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What could have happened to Alphatia

by Pasi Anias

As there has been some discussion about the location of hollow world and the destiny of Alphatia, I thought I could tell What Happened To Alphatia in my campaign, read if you wish;

The doomsday weapon activated causing a great storm, after which the continent of Alphatia could not be found where it had been... Note! we were playing our immortal campaign at the time.

Councillor Breeze of the Council of Alphatia (or now New-Alphatia) was not however quite satisfied with the outcome, not believing that everybody on the continent could have died. So as his alter-ego Initiate immortal Omeos, Creator of Items Magical, went to search the bottom of the new Alphatian sea. And a big wonder, the continent was not there! And there was not a trace as to where it could be.

Well the immortal made a journey to Pandius, the City of Immortals in the moon, and soon find out, than no friendly immortal could tell him, where the continent could be. Meaning that no, it can not be in Hollow world, because in my campaign there is no such place.

Wondering even more, the immortal Omeos decided to call his good friend from years back, even from his mortality, immortal Catrin Pathfinder, the patron of scouts, who he hoped might be the only one to find a lost place such as Alphatia. An truly, Pathfinder did find the lost continent, but from such a vile place as Pyts, the home of many a Entropic Immortal. And even worse, in the backyard of the fiendish Alphaks, bane of Alphatia. And the continent was ripped of from every other source of power than entropy; time did not run for creatures of Alphatia, and there was no energy to produce fire to make light for the dark homes.

Well then, what could a few initiate immortals do to take something from the grasps of Alphaks, but to call for help from the greater immortals, some of whom were still shaken, after the great war. The friends of Omeos and Catrin all came to summon some of the greatest powers of the skies, and a great meeting was kept, where a hierarch of each sphere promised to help, except no god of entropy was invited, and no god other could take Alphatia from Pyts, protected as it was by the powers of darkens.

Great was the joy of immortal Alphatia Patron of Alphatia, after the founding of her followers, but sad was the news as there seemed to be no hope of saving them.

Only hope was to ask for help, from her who no one loved, the Great immortal Hel of entropy, The One of Dead, but also of life. So forward stepped immortal Peleon, the initiate of thought in the halls of Odin, The friend of elves unable on magic but true with bows. With wings of need he flew to the lands of dead, where he has once, been, but never enjoyed. Deal was done, Hel would help, but the price would later be paid, and great.

Hel used his powers, and moved the lost continent to plane of grey fog in ether. There all the other Hierarchs returned their powers to Alphatia, and the continent lived again. But their minds were altered so that all but the most great ones thought that the grey plane had been their home always. And there now lies the continent of Alphatia, in the place where it had once been, but on the next plane, and there it would stay until the mortal Alphatians could came up with a way to return it to Prime. And there also would stay the Immortal Alphatia, to protect her peoples from Alphaks who could now attack Alphatia, with no objections from the laws of immortality.

needles to say we had a few more adventures, when the initiates were needed to help the lost continent against Alphaks...

Later Eriadna and others who still have their right minds (as well as the Councillor Breeze) have been inventing ways so send a couple of flying ships to prime to see what's happening, so that a way the story goes on much like in the almanacs...

hope somebody enjoyed the story. And remember, that was what happened in my campaign, yours is on other dimension :)