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Here is the next instalment of my Ylari kits, this time dealing with the military orders. Rather than creating more kits, I decided to use existing kits from the Savage Coast Campaign Setting, with some additions/modifications (essentially additional requirements).

Way of the Warrior

by Giampaolo Agosta

The Way of the Warrior represents the Ylari equivalent of professional soldiers of other nations. Fighters, Clerics and Wizards can join the Orders, taking a variant of the military kit for the appropriate class.
Fighters can join either the Order of the Pike or the Order of the Arrow, for heavy infantry and mounted archers respectively. They use the Myrmidon kit.
Wizards must join the Order of the Spell, using the Militant Wizard kit.
Clerics must join the Order of the Mace, using the War Priest kit.
The following modifications apply to these kits.

All kits: Riding (Horse) is a required proficiency. The character gains a +2 bonus due to his early training and cultural background.
The character must be of Lawful alignment, in addition to the requirements for the appropriate kit.
Reading/Writing, Ceremony (al-Kalim), and Religion (Eternal Truth) are recommended non-weapon proficiencies.
The character is automatically a member of the appropriate Order.
Membership is life-long, and renegade members would be hunted down by faris, other members, and the authorities of the Emirates.

Militant Wizard, Order of the Spell: available weapon proficiencies are dagger, scimitar, composite short bow, short bow, light lance, throwing hammer.

War Priest, Order of the Mace: the weapon of choice is the Scimitar. All War Priests are required to take proficiency in the Horseman's mace or Throwing hammer as well.

Myrmidon, Order of the Pike: required specialisation in pike and scimitar. Required to take proficiency in (composite) short bow and dagger as soon as possible.

Myrmidon, Order of the Arrow: required specialisation in (composite) short bow. Required proficiency in light lance, scimitar and dagger or throwing hammer.