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What Everyone knows about Floating Continents - Azcans

by Robin

Azcan;Based on HWR1 Dm & PC history, Timing(page 13)
Spoken by Tlamacatzequiuaque Pocatheici
The Floating Continents you say, Bicmac my friend and Poctheca Tonalpouqui? Hmm Yes what does history say on this?
As being a foreigner and friend to the Azcan you might have heard some tales yet most details would be oblivious to you. So lets explain something.
What I tell you is dating from before the Winged serpents came, so more than 1500 cycles ago, or maybe even much earlier, for nobody truly knows when Naui ollin ended. For in this time we lived in the world of the moving sun,the Naui ollin or 5th sun where we sacrificed humans to feed the sun and keep it returning.Then a heresy struck among our ancestors, which said to be killed for the gods was not noble or proper but a waste itself. The bloodthirst of the gods went unquenched. The sun weakened and perished. Tzitzimime, the evil spirits from the dimensions of perpetual twqilight came and devoured all they encountered. The Tzitzimime destroyed as they pleased with drought, plague, earthquakes, fire from the sky and famine. in this way the earth became cleeansed of the wicked.To save the sound and well-behaved Atzanteotle took all of them, and rid them to the new world; the world of the Red Sun. In a storm of explosions the old world came to an end enormous fires, impacts, storms and tidal wavews brought by the Tzitzimime swept the world clean. The stones of the old world followed us on our trek, when Atzanteotl curved the world and locked the stones in their movement, never to fall down anew, unless we would again digress. And in the Red Sun there is the Palace and Throne of Atzanteotl, where no mortal can ascend unless called by Atzanteotl himself to never ever return and become one of his proud Quauhtecatlor soul warriors of Atzanteotl in his Palace
The Remnants of the 5th sun still float around and their patterns tells us the thoughts an desires of Atzanteotl, Kalaktatla and Otzitiotl, and tells us time.