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Warforged for Mystara

by Ashtagon

Hit Dice, 9d8 +3 hp per level after level 9.

- Minimum constitution score of 9. (nb. no ability score adjustment; D&D uses minimum stats instead of adjusting them as a general rule).

Languages: Warforged have no language of their own. They speak Common, plus whatever extra languages their Intelligence score might allow them.

Living Construct: Immune to poison and disease, sleep, paralysis, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, and energy drain attacks.

- Cannot heal damage naturally. Magical healing provides only half normal benefit, unless they were memorised as (for example) repair light damage spells.

- Always treated as wearing metal armour where relevant to magical effects, swimming, and so on.
- Always treated as wearing a significant amount of wood where relevant to magical effects (repel wood etc).

- natural weapon - fists (aka slam) 1d4 damage

- natural armour - AC 7 by default. Cannot wear armour, but may be "refitted" with heavier/thicker armour. Treat this refitting as purchasing a piece of armour (standard prices). Such armour cannot be removed (except by refitting), but has no encumbrance for the warforged character. This initial AC 7 means the warforged effectively starts out "refitted" with "leather armour".

Attack and save progression as a fighter. Can benefit from all fighter manoeuvres at appropriate character levels. Experience progression as a magic-user.