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Wendarian Magic

by Amaldis

A swirling bluish mist shot up from the Elvenstar and dissipated over the city of Wendar. Gylharen gazed in awe at the image he saw. The sands of the hourglass fell still.
"Have you seen enough?"
"Amazing Bensarian. How did that Hourglass record my attempts to amplify their magic?"
"Your attempts at duplicating it rippled throughout Wendar, and embedded itself in the Hourglass. It's a good thing that it didn't erase the history of Landryn Teriak."
"Why is this so important to you? Few besides myself and the Alfheim mages even know of our attempts."
"I knew, and I suspect that many others do as well. That magic has severely affected Wendar and areas near it. Did you ever wonder why magical fruit trees were recently found in the deep forest? After all, those forests have been explored by your people for hundreds upon hundreds of years. Wouldn't they have been earlier?"
"I never thought about possible side effects. The experiment was a failure, and I thought no more about it. Oh Bensarian, I am so glad that you were granted our lifespan so that you can continue to advise me in all matters for the rest of my life. Is there any way to reverse the effects of the magicks? Have you tried to do so on the Hourglass?"
"Dispelling the effects is not possible by mere mortals. The ancient spells of Immortals amplified by an artifact can only be dispelled by an immortal, but annoying adventurers in Wendar's woods should be the least of your worries. I have sensed that there is an evil rising to the north, just as it has risen to the south. It is my belief that the Shadow Lord has risen again."
"I do not know. I felt that he was stirred when the magics rippled through Denagoth. Then 10 days ago a fearsome dragon was seen flying north into Denagoth. I found a drawing in my scrolls that looks almost exactly the same. It is a night dragon, and I believe it has fully resurrected the Shadow Lord. I have heard from the elves of Geffron that the Entropic beast took the Blackstick from their shrine and headed toward Drax Tallen."
"Thank you Bensarian. I will call my generals, it is high time we rid Mystara of Denagoth's evil."
"I pray that you succeed my Lord."

The Shadow Lord has risen again. The queen of the night dragons, Dolores Hillsbury (aka Synn), was consulting books about necromancy in search of the Blackstaff. In the book, "Dark Tales from the Dark Lands" she encountered an excerpt from the logbook of one of the brave adventurers who fought and defeated the Shadow Lord long ago. In the book the adventurer claims that the Blackstaff was given back to the Geffron elves for safe keeping. Synn also read of how the Shadow Lord had stolen the Elvenstar and used it for his evil designs. A day later as she was flying north as she felt the amplifying attempts that Gylharen and the refugee Alfheim elves attempted. Synn was worried that Gylharen was attempting to interfere with Glantri in some way (this is somewhat true, Gylharen is planning on sending some brave Wendarian volunteers to Erewan via the Elvenstar to help their elven brethren) and thought of a brilliantly evil idea. If the dark folk of Denagoth could launch a massive attack into Wendar they might defeat it (she never did like Wendar's people, to kind and wise). Also the dark folk could then invade Glantri and stir up some more suffering there. That invasion would be on a relatively undefended area, and would be in a perfect position to strike at her enemies (Malachie + Isidore). And it would be so easy to. The Denagoth people worshipped Idris, and her symbol was a black dragon. Strange how similar a black dragon and a night dragon look similar isn't it? When she went to Drax Tallen (after taking the Blackstaff) to pretend to be Idris's avatar and lead 'her' followers in a great war to end all wars, she met a frail and incapacitated Landryn Teriak. She knew he would be perfect as leader of the Denagoth hordes while she made sure Glantri lent no support to Wendar.

Synn used her magic to restore Landryn, and then gave him the Blackstaff to lead hordes of undead into Wendar along with more conventional forces. Synn now spends her time between Glantri and the high temple to 'Idris' where she encourages both humanoids and humans to go and join the Shadow Lords army, and destroy their old Wendarian 'oppressors' (due to their insistence on resisting raids and holding onto their land and valuables). Idris (the real one) has not interfered because she likes to see the turmoil, and hopes that Synn succeeds. Due to Idris's support the clergy is fully behind Synn, and encourages their followers to go on religious pilgrimages to Drax Tallen. The clergy and all available mages have been required by the Shadow Lord to animate as many undead as possible, and to recruit troops for the invasion of Wendar(and possibly Glantri).