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The War Talons

by Bruce Heard

War Talons are located under the heavy warbird. Their role is to rip the sails or the decks of enemy ships. War Talons are huge grappling hooks that seem to be part of the warbird's decorative legs sculpted underneath its hull. The articulated steel talons themselves can be catapulted downward in front of the warbird. When winched back with chains, the talons close up and rip apart whatever they locked on. It takes a full turn to winch the talons back and rearm their catapults. Roll 1d6 for each talon. On a 1 or 2, the talon misses or fails to cause any damage. On a 3-4, the talon rips through one sail and its rigging. On a 5, it breaks a mast or any other above-deck structure (treat as a 6 if not applicable). On a 6, it tears through the deck, causing 3d8 points of Hull damage.

Other Siege Weapons

Ballistae and catapults remains of the traditional non-magic type. Occasionally, the chaplains may have cast magic on projectiles, especially ballista javelins (strike, light, silence, or darkness) which goes off on impact Special delaying spells are needed to enchant projectiles. Catapults are often not used in air combat since stones are too heavy (and dangerous considering the fragility of the warbird) to carry in flight. Instead, they are used as part of a besieging force where the warbird can land and use local material as projectiles.