units attack three Nomad divisions, one of which is fresh. All Nomad units are routed soon, and the elves avoid heavy casualties. Still, they have lost a lot of lives in these two weeks of heavy fighting.

WEEK 13: 1st - 7th Fyrmont

General & PC events:

In Karameikos the Ambassadors flee the chaos in Fort Doom and arrive after some difficulties in Luln, where they meet Admiral Hyraksos and the Karameikan army. He is told that the Nomads are closing. The Ambassadors, realising that they managed to kill most/all of the Nomad clerics and mages last night, decide to make another commando raid. The Nomads have insanely tight security, but still the Ambassadors manage to kill the rest of their commanders. The Nomads will have to fight led by NCOs only. However, during the raid Penhaligon has to flee by Word of Recall and won't be there for the fight. On the 2nd the armies meet. Turambar manages to convince the Black Eagle mercenaries to join their side, buying their loyalty with a lot of Darokinian gold. The two Nomad Divisions are utterly destroyed.

In Krakataos, Penhaligon sends his trusted followers, experienced adventurers from the fight against the Lich Hazar, to seek out followers of Cymorrak. On the 4th, Duke Stephan orders a victory celebration in Specularum. Thyatian Thrakius brothers, ex-leaders of Marilenev, are given control of Halag. Marilenev is returned to Lady Magda's secret heir - the one whose return was perhaps seen by the "Prophet"? (Note: Lady Magda was hanged after the last rebellion a few years ago.) The Thrakius brothers are highly disliked, so Halag won't necessarily see happier times.

Lord Zemirov Sulescu's envoys bring a message to Alexander Penhaligon - he had found an ancient manuscript pertaining to the fate of the Dagger of Cymorrak and the Soul Gem. The Ambassadors deduce that they should seek the Gem in the Malpheggi swamp. On the 5th, the Ambassadors meet by boat. On the 6th they meet the ship carrying their Hin Striker ally Nipa Goodhearted (who also fought against Hazar), who tells them about the recent trouble with the undead. They reach Shireton on the evening of the 7th.

The Northern Ambassador group attacks Weyhoon's camp in the night of the 1st. All other Nomads are killed, but Weyhoon escapes by magical means. The Ambassadors return to Bergen, where the ship Redraven waits. They return Ivanovich's followers and the dwarves to Seaforth Tower (or "Ivanslott") and turn towards Ostland. On the 6th they meet king Olof, Ivan's old friend and ally from the time of the Ostman rebellion and the death of Ala the Seawitch. Olof joins the war, although he can't send a lot of troops - most of Ostlandian armies are fighting Alphatians in the North. Also he can't offer them a unit, but a couple of Ravenguard veterans join them as bodyguards. The Ambassadors leave for Ivanslott.

War movements:

-          After reintegrating some previously routed units and replenishing others, the Nomads have managed to gather four Divisions and one HQ unit, a whole Army Group, in Akorros. They continue building a new defence there, as most of those units are still half-strength. One HQ unit and four Guards Divisions protect the road to Corunglain in case the Glantrians and Darokinians try to attack their flank. Two Divisions, just reinforced, march from an encampment near Akorros and join the fighting north of Darokin City. The forces surrounding Darokin City are joined by one Division that abandons the encampment south of the city.

-          The armies of Ylaruam decide to attack Selenica, having surrounded it for three whole weeks. Elsewhere, Ylari forces man the northern passes to Soderfjord, Abbashan and Ylaruam city. Two depleted divisions arrive in the capital.

-          The Darokinians are once again gathering troops in Favaro. Two reinforced Legions are there now, and four await reinforcements in Corunglain. In Darokin city, one Elite Legion and two Regular Legions, the troops in the city itself, charge out and join the fight with the Nomads (as the elves are coming too). The other Elite Legion continues battling the Nomads north of the capital.

-          Two Glantrian armies stay in the fight north of Darokin City.

-          The three Elven units that have already fought a long and bitter battle against the Nomads east of Darokin City, attack the forces surrounding the capital! After eight weeks of siege, the residents of the city have hope once again.

-          Four dwarven armies continue to travel towards the Selenican mountain passes. Norseman armies meet and decide to embark on a punitive expedition against Ylaruam.

Battle reports:

-          The Battle of Darokin City: One Darokinian Elite Legion, two Regular Legions and three elven units fight one Nomad HQ unit and five Nomad Divisions. Early in the Battle, the Darokin Elite Legion manages to destroy the HQ outright. But as before, the Regular Darokin Legions suffer heavily, and are eventually routed. The Elite Legions seem to be the only Darokin units capable of successful offence. After this week's battles, one Nomad Division is destroyed, and two are routed. Just two depleted Nomad divisions, with about 1100 troops left, remain. The Darokinians and elves outnumber and outclass them now, but a lot of casualties have been taken.

-          The Third Battle of Streel River: The two fresh Nomad Divisions engage the Darokinian Elite Legion while the remnants of two Divisions engage the Glantrians. But very soon one Division is routed, and then another destroyed by the superior Glantrian forces. Still, the Nomads manage to hold their ground, with over 1100 troops left, so they can tie these valuable units for a while still. The Darokinian Elite Legion and Vanserie's army have suffered badly.

-          Battle for Selenica: The four Ylaruam units and the Darokinian garrison (two regular, two reserve legions) fight. Both sides suffer losses, but the Darokinians hold. In all, their casualty figures were greater.

WEEK 14: 8th - 14th Fyrmont

General & PC events:

In the Five Shires, the Ambassadors meet the Council of Sheriffs on the 8th. The next night spectres attack Shireton, and the Ambassadors help fight them off. The next morning they set out to search the lair of the undead, and find it on the 12th. There they manage to defeat the spectre horde, with the help of the Striker Nipa Goodhearted and Cymoril Stargazer. They find the Hilt of the Crystal Dagger, but have to fight a Grim Reaper, a powerful creature of Thanatos, to gain it. They also gain some more hints on the Soul Gem's nature. On the 13th they return to Shireton, where the Hin ally with Darokin and give them the Volunteer unit. Satisfied, they set out towards Athenos.

The Northern group of the Ambassadors arrives in Ivanslott on the 9th. Ivanovich and Fireforge start to travel towards Gyl Erid and Fireforge's dominion. Radagast Emry Teleports to his home tower in Minrothad to seek information about the Dagger, Cymorrak and Hosadus. Emry has learned from some old documents that he gained a few years ago that Hosadus is likely to be a follower of Thanatos, and wishes to know more. He summons a daemon with an old Averoignean tome, but the daemon is destroyed by Thanatos before it can reveal anything about the Soul Gem. On the 12th the Ambassadors reunite in Gyl Erid and travel to Ethengar and the lands of Batu Khan. The search through the Bortak lands for the Khan's camp.

War movements:

-          Karameikan army mobilises, but won't move this week. The armies of Ostland and Soderfjord mobilise as well.

-          The Nomad Army has dwindled: One reintegrated Division arrives in Akesoli after a long trip from Sayr Ulan. Two Guards Divisions hold Fort Lakeside, two hold Fort Anselbury. One Nomad Army Group holds Akorros. One Army Group comprised of Guards units protects the road to Corunglain. Four battered Divisions continue the fight in and around Darokin city.

-          Two Ylaruam armies hold the mountain pass between Ylaruam and Darokin. Four armies continue to attack Selenica. Three armies around Selenica build fortifications (or one of them holds Fort Hobarth).

-          Two Darokin Legions leave their camp by the Selenican road, as they are sent towards Selenica. The two Elite Legions continue to fight the Nomads. Encampment south of Darokin City stays put, as the High Command wants to spare these units, as they are inferior to the enemy forces. Already Darokin has lost too many units. A couple of reserve Legions approach Darokin city from the south, preparing to take over garrisoning the city, as the Elite Legions will be needed in future fights. Regular legions are slowly being gathered in Favaro, and three Reserve Legions wait to take over garrisoning Corunglain.

-          Vanserie's and Volospin's Glantrian units continue to fight north of Darokin city. Carnelia's unit, reinforced and returning from Glantri, is nearly there, but can't join the fighting this week. Jherek's unit is tied in keeping open the Broken lands passes, and Jaggar's unit is still being refitted.

-          The three elven units continue to fight in Darokin city. The rest of the elven armies guard their forest - one of them is keeping a close watch on the Selenica situation. The elves are worried, but can't afford to send a relief force.

-          Allied Rockhome, Vestland and Soderfjord units slowly travel towards Darokin.

-          Four Rockhome units arrive on the edges of the Selenican pass. They send an ultimatum to the Ylari guarding the passes - by the order of King Everast they threaten to close the passes to protect their new Darokinian friends. Note that they don't declare war yet, as they hope the Ylari would come to their senses.

Battle reports:

-          The Fourth Battle of Streel River: The Nomads keep defending the road to Favaro and Corunglain even after three weeks of fierce fighting. But now their luck has run out. They still manage to force Vanserie's totally battered unit to retreat, but both of the Nomad Divisions are either routed or destroyed. However, the Darokin Elite Legion and the Glantrians are in no shape to fight for some time.

-          The Second Battle of Darokin City: This is a very short engagement. The Nomads has to spread their lines thin and are totally overrun and destroyed in many places. Remains of both Nomad Divisions manage to escape, but they have to leave all their wounded behind, and have shrunk to a total of a few hundred troops.

-          During this month of battles in and around Darokin City, the Nomads deployed well over 15.000 troops into the field. They lost over 8000 in dead plus roughly the same amount in wounded, all of whom were left in the hands of the enemy. Of these prisoners, about 6000 either died of their wounds, or were killed by the enemy. All humanoids were slaughtered, and many of the humans. Also 800-900 Nomad soldiers are missing in action. Darokin deployed over 6800 troops. Their casualties were nearly 2700 in dead, roughly the same amount in wounded (of which some died of course), and about 140 missing in action. The elves of Alfheim sent 2238 troops - as mentioned before, they are strict in these matters. Their losses were 665 in dead, same amount in wounded. The Glantrians deployed over 1700 troops and lost nearly 500 in dead, and roughly the same amount in wounded. All in all, over 18.000 living and breathing beings were ground to pulp in this immense battle. In the end Darokin City remained free and wasn't sacked, but its suburbs were looted and destroyed. A lot of civilians were either murdered, sent for slavery or they died of disease. Now pestilences threaten this area, as thousands of bodies float in the river and litter the ground.

-          The Battle of Selenica: Basically a repetition of the last week. Both sides suffer losses, but the Darokinians lose more, even though they are defending behind walls.

WEEK 15: 15th - 21st Fyrmont

General & PC events:

The southern group of Ambassadors rides through Rattlecart, past Tothmeer and arrives in Athenos on the 16th day. There they learn news of the war, especially the liberation of the capital. They learn that the High Command is moving there, so they decide to ride there to meet General Winter, possibly Laran, and perhaps learn news of their friends. They reach Darokin city on the 19th, and witness the horrible destruction there. The waters of Streel are poisoned by rotting corpses for miles downstream, and the ground is covered with ash, rubble and blood. They meet General Winter and Laran, discuss the Dagger of Cymorrak and propose a trip to Malpheggi. However, they wish to wait for their friends. On the 20th they witness the elves marching away with their fallen comrades - the grim faces and the morbid trophies are something they have never seen. They search the Guild Hall archives for information on Malpheggi. Alexander Penhaligon meets Traladaran migrs and founds a temple of Halav in the city. On the 21st they participate in a war meeting. A group of Thanatos cultists attacks them. Penhaligon is slain by a magical arrow, but his Armour of Halav resurrects him - for the last time.

The southern group of Ambassadors reaches the Land of Blossoms and meets Batu Khan on the 15th. Batu declares that he will oppose Chanai's bid for power and asks his "friend" Ivanovich to help deliver the message to Chanai. On the 19th they arrive in Chagon-Nah, where the clans have gathered to elect Chanai of the Murkits as the new Great Khan. To their horror they find Weyhoon there. Weyhoon and Chanai declare an alliance between Hosadus and Ethengar. The Ambassadors are invited to stay for a feast. During the night Flint Fireforge meets his old acquaintances from the Heldann League. They propose an attack on Chanai, and the Ambassadors agree. Using a lot of their magic items, they make a bold strike into Chanai's enclosure, and manage to kill Chanai, his closest advisers and Weyhoon, who tried to rescue Chanai. Agents of Jherek - of whom Ivanovich had learned from Laran during their discussion in Ivanslott - help them get out of the camp. For the next two days they stay hidden and try to avoid Ethengar patrols.

(Note: This surprising turn of events has big effects on the war. Had Chanai joined the war, he could have sent many hordes to Corunglain, through Broken Lands, even if he'd had to fight Batu Khan at the same time. A few units could have disrupted Darokinian war plans badly. Also, they might have been able to intercept the Glantrians on their way home for reinforcements! Chanai had also allied with a group of dwarves (the brotherhood of Bolt) that were willing to block the Broken Lands passes and hold the Glantrians away from the battle. In the end, the Darokinians might have had to abandon plans to liberate Akorros before the winter!)

War movements:

-          Armies of the Five Shires mobilise, but won't move this week.

-          The remnants of the two Nomad Divisions that fought in Darokin City try to escape, but they are intercepted by the I Elite Legion. The Guards Army Group in Rennydale-Crowlerd area tears down the encampments and retreats to the southern side of Akorros, ready to help the city garrison against any attack.

-          The Ylari ignore the dwarven warning and send another army from their capital to the mountain passes, and one army moves from the pass to attack Selenica. In Selenica, the weary Ylari units are replaced by the fresh units from the surrounding areas. Now there are only three units attacking the city, but they are rested and fresh!

-          Two Darokinian Legions in Favaro move east towards the Selenican front. Two Legions have already encamped on the road, well east of the Fort Cruth crossroads. One Elite Legion moves to Darokin City to be replenished. The other one pursues the Nomads. Four Legions in Corunglain stay there because of bad intelligence reports - they fear a Nomad counterattack might be coming (the Guards Army Group wasn't properly reconed).

-          The two battered Glantrian units encamp north of Darokin city to relieve their fatigue and heal their wounded. Carnelia's fresh troops arrive in the Capital. Jherek's fresh unit is closing the city. Note: the Glantrians have lessened their homeland defence by one unit.

-          The three battered elven units also retreat from Darokin city and encamp in the nearby forests to rest, heal their wounded and attend to their dead.

-          Two Rockhome units attack the Ylaruam units guarding the Selenican pass. Two other units bypass them and block the pass, building fortifications.

-          A unit of the Vestlandian army arrives on the coast of Ylaruam and raids the undefended Surra-Man-Raa. One Ostlandian and two Soderfjordian units are moving towards Ylaruam as well. One Soderfjordian unit garrisons Castellan in case of Ylari attack.

-          Duke Stephan Karameikos sends three of his units to Duke's Keep south of Selenica and sends and ultimatum to the war-weary Ylaruam forces in the northern end of the pass.

Battle reports:

-          The Darokinian Elite Legion, although depleted and fatigued, manages to catch the retreating Nomads and destroys the remains of both Divisions.

-          Battle for the Selenican Pass: The Dwarves manage to surprise the Ylaruam troops as they attack down from the mountain slopes. The Ylari can't use their horses to their best advantage. Still, the dwarves barely scratch the Ylari and both of their units are routed! Still, their attack allowed the two other dwarven units to take the pass.

-          Battle of Selenica: The two Darokinian Reserve Legions are finally destroyed, as is one of the regular ones. The remaining defenders of Selenica surrender after making a pact of mercy with the Ylari commanders.

WEEK 16: 22nd - 28th Fyrmont

General & PC Events:

In Darokin city, Penhaligon and Turambar have good luck and get a clue about a cultist raid into a munitions depot. They capture one Thanatos cultist and get a trace of the cult's location. On 23rd they track don their leader, a vampire priest, and destroy him. The cultists were sent to the city to sabotage the war effort and delay the counter-offensive. The next day a celebration is held in their honour. Using a Spell scroll that Turambar stole from the Akesoli mage guild, Cymoril tries to contact Ilsundal to learn about Thanatos's plans behind the war. As before with such events, Thanatos intervenes and Cymoril lapses into temporary insanity. The Ambassadors wait for their friends.

The northern Ambassador group travels to Glantri and are attacked by dragons on their way. During the war, dragons have become more active and have raided many human communities. On the 28th they arrive in Bramyra.

War movements:

-          The Nomad forces stay put, waiting for the Allied Forces to attack. Routed Nomad units regroup slowly in Sayr Ulan, they are replenished and sent towards Akesoli.

-          Armies of Ylaruam react to new threats. Three units attack the dwarves holding the mountain pass - two that were attacked last week, and one that was sent in from Ylaruam City. One unit is sent to garrison Tameronikas, one unit attacks the Northerners raiding the coast. In Selenican front, the forces in the area surrounding Selenica are all attacked. Three units rest in Selenica.

-          Darokinians continue sending their Legions towards Selenica, expecting a new threat. Six Regular Legions are deployed there, four stay in Corunglain for the coming liberation of Akorros. Some Reserve units take over the responsibility of guarding the Broken lands pass from the Glantrians. The two Elite Legions stay in Darokin city and begin replenishing.

-          Glantrians have sent three units to fight in the Akorros operation. Two war-weary units (Vanserie, Volospin) head home.

-          Following the orders of the Ambassadors, the Allied Expeditionary Force begins to regroup in Athenos. Karameikan, Shires, Glantrian, Darokinian, Vestlandian and Dwarven units are soon there. Soderfjordian unit will take some time, since it is taking a long detour by sea.

-          The elves of Alfheim make a surprise move. The three units that fought in Darokin City arrive home, and two units in eastern Alfheim are sent to attack the Ylari: one unit attacks Fort Hobarth from behind, other attacks a unit encamped on the road to Darokin city.

-          A Vestlandian unit moves to raid Jaboor, but is attacked by one Ylari unit. Two Soderfjordian units raid Fabia.

-          Three Karameikan units attack the forces guarding the northern end of the Pass to Selenica. Note that these are depleted units that fought the first weeks of the Battle of Selenica.

-          Four units of the Five Shires are moving towards Darokin city, ready to take part in the liberation of Akorros.

Battle reports:

-          In Ethengar, Batu Khan declares that he will be the next Great Khan now that Chanai is dead. Murkits are in disarray, and Chanai's "Keshak" has disbanded. Brotherhood of Bolt vouches for neutrality. Other Khans say that they will oppose Batu. But in secret Batu has learned a lesson from their history and forged alliances with the Hooplaks, Sliktors and some militant groups of the Makistani, who have arrived from Ylaruam. (Note that the Kiyats were eliminated two years ago, and their area now belongs to the Bortaks.) In the first stage of the conflict, Batu will rush to destroy the remaining Murkits. He controls two hordes, a unit of Makistani, and is supported by the humanoids. Yakkas will rush to the aid of the Murkits. The Uighurs (khanless, since their Khan was killed two years ago in a conflict with the Heldanns) are about to come to their aid too, but they are attacked by Heldannan extremists who wish to revenge the carnage two years ago. As is soon seen, Glantri will intervene in this civil war.

-          Battle in the passes of Selenica: Three Ylari units attack the two dwarven units guarding the pass. Since the dwarves are now fighting from their preferred position, this will not be a repetition of the previous fiasco. After the first initial clashes, the Ylari retreat. They have suffered losses, while the dwarves are virtually unscathed. To open the passes they would need an attack from both directions. But since their troops in Selenican area are under attack, that won't happen.

-          Battle on the Road to Darokin City: The elves try to surprise the Ylari unit that is encamped by the road. The Ylari notice the trap in time and manage to flee towards Selenica. Still, they lose a lot of troops.

-          Battle of Fort Hobarth: In one swift stroke, the elves rout the two depleted and Ylari units.

-          Battle of Duke's Road Pass: Three Karameikan units attack the two Ylaruam units guarding the pass. The Karameikans suffer terrible casualties, but so do the Ylari, who elect to retreat towards Selenica.

-          Battle of Jaboor: The Ylari forces try to surround the looting Vestlanders. The Ylari give more than they get, but the Northerners manage to flee in their longships.

WEEK 17: 1st - 7th Ambyrmont

General & PC events:

The northern Ambassador group leaves Bramyra and passes through Skullhorn pass, They arrive in Glantri city on the 3rd. The next two days they converse with Lady Scrutina and Jherek and get news of the war. Using a Teleport Brooch looted from Weyhoon, the Glantrians send all of them to Darokin City, where they are united with their friends, saving them days of riding. On 7th they leave for Malpheggi, reaching Elstrich. Their goal is to find the Soul Gem of Light.

War movements:

-          Nothing new on the Nomad front.

-          Ylari forces in Selenica heal their wounded. The units that lost the battle in the Darokin-Ylaruam passes retreat towards Ylaruam City. One unit continues defending the coast, now attacking Soderfjordians raiding and looting Fabia. Three units retreat to Selenica, not intercepted by the elves or Karameikans.

-          The First Darokinian Elite Legion reinforces, the Second moves to lay siege to Akorros with two Regular Legions sent from Corunglain. Two Regular Legions are left to garrison Corunglain.

-          Two Glantrian units, Jherek and Carnelia, join the Akorros siege. Jaggar's unit is sent towards Selenica.

-          The four Hin units move to south of Akorros, to block the Guards Division Army Group.

-          The two Soderfjordian units in Fabia are attacked, but one Ostlandian unit comes to their aid.

-          The elves, dwarves and Karameikans in the Selenican front are resting and recuperating.

Battle reports:

-          Battle of Fabia: The Northerners make a stand with their backs to the sea. Both sides suffer losses, but the Northerners are forced back to the sea, leaving their wounded behind.

-          In Ethengar, the Uighurs and the Heldannans fight. Heldannans are beaten, but the Uighurs take heavy casualties.

WEEK 18: 8th - 14th Ambyrmont

General & PC events:

The Ambassadors arrive in the Malpheggi swamp and find the ancient half-submerged and ruined road mentioned in their map. They travel to a ruined city, where they chance upon a Nomad Patrol, which they destroy. To their frustration, they notice that the Nomads are ahead of them! They follow the information given by their prisoners. On their way to the inner swamp they are attacked by lizard men. On the 12th they reach ancient Monoliths, where a strange lizardman-like priest attacks them and retreats into the Monoliths, disappearing. It seems that the priest has been fighting Nomads, but some have managed to get "through the Monoliths" to... where? Radagast Emry studies the Monoliths and manages to "open" them. They step into Ancient Times before the emergence of man, a time-dimensional pocket created by the last priest of a lost Serpentine race, where the Soul Gem of Light was sent for safety after the First Nomad Wars to be guarded by the priest. They fight the Nomad Agents and the priest, killing the Nomads and convincing the priest to listen to them. Finally they get the Soul Gem and can return to their own time.

Of course, the biggest surprise this week is that Thyatis joins the war! Due to the effort of Alexander Panhaligon's followers, the Hattian rebellion was quenched, and the Avatar of Thanatos was banished by a couple of priests of Cymorrak. (The two Cymorrakians join the AEF.) Earlier on, the battle over Helskir had been also finished. The city moved under Alphatian control, and a peace accord was written. Alphatia retook Quodhar during that time also.

War movements:

-          The Nomad Guards Divisions that were guarding Fort Anselbury join the units in Lakeside.

-          Ylari units, with over 2000 troops, gather in Selenica. They prepare for a siege.

-          Thyatian forces make a surprise attack. Two Legions attack Tameronikas. Three Legions, supported by Special Operations Units (mages, priests and such) and the Air Corps, attack Ylaruam City, which is defended only by depleted forces that had retreated from the Selenican pass.

-          The Fist Darokinian Elite Legion joins the Akorros siege. Now there are two Elite and two Regular Legions, plus Jherek's and Carnelia's Glantrian units. Four Regular Legions begin besieging Selenica. They are joined by Jaggar's Glantrian unit.

-          The elves of Alfheim are also sending a fresh unit to join the siege of Selenica. Dwarves keep holding the pass. One Karameikan unit moves in to join the Selenican siege.

-          The four Hin units protect the flank of the forces protecting the Akorros siege.

-          In Ethengar, two Bortak hordes, the Makistani unit and the humanoids attack Chagon-Nah that is defended by the Yakkas and the Murkits.

Battle reports:

-          Battle of Chagon-Nah: the Bortak hordes and their supporting forces utterly destroy the Murkits and the Yakkas. The Sliktor orcs are also pretty much wiped out in this battle. The Brotherhood of Bolt meets Batu Khan and vows to join the next Great Khan.

-          Battle of Tameronikas: The Thyatian Legions attack the Ylari unit defending the town. It is utterly routed.

-          Battle of Ylaruam: The Thyatians have superiority in numbers, and their special forces eliminate a lot of the advantages a defender has. The Ylari suffer heavy losses, but their defence isn't broken.

WEEK 19: 15th - 21st Ambyrmont

General & PC events:

The Ambassadors return to Darokin city on the 15th. Laran assembles the Dagger of Cymorrak and is killed by Thanatos before he has time to tell them more about it. The Ambassadors leave for Athenos to check on their army and to travel to Minrothad. Together with the High Command they have decided to try to convince the seagoing states to give them enough ships to transport the Allied Expeditionary Force to Pramayanan coast. Their plan is to meet Hosadus's Legion of Doom on the field, and they think that only by threatening the Sindian supply lines, based in Pramayana, can they lure them out of Sayr Ulan. The plan is based on a vague notion they have that Hosadus can only be defeated by using the Dagger of Cymorrak (although they have no idea how, for example they don't even know about the Soul Gem of Thanatos). But also the Darokinian High Command is still worried that the Nomads could wait it out and keep holding Akorros through the winter. If the city isn't liberated before snowfall, the Allied troops would have to retreat. The next spring Nomads could send additional forces, but there are no guarantees that the Allies of Darokin have the guts for a long war. Also, Darokin's supplies and manpower have been drained. General Winter is convinced that the war has to be won now or never, and defeating Hosadus would be the solution.

The Ambassadors arrive in Athenos on the 17th, and visit their army the next day. On the 19th they bard a ship and sail towards Minrothad.

War movements:

-          Four Nomad Guards units are approaching the areas north of Akorros. They plan to function as a threat, like the southern Guards Army Group: if the Allied Forces try to attack Akorros, these Divisions can join the fight. Also, already one regrouped and replenished Division and one HQ have arrived in Akesoli!

-          One Ylari unit, the one that has been fighting the Northerners, attacks the Thyatians in Tameronikas. The unit that was garrisoning the Castellan pass attacks the Thyatians besieging Ylaruam city. They have to break of their attack, so the units in Ylaruam City get a breather. The troops in Selenica heal their wounded.

-          Thyatians in Tameronikas and around Ylaruam city fight the Ylari.

-          The Selenican siege, already with one Karameikan, one Glantrian and four Darokinian units, grows by two Darokinian Regular Legions and two units of Alfheimians! (Of course having to rotate their troops)

-          Morphail's Glantrian unit attacks the Yugatai tribe of Ethengar. Brannart's and Carlotina's units move out of Skullhorn Pass and move into Ethengar. Vanserie's and Volospin's units garrison Skullhorn. Carnelia and Jherek stay at the Akorros siege.

-          The Allied Expeditionary Force has camped south of Athenos.

-          The Vestlanders, Soderfjordians and Ostlandians have learned of the Thyatian invasion, and see the Ylari retreat to counter that threat. So they make landfall, leave their ships to be guarded by a small force, and travel towards Abbashan.

-          In Ethengar, the Uighurs elect to join Batu Khan. The Kaeruts defy him and are vanquished. Batu Khan leads a huge horde towards Bargha. The Yugatais fight the Glantrians. Taijit scouts spot the two Glantrian units invading the steppes. They send word to Batu Khan and try to lay a trap for the Glantrians!

Battle reports:

-          The Battle at Tameronikas: The Ylari unit manages to cause only small casualties for the Thyatians, and is itself routed.

-          The Battle near Ylaruam City: The fresh Ylari unit attacks the Thyatians surrounding their capital. Although outmanned badly, it manages to cause significant casualties before it is routed.

-          Morphail's forces attack and rout the Yugatai horde, savagely killing many tribesmen and livestock. The remains of the Yugatai will eventually join Batu Khan.

WEEK 20: 22nd - 28th Ambyrmont

General & PC events:

The Ambassadors arrive in Minrothad City on the 22nd. The next day they meet the acting Guild master (only a ceremonial post after Oran's death) Astra Meditor. This is easy due to the services they did for the state in stopping the Kronian raids. Astra organises a Council meeting for the next day. The Ambassadors make their case for the Heads of the Guilds on the 24th. The vote is inconclusive, since the Corsers oppose joining the war effort. After all, Minrothadian traders have been making a lot of money this year! The decision is postponed. During the following night, Marton Bailey and his band of lycanthropes attack the Ambassadors, but are defeated. The Ambassadors investigate the case and find some clues pointing towards the Corser Guild. However, they are suspicious and investigate more. They manage to contact Alf Shadower and Truth Greenton, currently both underground (Alf even more before, since Oran's death put his Guilds in disarray). One of them meets Hildric Corser. Eventually they manage to catch Bailey and learn the truth from him: this was a Verdier plot against the Corsers and the government. Instead of exposing the plot, they use the information to persuade both Verdier and Corser Guilds to vote for their proposal. As a payment for the information, Bailey is sent away. On the 28th the Council reconvenes, and Minrothad allies with Darokin. The Ambassadors get the ships they needed.

War movements:

-          The Nomads have a lot of previously routed, now reintegrated units in Sayr Ulan. However, the Nomad reinforcements have been mostly used, and many of these units are so small that they can't be build back to full strength. So, remnants of four units are combined into one Division. Now the Nomads have two Divisions in Sayr Ulan. Two reintegrated and reinforced Divisions are already en route to Akesoli, and there is already one Division and one HQ unit. So, the Nomads can still deploy one full Army Group to the front - so the war isn't over yet! The four Guards Divisions arrive near Akorros, to the north of the city. The Akorros Army Group keeps holding the city, and the southern Guards Army Group stays in their encampment, facing the Hin troops.

-          As the Thyatians around Ylaruam city refrain from attacking this week due to fatigue and troop loss, the three Ylari units in the city can heal their wounded. In Selenica, the besieged Ylari units have heard of the Thyatian invasion. They start peace negotiations with the Allied Forces around the city. They promise to return all the loot, release the Preceptor prisoners and leave the country peacefully if they are allowed to fight the Thyatians. Also, if they manage to drive out the Thyatians, they promise to make war reparations. By the end of the week, the Allied forces agree to this, as all sides are tired of the fighting.

-          The Three Thyatian Cohorts around Ylaruam City build a strong encampment that can protect them from attack from inside and outside (like the Romans in Alesia). Since the Ylari threat has been eliminated near the coast, the two Thyatian Cohorts in Tameronikas make a Forced March and arrive in Ylaruam city, utterly fatigued. Now over 8500 troops surround the city!

-          The siege of Akorros goes on for third week.

-          In Glantri and Ethengar, Morphail's victorious unit moves back to Fort Tshernovodsk. Brannart and Carlotina move into Taijit territory, but are lured into trap while crossing a river. They have to attack at a disadvantage. Jaggar's unit, not needed in Selenica, starts to move back into Darokin Proper. At Bargha Batu Khan is declared the Great Khan. Tajit messengers arrive and bring word of the Glantrian assault. Batu sends the eager Brotherhood of the Bolt on a Forced March to help them. He claims Fatigue of troops as the reason that he doesn't send any more help - the real reason is that he wants the Taijits to suffer casualties and be forced to join him.

-          The combined army of Norsemen ransacks Abbashan. One Soderfjordian unit leaves Castellan keep and moves in to raid Cinsa-Men-Noo (the Ylari left last week and were routed). So all in all, Ylaruam has been devastated in the hands of the Norsemen. That means a lot of carpets, steel sabres, slaves and good horses in the Northern Reaches!

Battle reports:

-          Brannart's and Carlotina's units fight the Taijits and the Brotherhood of Bolt. The Glantrians suffer greatly in this war - their intelligence reports were false and lured them into an ambush. Perhaps the agents of the Cretian cult had something to do with that? Anyway, Carlotina's unit loses half of its troops and has to retreat - leaving the wounded on the battlefield. The dwarves suffer also big losses in their hands. The Taijits fight Brannart, who suffers even bigger casualties. The Taijits suffer some losses, but without the dwarves they might even have lost the whole battle! Brannart can't retreat, and is trapped between the river and the enemies.

WEEK 21: 1st - 7th Sviftmont

General & PC events:

The Ambassadors sail towards Ierendi, arriving in the capital on the 4th. They are given the welcome of Heroes: The nation worships martial achievements, plus they saved the Princess from Colhador a few years ago! For once in their life the Ambassadors feel like they "have been given true credit". Most of the Ambassadors indulge in carnal pleasures, except for Radagast Emry, who makes diplomatic overtures with the Aristocrats and agrees that they will try to save Meikros's son. Also, Flint Fireforge only can enjoy his pint of brandy, talking to people who disappeared long ago - his emerging alcoholism is apparent to everyone. A sad, sad, moment in a hero's life indeed. After a day's lingering in hangover the Ambassadors set out to hunt the Roc bird. They find its nest, and manage to kill it (although they have to use a precious scroll to resurrect Flint Fireforge, whom the Roc killed). Meikros's son and the other soldiers are rescued.

War movements:

-          As last week, remnants of reintegrating Nomad units are combined to make a skeleton force that could even be replenished. The northern Guards Army Group encamps north of Akorros. A reintegrated and replenished HQ unit finally arrives from Sayr Ulan to take command of the Army Group. (There is a HQ already in the southern one). The Allied High Command begins to realise how big a task retaking Akorros may yet prove to be!

-          Ylari troops leave Selenica and ride hastily towards Ylaruam city, but don't reach it this week. Two Darokinian Regular Legions reoccupy Fort Hobarth.

-          Thyatian armies around Ylaruam city rest, lose fatigue and heal their wounded. Units of the Air Corps that had been resting and regrouping join them.

-          In Ethengar, Carlotina's unit limps towards home, but it is attacked by the combined force of Moghul Khan's orcish hordes from Yellow Orkia, the Tangut Orcs and the Gostai goblins. The humanoids rout Carlotina's unit and sack Bramyra, burning the town to the ground. Elsewhere, Batu's combined horde arrives "just in time" to help the Tajits destroy Brannart's army. The whole Glantrian unit is wiped out, and only the airborne commanders manage to escape. Everyone else is killed, and the Brotherhood of Bolt is very happy with their new Khan. Batu considers keeping up the offensive, but he realises that his troops have already suffered badly, and he has to consolidate his own power first. These victories are enough to keep him as the Great Khan for a while. Batu makes a historical decision. Again emulating the ancient alliances between Akkila Khan and the Ethengars, posing himself as "the New Baka Khan", he gives the westernmost parts of the steppes to the humanoids! Hooplaks, Tanguts and Gostais move there, but don't have time to squabble over rulership, as Moglai Khan's army subdues them. Moglai Khan has decided to leave Broken Lands, as he doesn't want to join Thar's plans. Batu Khan gets what he wants: a buffer zone between the Glantrians and himself. Time will tell if this plot will blow in his face.

-          Jaggar's unit joins the siege of Akorros.

-          In the Darokin-Ylaruam border, strange things happen: One unit of Alheimers, two units of Rockhome dwarves (the ones holding the mountain pass) and one Karameikan unit occupy Parsa and the Ust-Urt valley! These three powers have decided that they won't let the most important land trade route on the continent to fall under Thyatian control - they don't believe in the chances of Ylaruam.

-          In secret, the Norseman army in Abbashan begins travelling towards Ylaruam city.

Week 22: 8th - 14th Sviftmont

General & PC events:

The Ambassadors get back to Ierendi city on the 8th, where Ierendi declares an alliance with Darokin and provides the AEF with a Volunteer unit. The Ambassadors sail towards Athenos, where they arrive on the night of the 11th. On the 12th they receive news of the war. The followers of Alexander Penhaligon and the two Holy Warriors of Cymorrak have arrived. Cymoril Stargazer recovers and goes back to Wendar. She doesn't want to risk her and Turambar's son losing both of their parents anymore. It will take some time for the army to be organised for sea transport, so the Ambassadors will have to wait. Flint's alcoholism takes a steep downward turn, as he has a chance to spend a lot of time with the Rockhome volunteers. There is also some tension between the dwarves and the Glantrians, but Flint manages to keep the dwarves from doing anything hasty.

War movements:

-          The fresh Nomad Army Group gathers in Akesoli.

-          In Ylaruam, the units outside and inside Ylaruam city attack the Thyatian army. A huge battle ensues. In secret, the Norseman army draws close.

-          Ierendian and Minrothadian armies mobilise.

-          The Allies forces continue besieging Akorros and holding the Guards Divisions at bay.

Battle reports:

-          The Battle of Ylaruam City: The Ylari attack the Thyatian fortifications, trying to crush them "between the hammer and the anvil". During the battle, the Thyatians lose a lot of their Air Units, as Ylari mages shoot them out of the skies. On the other hand, the Thyatian forces manage to cause severe casualties, routing two Ylari units. The Thyatians begun the fight with nearly 10 000 able troops (after healing their wounded!). They are left with over 4300 troops. The Ylari began with over 3300 troops, they have about 1000 able troops left. But the tide of the battle has turned: the Thyatian Air Units, which gave them a considerable advantage, must retreat from the battle. Also, the Thyatian fortifications are in bad shape. In the next battle the Ylari might rush through them and use their cavalry advantage against the mainly footman-based Thyatians.

WEEK 23: 15th - 21st of Sviftmont

General & PC events:

The Allied Expeditionary Force is still getting organised near Athenos, and the troop transports are gathering.

War Movements:

-          The fresh Nomad Army Group moves past Fort Anselbury towards the front. One Division travels towards Akesoli, one stays in Sayr Ulan as an additional Garrison.

-          Some Ierendian and Minrothadian units travel towards Athenos, planning to join the last battles.

-          The Akorros siege goes on, for six weeks now.

Battle reports:

-          The Battle of Ylaruam City: An army of 2000 Norsemen attacks the forces of Ylaruam. Thyatian agents had bought their loyalty with sheer cash and promises of booty. By the combined force of the Thyatians and the Norsemen, the Ylari ranks are broken, and their armies scatter to the desert wind. The reign of Ali-Ben Faisal is over, as is the reign of the Kalimian dynasties, at least for now. Ylaruam once again becomes a colony of Thyatis, only this time without the Alphatians messing around. Thyatis begins shipping in occupation forces.

WEEK 24: 22nd - 28th Sviftmont:

General & PC events:

The Allied Expeditionary Force and its fleet sail to west. On the 27th a group of Blue Dragons, with the last of the Sindian/Hulean expert assassins riding them, attack the flagship. Using magic, some of the Ambassadors fly to meet the dragons. At the same time, invisible and magically flying assassins try to kill Penhaligon and take the Crystal Dagger from him. In the end the assassins and the dragons are killed.

War movements:

-          One Nomad Division assumes control of Akesoli. The southern Guards Army Group attacks the Five Shires forces that are guarding the area south of Akorros. The Northern Guards Army Group encircles around the Akorros siege forces, moving towards east. The Allies units don't intercept, as they don't want to split their troops. The fresh Army Group takes over the camp left empty by the southern Guards Division.

-          The Allies forces, fearing the approaching winter, launch an attack against Akorros!

-          Ierendian and Minrothadian forces land in Athenos.

Battle reports:

-          The Hin drive back the Guards Army Group, but suffer a lot of casualties themselves.

-          The Battle of Akorros: Both sides fight fiercely and suffer casualties, but the battle is not resolved this week.

WEEK 25: 1st - 7th Eirmont:

General & PC events:

The AEF fleet arrives on the coast of Pramayana. They see the harbour is heavily fortified and manned by special Nomad Troops. Using the Drums of Panic gained from late Bargle, and using up some precious magical items, The Ambassadors and their most capable followers manage to drive away the defenders without the AEF having to fight at all! AEF lands, regroups and starts to travel towards Sayr Ulan.

War movements:

The Northern Nomad Guards Army Group attacks the Hin armies, trying again to open way for their fresh Army Group, so it might help the Akorros defenders. A lot depends on the Hin.

Battle reports:

-          The Battle of the Hin: The already fatigued Hin armies are routed or driven away in this battle.

-          The Battle of Akorros goes on, but the Allied forces still can't breach the defences.

WEEK 26: 8th - 14th Eirmont:

General & PC events:

Allied Expeditionary Force travels towards Sayr Ulan.

War movements & Battle reports:

-          The Nomads make one last brave effort. The fresh Army Group and the depleted HQ units from the Guards Army Groups move in to attack the Allied army, but two Darokinian Regular Legions, a Reserve for the siege army that hadn't fought in the siege battles, march towards them. As General Winter says: "These men of Darokin drew a thin blue line against the darkness. Into the shadow of Death's Scythe marched those 2000." Both of these Legions are utterly destroyed, but they manage to hold them just long enough for the Ierendian and Minrothadian Expeditionary forces to engage the Nomads. In the end the Nomad Army Group is destroyed before it managed to attack the Allied main army - perhaps saving them from annihilation! So, in the end it was the resilience of the Hin, and the sacrifice of the Darokinian foot soldiers that won the day.

WEEK 27: 15th - 21st Eirmont:

General & PC events:

On the 17th, scouts of the AEF report that Legion of Doom is on the move. The Allied army arrives on the desert edge and makes camp. The Ambassadors leave for an intelligence/commando mission. During the night they make a swift attack to the heart of the Nomad camp, but can't kill any of the main enemy commanders. They engage Hosadus in battle and learn that the Crystal Dagger isn't meant to kill him, at least directly. They come very close to losing the artefact. Still, they destroy or cripple some of the Juggernauts. They return after some complications to their camp. Allied Expeditionary Force prepares for the battle and marches to the desert. On the 20th the two armies fight. Despite Hosadus's powerful magic and the aid of the skyships, the Allied forces are victorious. The next day the Ambassadors ride towards Sayr Ulan.

War movements & Battle reports:

-          The Nomad commanders sacrifice their last forces on the walls of Akorros, and set the whole town on fire! In secret they had prepared this. The commanders escape the city with the last ship, burning also the whole harbour. The whole town is destroyed. The victory tastes like ashes.

WEEK 28: 22nd - 28th Eirmont:

General & PC events:

On the 23rd, the Ambassadors reach Sayr Ulan. They use all their resources to stay hidden, because they rear they are walking into a trap. Finally they have realised that this whole war was only a "minor" thread in Hosadus's plans, and that something much more dangerous is going on. And of course they are right: The war is just one part of Hosadus's quest to satisfy Thanatos. The most important part of it is the Soul Gem, and sacrificing powerful souls to Thanatos through it. Hosadus is very close to his Ascension. The Ambassadors know from their experiences before that the Crystal Dagger of Cymorrak isn't meant to kill Hosadus, so they guess it is meant to destroy something else. They don't know about the Soul Gem of Thanatos. The only clues were the words "the Devourer of Souls" in Sulescu's scroll, and a picture of Thanatos harvesting souls in the old temple of Cymorrak in the Shires.

The Ambassadors attack Hosadus's compound in the middle of a ritual of sacrifice. The Soul Gem is destroyed, as is Hosadus, finally and irrevocably. For a moment thing look really grim for the Ambassadors too, but they manage to get everyone out. (Yuri Turambar stays for the most of the battle in Hosadus's tent, grabbing valuables.) They arrive in the AEF camp on the 25th, and the army leaves towards Pramayana on the 27th. They don't have enough forces to attack Sayr Ulan.

War movements & Battle reports:

-          The Nomads also burn Akesoli to the ground after the last Nomad troops arrive from Akorros. They fall back towards Sayr Ulan. But in secret agents of DDC and Darokinian Military Intelligence have managed to forge an alliance with the Atruaghinian tribes that didn't join the war. The rest of the Nomads are surrounded and killed to the last man, goblin, orc etc.


There are no reliable calculations, but Darokin must have lost at least 20 000 soldiers and 30 000 - 40 000 civilians in the war. Akorros and Akesoli have been destroyed, as have Rennydale and Crowlerd. Selenica, Corunglain and Darokin city are damaged, and all their suburbs and farmlands have been looted.

The Ambassadors arrive in Pramayana. Darokinian forces of AEF stay to occupy the delta. The Ambassadors take the flagship and sail towards Darokin proper, arriving there on the 12th of Kaldmont On the 14th they arrive in Darokin City with the first snowfall. No great victory celebration awaits them, as the victory was bought with too heavy a price.

On the 16th a Grand Council of Darokin, a meeting of all important interest groups is held. Chancellor Corwyn Mauntea, the 37 Outer Councilmen and the 6 Inner Councilmen, Supreme Bureaucrats from various institutions, DDC officials, Merchants' Guild leaders and leaders of other guilds, Borderland Magistrates and high-ranking Military commanders gather to discuss the future of this war-torn country.

Notable changes have taken place in the constellation of the Great Houses: Corun, Franich and Pennydown houses are still standing. But the place of the destroyed Umbarth house of Akesoli has been taken by a member of the House Mauntea (Greenleaf Vickers is still alive, but he retired from his position). Merdel Callister of House Toney, who was kicked out of office after the destruction of Toney with the downfall of Akorros, is replaced by Lucius Linton of House Linton - not previously in the Inner Council. House Hallonica and House Al-Azrad have merged into the new House Selenica, and Bertram Hallonica is their spokesman. Eshram Al-Azrad was executed by the Ylari Kin fanatics.

In his opening speech Corwyn Mauntea paints a grim picture of the situation. The Republish has lost so much in this war that its position as an economic superpower is severely threatened. Trust in a stable Darokin must be returned - already Minrothadians are trying to grab power in the country. Due to the cancellation of a lot of private clocks, weakening of Guild clocks due to the theft of the Guild Treasury, diluting of gold during wartime minting, and lot of assets either being destroyed or hidden in unknown places, the currency of daro is no longer stable. (Note that Darokin's economy had already moved beyond the simple metal value economy due to the widespread use of the clocks. The stamp on the coin is much more than a picture.) Also the military power must be rebuilt, so no other power, like Thar, can use this opportunity to attack. Also, widespread pestilence must be fought, and winter famine prevented. These are serious challenges.

So, Corwyn Mauntea proposes a radical change in the government and the election of a strong leadership. Unfortunately the Merchants' Guild cannot provide that anymore, he says.

This sparks a dispute between different factions. Led by one Borderlands Magistrate, a group of the old nobility starts demanding the restoration of monarchy and the return to the days of the Eastwinds and Darokins. A large group, but still a minority of Councillors demands more power to the Trade Guilds and "the people", and reducing the power of the Inner Council. They protest that the Great Houses have grabbed positions in Outer Council after the death of several Outer Councilmen. Corwyn Mauntea proposes finally that the Council nominates "the Vocator", the Voice of the People, one leader that is entrusted with the power to direct Darokin to a better future. He proposes General Winter for this office.

The proposal is accepted and Winter nominated by a majority - albeit many merchants who voted for him seemed nervous and glanced sideways at the soldiers guarding the meeting. General Winter's identity, that he is really Alasdair Mauntea, a relative of Corwyn, is revealed. This causes uproar, but it is too late. Many of the Borderlands Magistrates march out of the hall, swearing never to bow to "the Usurper".

Seemingly ignoring this protest, Vocator Alasdair Mauntea makes (a surprisingly pre-prepared) Speech of Office. He proves to be quite the orator. "This spring we didn't see sunrise in out fair Republic. A Storm rose from the west, nearly engulfing us in its jaws. One by one the lights were dimmed in Darokin, and we didn't dare hope to see them alight again during our lifetime... But my friends, we are truly facing a winter of discontent. Thus it is with deep humility and against my will that I take this heavy burden on my shoulders. For even though I have dedicated my life to the defence of Darokin, I am a peaceful and small man of the land. I emphasise that this is only a temporary measure, surely intended to bring out country back on its feet and to secure it from all threats. Government will be eventually returned to those who have proven their ability to rule and make our country prosper."

Vocator's first decisions are: to modernise the army on the basis of the war experience; to levy a war tax to accomplish this and to pay war debt; all Indentured must be returned to the State so they (and the prisoners of war, excluding Atruaghinians who will be freed) can be used to speed up the process of rebuilding the country; DDC will serve the new government to insure internal security and stability; a Treasure Tax is levied on all discoveries of valuables hidden during the war; harsher punishments are given on profiteering, tax-evasion, smuggling; exporting precious metals is forbidden without government license.

On the 19th, Leaders or emissaries of various foreign countries arrive in Darokin City for a Peace Conference that is to be held on the 21st. Present will be: King of Alfheim, Doriath Erendyl accompanied by Redsword Truetalker and Gilfrondel Erendyl; Duke Stephan Karameikos accompanied by Lady Adriana and Admiral Hyraksos; Emissary of Thyatis, Price Eusebius Torion, accompanied by Demeterion Karagentropolus and senator Angelarian Canolocarius; King of Rockhome, Everast XV, accompanied by Prince Bofin and Minister Thoric Redhand; Sheriffs Jaervosz Dustyboots and Sildil Seaeyes from the Five Shires; leaders of the five Family Guilds of Minrothad; Princes Jaggar and Jherek from Glantri; and Lords Meikros, Karibus and Seilus from Ierendi.

During "the Wintertime Conference" Vocator Mauntea introduces himself and thanks all of the Allies for their help. Alfheim is given promises of less forest cutting near Canolbarth, Glantri is given territories in the Silver Sierras. The Ambassadors (PCs) are also introduced to the Conference and given rewards of their accomplishments.

Then it is to serious matters. Vocator Mauntea announces that Selenica has bought itself the status of a Free City. Representatives of Rockhome, Alfheim and Karameikos, all of which supported and sponsored this, demand to speak. They call forth envoys of the Selenica citizens and the Ust-Urt valley Makistani leaders. They announce the foundation of Selenican Defence League, an international Force that will protect these areas and supervise the security of trade route. Thyatians and some Darokin Houses protest.

The Vocator also announces that Darokin has also sold the occupied Pramayanan River Delta to East-Sindian Trade Company, a consortium of Ierendian and Minrothadian traders. Revenues from these two sales will be used to stabilise the state economy and to ensure the worth of the most important clocks.

Surprisingly an envoy of Batu Khan appears and asks to address the Conference. Batu Khan has declared to keep the trade routes to Vestland and Heldann open. He will build a chain of trading houses to speed up trade.

A DDC representative announces that a series of revolutions have taken place in Sind: the tribes are overthrowing the Hulean Theocrats, and the Nomads are returning to their traditional ways. It is also rumoured that a civil war has begun in Hule.

Thyatis declares Ylaruam its Protectorate. It forbids Al-Kalinism in its territories. Prince Eusebius Torion also hints at the underhand way the Selenican Defence League unleashed the Ylari armies on the Thyatians and protests the "theft" of Ust-Urt, paid in Thyatian blood. "Still, we have no further territorial demands. We want to live in peace with all of our neighbours."

Finally Vocator Mauntea announces the Economic Renewal, a radical measure to combat inflation and the damage to the value of daro and Darokinian clocks. The old daros are declared "worthless", and use of them is forbidden in Darokin. The government will take back the present daros and mint them into New Daros. Depending on the year the old daros have been minted and gold percentage, the government will replace the old daros with new ones, after taking a small Minting Tax. Hoarding and especially melting old daros is to be considered a serious crime - the ban to export valuable metals is linked to this decision. The New Government announces that it will take on the economic responsibility of all previous governmental or Merchants' Guild clocks - their value will be ensured by the proceeds from the Selenica and Pramayana deals and the new Taxes.

The conference ends with a Great Ball, where a lot of political wheeling and dealing is done. Radagast Emry, a resident of Minrothad, is approached by various Guild leaders who are trying to grab power after Oran's death. Duke Stephan Karameikos meets with Alexander Penhaligon and tells him that he will assume the title of King next year. Jaggar and Ivanovich discuss the future of Ethengar Khanates...

But eventually all things come to an end. On the 23rd the Ambassadors leave Darokin City, and arrive in Specularum on the 28th, where they have a nice party in "Ivan's and Yuri's Bar" before once again going their separate ways. Turambar to check on his Thieves' Guild in Freiburg, Ivanovich to Ivanslott, Flint to Gyl Erid, Radagast Emry to Minrothad and Hydra's Isle, and Alexander Penhaligon to Krakataos Tomorrow is year 1012, and only Gods know what it will bring...