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by Blacky the Blackball

At 9th level, when a Fighter can normally choose to become a Paladin or Avenger, they can choose instead to become a Warlord. This gives them the following abilities:

Encouragement - Once per round, a warlord can exhort and encourage one ally within earshot, helping the ally to put aside pain and exhaustion and keep fighting. The ally is immediately cured of 1d6+1 damage. The ally must be able to hear and understand the Warlord's words so it doesn't work on unconscious or deafened allies, on allies within a Silence spell, or on allies who do not share a common language with the Warlord. A warlord can't encourage themselves, but two warlords can encourage each other. Giving encouragement does not count as an action for either the warlord or the target. Each day, a warlord can give encouragement a total number of times equal to their level divided by three.

Tactics - At the beginning of each round, a warlord can assign some or all of the benefits they receive from Weapon Feats with their current weapon or weapons (bonus to hit, damage, deflection attempts, armour class bonus, stun, delay, or other special abilities) to an ally within earshot by a combination of advice, warnings and orders. The warlord does not have to assign all the benefits that they receive, choosing to keep some for themselves, and can assign different benefits to different allies provided that all the recipients can hear them and understand what the warlord is saying to them. No single benefit can be assigned to more than one ally at once. Each benefit replaces the similar benefit (if any) that the ally receives for their own Weapon Feats with their own weapon, rather than adding to it.

Strategy - When using the War Machine rules, a warlord adds their level to the Battle Score of any army they command.