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Since OldDawg is looking into Karawenn again, I thought I could post some of the monsters I have created, based on/inspired by the trilogy:

White Gargoyle

by Håvard

Armor Class 5
Hit Dice 6***(L)
Move 90(30)
Flying 150 (50)
Attacks 2 claws/1 bite/1 horn or special
Damage 1d3/1d3/1d6/1d4 or special (see below)
No. Appearing 1d4
Save As F8
Morale 11
Treasure Type C
Intelligence 5
Alignment Chaotic
XP Value 250
Monster Type: Construct
The Wizard Graytor used Gargoyles of many different varieties to defend his castle. White Gargoyles appear like regular Gargoyles except that they are carved out of ice. Like regular Gargoyles, they can only be hit by magical weapons and are immune to sleep and charm spells. In combat they can attack with claws, bite and horns, or they can choose to breathe a 30 long and 10 wide cone of Ice causing 3D10 points of damage. A save vs. Dragon breath halves the damage. The White Gargoyle can only use its breath weapon once every 3rd round. White Gargoyles take double damage from fire based attacks.
Terrain: Caverns, Ruins
Load: 2000 cn at full speed, 4000 cn at half speed