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by THAC0

Warlock: HD d6, XP/Save MU, Attack & Weapon Feats Thief; Weapons Any 1H melee, Leather Armor, no shield or ranged. One WF must be spent on Eldritch Blast, and it can be advanced to increase the damage with further weapon feats. It is At-Will, and can be interrupted like a missile attack. Spells advance at .75x that of MUs, using a custom spell list and a maximum level of 7th.require no spellbook, 1hr & sleep to regain, maximum number of spells known equal to spells per day for a given level. On casting roll 2d6, 2= -1 penalty on saves (cumulative) for the day; other results fail (forget spell), delay casting (don't forget) or succeed don't forget). Warlocks can't be resurrected or raised, and Lawful Clerics can not heal them. They must be Chaotic in alignment.

Warlock Spells: 1-Blight, Cause Fear, Cause Light Wounds, Charm Person, Detect Magic, Sleep, Vetriloquism; 2-Cause Disease, Conceal Alignment, Darkness, ESP, Hold Perwon, Invisibility, Knock, Levitate, Mirror Image, Protection from Good, Snake Charm; 3-Charm Monster, Clairvoyance, Create Poison, Curse, Fly, Infravision, Slow, Speak w/ Dead; 4-Cause Srs. Wounds, Continual Darkness, Confusion, Dimension Door, Dispel Magic, Hallucinatory Terrain, Polymorph Other, Polymorph Self, Sticks to Snakes

Warlock Spells ctd. 5- Contact Outer Plane, Dispel Good, Finger of Death, Feeblemind, Hold Monster, Protection from Good 10',. Telekinesis, Teleport; 6-Animate Object, Anti-Magic Shell, Babble, Death Spell, Disintegrate, Flesh to Stone, Invisible Stalker, Projected Image, Weather Control; 7-Dance, Lore, Mass Charm, Obliterate, Power Word Blind, Teleport Any Object.