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What Everyone knows about Floating Continents - Nithians

by Robin

Nithian; Based on HWR2
Spoken by Thad-tut-Among Foreign merchant scribe of Dashur
Really Bik-imac, your questions are rare and difficult, yet the Pharah allowed me to inform you with his wisdom of the past, and for you your future, if you continue your quest of knowledge too far.
As far as history goes, it tells of a time in the ancient days when we Nithians were more powerful than we know now. Only the Immortals and his Pharaoic offspring wielded this power. Then one circle, the very sun itself separated and fell apart, and parts of it came down and rolled across the land,slaying the people. Kepher the Pharoah of Ranak was strong and wise and swift, for he used his Immortal powers to set time slow. The sun burned the land anc scarred it creating the Nithia river, yet the onsloaght was halted, the parts of the sun solidified and float above us by the Power of Kepher. The movements of these stones is still the same as they were before, albeit there is a difference these Planets now are within the the sky, have cooled and slowed down. They float like the seasons, and we see time by them. Each Island is occupied by one of the Immortals and they call them Planes, or Homeplanes and as such they made it to appear their desire. As such it is forbidden to enter these unless invited by that Immortal. A new Rock appeared populated we heard by the race we invited on Mystara so long ago the Alpha-Cypris, (calling themselves Alphatians now). They must have travelled through the void and finally appeared on the world.An Immortal, we suspect Horus, must have guided them here. and made a Plane to save them from the heat of the Sun. They trade with us when their shadow falls on us. Beyond that we are not allowed to speak to them. And magical flight is only allowed in their shade or magic and the heat of the sun will slay.
So all in all the Advice is only to visit The Islnd of Alphatia when the shade falls and none of the others unless invited by the Immortal owning it, else face certain doom.