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Weird Mystaras

by Miladoon

I am looking for brainstormers to help me solidify an alternate Mystara. I am looking for High Fantasy, Tech, with some dabs of strange. If you are familiar with the animated movie Wizards, you might get an idea for the twists I am searching for.

The purpose is to give my Mystara regulars a nice little alternate realm for them to fumble through.

Replace the human race with Half-Orcs. Make Thar a human realm.
Alfheim becomes Fungheim. The elves disappear.
- The Canolbarth Canopy creates a dark and moldy forest floor
- Myconid Sovereigns spread out in the darkness below
- Forest Gnomes live in the upper branches and atop the canopy
- Rock Gnomes live along the rivers and burrow below
- Kenku live along the rivers on gondolas
Dwarves disappear. Rockhome becomes the home of the Dragonborn
Halflings disappear. The Five Shires becomes the Five Fires, home of the Tieflings

Its a WIP. I am currently working on the Ecosystem for Fungheim.

EDIT: I am using the 5E MM for the ecosystems.

Glantri is inhabited/controlled by Warforged

by LoZompatore

- Ylaruam is a primeval swamp inhabited by lizardmen and the like
- The Atruaghin plateau is some kind of very cvilized Shangri-La
- If Glantri is populated by warforged, why not substitute Glantri City with a huge, irradiated, crater (reminds you anything?) The rest of the land could be a blasted, depopulated country due to radiations.
- The Khurish Massif is the seat of a thriving giants' civilization
- Wendar is a proper high-fantasy elvish gingdom. Many Shining Islands float on top of it.
- Ierendi + Minrothad + Thyatis islands may be the seat of a fragmented culture with one or more petty kingdom on every Island (like the ancient Greece, though the civilization here could be inspired to other real world cultures)

by Charles Wenzler Jr

Warforged - Taint of radiation

by Dartamian

- Afflictions

by Giampaolo Agosta

a map of a future, post-apocalyptic Known World.

It is a rough work, where some areas have not been given enough thought. Anyway, here is a brief rundown of the map:

I haven't given much though to Karameikos, and the Thyatian successor states would benefit from more variance and linguistic evolution.
The idea I've used for Darokin and Thyatis is mainly Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire, with the Orcs as the germanic barbarians. Darokin is more like France, Thyatis more like Italy.

One possible idea for Karameikos is a reversal of themes, using Sturm's Drom Dhum as the inspiration -- where Karameikos is a land of conflict between humans and goblinoids, the post-apocalyptic version could be a communal, shamanic, feminist-ante-litteram society -- the Tragarian Matriarchy. It would be at odds with the Church of Solarios, but not too much, given the relative friendship between Nyx and Ixion, and the presence in that pantheon of Vanya and Tarastia.
The Traladaran/Karameikan culture could survive on the nearest islands in Ierendi and on the raft cities.

Ideas on Wendar: the magical energies of the Nucleus of the Spheres have been absorbed by the Elvenstar, transforming it into a full artifact and speeding up the transformation of the local population to a "high elven" template. The city of Wendar and its neighbouring areas are inhabited primarily by high elves (Eladrin in 4e), the more distant regions by sylvan elves, and the borderlands by half-elves. Faedornae patrol the skies.

Jhyrrad/Amburyr: Ambur became Immortal in the Sphere of Thought, causing a religion war among dragons. Gold dragons are in hiding, and the few surviving chromatic dragons are divided between the followers of Ambur and those aligned with the Great One (mostly in the Altan Tepes and Retebius).

Major languages:

Minor languages:

A possible who's who of top-level NPCs (36th level in Classic D&D):