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Wood Golem

by John Walter Biles

Wood Golem Level 3 Brute
Small natural animate (construct) XP 150
Initiative -1 Senses Perception +0; darkvision
HP 57; Bloodied 28
AC 15; Fortitude 15, Reflex 10, Will 11
Immune disease, poison, sleep
Resist Cold 10, Force 10
Vulnerable Fire 5
Speed 6; canít shift
M Slam (standard; at-will)
+6 vs. AC; 2d6+3 damage
M Golem Rampage (standard; recharge 5-6 )
The wood golem moves up to its speed plus 2 and can move through enemiesí spaces, provoking opportunity attacks as normal. When it enters a creatureís space (ally or enemy), the golem makes a slam attack against that creature. The creature remains in its space, and the golem must leave the space after it attacks. The golem must end its rampage in an unoccupied space.
Alignment Unaligned Languages ó
Str 17 (+4) Dex 7 (-1) Wis 8 (+0)
Con 17 (+4) Int 4 (-2) Cha 3 (-3)

Stupid, stiff, slow, and prone to catch fire and sink into the swamp, wood golems are, however cheap to make, and thus are found defending things belonging to people who arenít willing to sink large amounts of money on defence. Or who are amused by golems who look like small children made them. They have to be given very simple instructions and stand a reasonable chance of screwing even simple instructions up.