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Fighter: High Level Options - Warlord

by Giampaolo Agosta

Nice write-up, Havard. I think the Eldritch Knight is reasonable, although it overlaps a bit with the Forester. The Knight and Champion are interesting, but I think skills should be left out of the equation, since they are an optional component of BECMI. Also, while the premise of removing land ownership is reasonable, I think there should be an option focusing on it -- and/or the Dominion/War Machine rules.
In this sense, it would be interesting to have a Warlord class option, replacing the Champion's extra skill slots with some relevant abilities, such as:

So, here is an idea for the Warlord high level Fighter option.

At level 9, Fighters of any alignment can opt to become Warlords. They get access to the usual high level combat maneuvers, plus the Loyal Followers trait. He can also choose either the Noble Administrator or the Military Leadership trait.
Every 3 levels thereafter, the Warlord can add one more trait. All traits in the Military Expertise branch have Military Leadership as a prerequisite, and all traits in the Political Expertise branch have Noble Administrator as a prerequisite.

At most, the Warlord get a total of 10 traits plus the initial Loyal Followers one. These should compensate the Paladin/Avenger/Druidic Knight spells, and could be constrained to a minimum ability score, probably Charisma 13.