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The Welcoming Pact

by Patrick Sullivan

Given the strong prescience of Yavdlom's seers and the relative security of their people (cf. Princess Ark), it seems like they would need to have some sort of systematised way of dealing with humanoids. The people of Yavdlom are relatively civilised, so they seem even more likely than many other countries to recognise that humanoids have the same basic drives as humans--they are not really inherently evil. Thus, the Welcoming Pact is something I worked up IMC which involves careful adherence to traditions of courtesy and hospitality toward strangers (something common among indigenous cultures in Africa and elsewhere). Basically this is a giant system of bilateral agreements between the rulers of Yavdlom and the humanoid tribes which inhabit the area--each side agrees to abide by formal customs and treat each other politely, and neither side will attack the other. The humanoid tribes aren't really part of Yavdlom, and inter-tribal disputes are usually ignored by humans. But if a friendly humanoid tribe is threatened by an outside force, the Yavdlom nobility will usually do their best to support their neighbours. Some humanoids merely stay out of the way of other races; others actively trade with the human colonists. Humanoids are much more common on the Serpent Peninsula than on Thanegia Island, and in the SP wilderness they usually have little difficulty surviving without competing with humans. It is very difficult to determine whether a specific humanoid really supports the Welcoming Pact, but most adhere to it, and the jajis generally can convict those who violate its tenets, whether human or not.