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Wheel of Destiny

by Marco Dalmonte

SO, this is the next instalment in the Immortal Wheels series: the Wheel of Destiny.

The introductory speech and the Five Rules given for the Wheel of Fate apply to all three Immortal Wheels, so I'll repeat them only briefly.

Since all the Wheels are highly magical, highly powerful and highly dangerous, in the present days they are not owned by any single person. Instead, they are property of the Magic Guilds of the Old World, which (as per a mutual agreement that dates back to AC 920) hosts each one in their shops during the course of the year. The magic shoppe that wants to host it simply pays a certain fee to the shop currently hosting the Wheel and keeps it for the next three months, with the duty to send it to another shop once the period expires. No magic shop can host a single Wheel more than once per year. Also, nobody knows exactly the itinerary the Wheels make during the year, but if you're lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, you can turn the Wheel and challenge luck.. for a fee, of course. The fee varies according to the kind of Wheel (and not according to the shop it's hosted in, surprisingly enough).

The individual wishing to turn the Wheel has only five rules to keep in mind:
1) The Shop is in no way responsible for the effects of the Wheel;
2) The Wheel affects ONLY the person who turns it directly;
3) The Wheel cannot be tricked;
4) The items created by the Wheel are property of the person using the Wheel;
5) The Wheel cannot be used more than a certain times per day (decided by the Shop owners).

Now, some specifics for the Wheel of Destiny.

The Wheel of Destiny is perhaps one of the least famous magical wheels ever created. Often mistaken for the Wheel of Fate, it never stayed in a single place more than one month. Documented proofs testify that whoever owned it, always ended up leaving his home for some unknown quest, never to return again. Apparently this has something to do with the Wheel's Ultimate Power, but these remain sages' speculations, since nobody could confirm the fact. Up to now, rumours tell only of three individuals who embarked on a mysterious quest after turning the Wheel and actually returned, even though deeply changed. One of these people is the legendary hero Ortnit of Hallmark, who at the end of his quest found the Fatal Spear and used it in his eternal struggle against the Northern Lands' dragons. Another, more recent user, was the controversial Darokinian Avenger known only as The Gaunt, who is said to have been guided to Itheldown Island the same night of the tragedy, back in AC 773. According to these rumours, some think he might have been the cause of the Ithel family's disaster, while others speculate that his intervention prevented the disaster to spread further. The Gaunt vanished in AC 780, so he will never shed light on this matter. And finally, rumours want that none less than Thincol the Brave was guided to Thyatis by the Wheel of Destiny's power, but this might just be low level propaganda to picture Thincol as a "Chosen by the Immortals" ruler.

Whatever the truth about this Wheel's real powers, it seems it never stays in a single place for more than a month, and it keeps moving from guild to guild, causing many of those who use it to also wander in search for glory and power.

How Does It Look Like?
The Wheel of Destiny, much like the Wheel of Fate, is a round wheel of 3 mts in diameter with mystical runes and glyphs etched on its border. It levitates at 1 meter from the ground and the gamer needs only touch it and push it a bit to make it turn.

How It's Used?
The PC simply announces he's turning the Wheel and rolls a percentile dice (d100). The result is then looked up in the table and it's the effect the Wheel produces. If it applies correctly to the character (ex: all magic items are destroyed, but the PC owns no magic items), it takes effect immediately, otherwise nothing happens.
When it is activated, all the runes start to glow and the user suddenly disappears, as if sucked into the wheel, which then starts turning. It's impossible to recover the user or to contact him before the Wheel stops. During this time, the user is in another dimension and sees the visions associated with the power of the Wheel he activated. Once the vision ends, he is immediately teleported back where the Wheel stands. Usually the visions involve dead people (most of the times known to the user) telling the user riddles or explaining him what is about to happen.
However, when the Ultimate Powers are called upon, the user is not drawn into the Wheel, but he simply experiences the NEED to reach a certain destination (see below).
The normal fee to use it is 100 gp per turn.

Note: effects with "cumulative" written at the end between brackets means said effects can be rolled again and again, while all the others affect the PC only once and if rolled again before their effect disappears, they have no further impact on the PC.

Dice Roll Effect Description
01-02 PC earns (1d100 - 20) x1,000 XPs permanently. He acquires them by sharing the experience the dead soul gives him (this includes memories). The effect only works once a day.
03-04 One of the PC's weapons (magical or normal, chosen randomly) is disintegrated. (cumulative)
05-06 PC recovers all lost Hit Points permanently. (cumulative)
07-08 A magical potion (roll on the appropriate table) appears in front of the PC. (cumulative)
09-10 PC loses 2d20 x1,000 XPs permanently (sucked by the dead ghost). (cumulative)
11-12 A magic ring (roll on the appropriate table) appears on the PC's hand. (cumulative)
13-14 PC gains 2d6 HPs permanently up to his class' maximum for that level. (cumulative)
15-16 PC becomes invisible and remains so for the next 24 hours. Only a Dispel Magic or a Remove Curse cast by a 20th level magic user or priest will dispel the effect.
17-18 PC suffers a sudden heartache. He must roll vs Death Ray at -4 or die instantly. If he succeeds, he passes out for 2d6 minutes, but loses 1 HP permanently. (cumulative)
19-20 One of the PC's magic rings (chosen randomly) disintegrates. (cumulative)
21-22 A magic wand (roll on the appropriate table) appears in the PC's hand. (cumulative)
23-24 PC gains the power to feel all undead in a 50' radius permanently.
25-26 PC's skin becomes squamous and hard as a crocodile's. His base AC is now 5, but the PC loses 4 points of Comeliness (Charisma if Com is not used). Only a Remove Curse cast by a 30th level person can undo this effect.
27-28 PC gains the power to understand every language permanently. This power doesn't allow him to speak all languages, however, only those he learnt normally. Also, the PC cannot understand written languages he's not familiar with, only spoken tongues.
29-30 PC switches Alignment (roll randomly on d6: 1-2 Legal, 3-4 Neutral, 5-6 Chaotic). (cumulative)
31-32 A magic armour (roll on the appropriate table) appears in front of the PC. (cumulative)
33-34 PC gets infected with lycanthropy (choose one form randomly). The disease manifests the first full moon night. If the PC is a demihuman, he dies horribly that same night. Lycanthropy can be cured normally (Cure Disease AND Remove Curse cast by a 12th level Cleric or the afflicted must drink aconite and survive a ST vs Death) before the change takes place. The vision regarding this curse is simply a full moon over a foggy moor.
35-36 2d6 gems chosen randomly appear in the PC's pouch.
37-38 PC is haunted by his own Nemesis. 1 hour after this effect has been activated, the PC starts catching glimpses of somebody stalking him in the crowd, in his house, wherever he's standing at that moment. After a while, the Nemesis clearly manifests itself and reveal its intention to kill the PC. Then the duel starts. The Nemesis is what the PC fears most, usually an NPC or creature he encountered in his past and thought dead. The Nemesis can use all powers the PC KNOWS he has (because somebody told him or because he witnessed it using them) and will affect ONLY the cursed PC. However, the PC's actions affect normally his surroundings, so he must be careful casting Fireballs or other destructive spells. The Nemesis can be seen only by the PC and cannot interact with other people or objects around it (although it could PRETEND to do so). The Nemesis exists only in the PC's mind, it is a magical projection of his own fears, but it is REAL inside the PC's brain and for this reason it can wound and kill him. If the Nemesis suffers more than half its HP, it must check Morale each round and if it fails, it vanishes. However, it will return in 1d6 hours to torment the PC. Normally, if the Nemesis hasn't got a Regenerative power, it will come back as it left, that's to say wounded. If the PC manages to kill his Nemesis, it will not come back anymore. If the PC gets this curse again, the new Nemesis must be another creature. A single individual cannot have more than one Nemesis at a time.
39-40 PC changes sex. (cumulative)
41-42 A magic sword (roll on the appropriate table) appears in the PC's hand. (cumulative)
43-44 PC must save vs Spells or be Teleported instantly in his own birthplace. If birthplace is in another Plane/Dimension, he is teleported to the nearest natural Gate to that plane (if any exists); otherwise the power has no effects.
45-46 PC loses all bodily hair (hair, skin hairs, eyebrows, beard, everything). It will regrow normally, but he gets a -1 penalty on Comeliness (or Charisma) for at least 3 months.
47-48 PC gains the power to speak with a single animal at will. He must choose the animal type (monsters are excluded). (cumulative)
49-50 PC changes race (roll on the Regeneration table). (cumulative)
51-52 A magic scroll (roll on the appropriate table) appears in the PC's hand. (cumulative)
53-54 PC acquires the visage of the NPC he hates most. The features change is permanent and can be dispelled only by a Remove Curse cast by a 36th level individual. Comeliness change accordingly to the new PC's face, all other characteristics stay the same. Also, if said NPC is blind, the PC becomes blind too, etc.
55-56 One of the PC's spell in his spellbook vanishes (if applicable). (cumulative)
57-58 PC loses 2d6 HPs permanently. (cumulative)
59-60 PC gains the ability to Breathe Underwater permanently (gills appear on his neck). However, he becomes particularly vulnerable to fire: this means he has a -4 penalty on all saves involving this particular element, on all to hit rolls against "fire creatures" and refuses to come closer than 30' to any fiery sources. This effect (gills and fire phobia) can be removed by a Remove Curse cast at 30th level.
61-62 Another set of eyes appear on the PC's back of the neck. He can see alternatively front or rear if he closes one of the two eye sets. The two eyes are permanent and not dispellable.
63-64 PC feels suddenly attracted towards the nearest church of an Immortal of Matter. He must get there absolutely, and if he resists, he starts having migraines (reduce 1 Int point per hour). Once he reaches his destination, he is compelled to give all his money as a gift to that specific Immortal Patron, then he's free to leave.
65-66 A magic weapon (no sword, no missile weapons; roll on the appropriate table) appears in the PC's hand. (cumulative)
67-68 PC gets a phobia (roll on Table 1 -see below). Every time he is near the source of his phobia, he gets the following penalties: -2 to all to hit and damage rolls, -3 to all ST, -1 to all skill and characteristic checks and to Initiative. The phobia can be removed via a Restoration spell cast by a 20th level cleric, via Psionic powers or through an adequate medical treatment. (cumulative)
69-70 PC gets polymorphed into a frog and stays so for the next 1d6 hours.
71-72 A magic shield (roll on the appropriate table) appears in the PC's hand. (cumulative)
73-74 One of the PC's magic items (chosen randomly) vanishes. (cumulative)
75-76 PC is cursed to never lie for the following 1d6 days. The curse can be lifted by a Remove Curse cast at 36th level.
77-78 PC starts to plane shift between the Prime and the Ethereal once per hour for the following 24 hours.
79-80 All PC's characteristics are reduced by one point. (cumulative)
81-82 PC gets a familiar (roll on Table 2 -see below). The familiar will always obey the PC and will follow him everywhere at his maximum movement rate. If the familiar remains more than 1 Km far from the master, the familiar dies and vanishes. If the familiar dies, the PC loses permanently from his total HPs the same amount of HPs the familiar had and must save vs Spells or lose another Constitution point. The PC can see, hear and speak at will through his familiar's eyes, ears and mouth simply by concentrating, and can issue telepathic orders to the familiar as well. The PC cannot have more than one familiar at a time.
83-84 PC gets a Mystical Shield of Protection of 20 points. Every time he's hit, the damage is first subtracted by the Shield's points (cumulative). When the points reach zero, the shield disappears.
85-86 A magic missile weapon (roll on the appropriate table) appears in the PC's hand. (cumulative)
87-88 PC is cursed and becomes a "grim reaper". Every person who talks to him for more than a couple of minutes are doomed to die because of strange accidents and fatal diseases in the next week. This curse has no effect upon undead and can be only lifted via a Remove Curse cast by a 36th level character.
89-90 PC disappears and is teleported in a closed pocket dimension where he must face his exact replica. The alter ego has all his powers, hit points, equipment and memories, but he's his opposite (so if the PC is good, the alter ego is evil, etc.). The survivor will be teleported near the Wheel, and it will be obvious there has been a fight (if he is wounded). If the PC wins, he gets the XPs for defeating himself, otherwise his friends will have no clue about his real fate (his soul is lost forever and the alter-ego becomes the new PC -or NPC if he's totally evil).
91-92 A general magic item (roll on the appropriate table) appears on the PC's hand. (cumulative)
93 PC is cursed and loses all his magic. For the following week, the PC cannot cast any spell (if applicable) and all the magic items he uses do not function. He is however fully vulnerable to any magical attack. This curse can be lifted only via a Remove Curse cast by a 30th level individual.
94 PC gains the power to Cure Light Wounds once per day. This power can be removed only via a Wish.
95 All the PC's characteristics are raised by one point. (cumulative)
96 PC suddenly ages 2d100 years. If he surpasses his maximum age, he must save vs Death Ray or die instantly. If the save is made, he will survive for the next 24 hours, then will die. His only chance is to find a way to grow young again before the 24 hours pass.
97 PC is granted a Wish by the Immortals.
98 All the gems, jewels and coins the PC is carrying with him vanish.
99 Quest Against Evil. PC feels attracted towards a specific location (although he doesn't know his destination, only the direction). He cannot know what awaits him at his destination (no way short of a Wish will function), and the need to reach it becomes stronger every passing day. If the PC refuses to go, he must make a save vs Spells each day with a cumulative -1 for each passing day after the first. If the save is made, he can resist the calling and do what he pleases, otherwise he will immediately set for his destination leaving any task he was accomplishing at the moment.
What awaits the PC? It is a champion of evil, who has made his lair in that region and is totally unaware the PC is coming to get him. It's up to the DM tailoring the evil NPC and his lair (50% of the times it is a powerful undead). There are only two ways to lift this curse: either the PC reaches his destination and kills the evil creature, or through the use of a Wish. Even dying won't free the PC, for once he's raised, the obsession will come to haunt him again.
100 Ultimate Power: Quest for Glory. PC feels attracted towards a specific location (see description above). However, what awaits him in this location is not an evil creature, but rather an Immortal artifact. The artifact will be guarded and carefully protected, obviously, but the PC has the chance to overcome the obstacles and get the artifact for himself. The artifact is never an Entropic one. Again, it's up to the DM to tailor the dungeon and the guardians of the artifact. Bear in mind that each guardian or trap is also symbolic, for the Immortals want to test not only the strength and prowess, but also the moral virtues and the cleverness the of their champions.

TABLE 1: Phobias
(each phobia is referred to the focus causing it)

01-10 Closed spaces
11-20 Night and darkness
21-23 Dragons
25-30 Spiders & Insects
31-40 Fire
41-50 Water
51-60 Undead & Demons
61-65 Mammals (humanoids not included)
66-70 Fishes
71-75 Avians
76-80 Diseases
81-85 Being alone
86-90 Flight & Heights
91-95 Death (going below 1/4 total HPs)
96-97 Giants (creatures bigger than 3 mts)
98-99 Lycanthropes
00 Spells and Magicks

TABLE 2: Familiars

01-07 Hawk
08-20 Gremlin
21-24 Monkey
26-35 Bat
36-45 Cat
46-50 Sprite
51-60 Raven
61-70 Eagle
71-80 Wolf
81-85 Tarantula
86-90 Mouse
91-95 Snake
96-98 Shadow
99-00 Imp