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by Blacky the Blackball

Prime Requisites: Int & Cha
Experience Requirements: As a ????
Max Level: 36
Hit dice: d4 per level until 9th, +1 per level after that
Attacks: As a Thief {They need better attacks because their Eldritch Blast relies on it}
Weapons: As a Magic-User
Armour: Leather
Saves: As a Magic-User
Special Abilities: See Below

Eldritch Blast: Can be used at-will, and functions much like a standard missile weapon, with increasing damage and special effects in line with the way that other missile weapons improve with Weapon Mastery (but you don't actually need to buy Weapon Mastery with it).

Dread Curse: Can be used just like Turn Undead - with the same chance to succeed and restrictions on re-use after failure, except it affects anyone and gives penalties (to be determined) to opponents rather than scaring/killing them.

Boons: A limited list of spells (mostly Magic-User ones, but nothing too whizz-bang combat oriented). Maybe three per spell level, and new spell levels are unlocked at a much slower rate than they are by actual Magic-Users and Elves. Rather than having a number of spell slots per day to fill, the Warlock tracks each spell separately. The first casting per day of each spell automatically succeeds, but then each further casting per day of the same spell requires a Charisma check with a cumulative -1 penalty per time it's been successfully cast that day. Once a check fails, the spell can't be cast again until the following day.