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Herr Wilhiem, Knight Bachelor

by John Hare

Commander of a small commanderie in Norwold territories.

A mid sized man, now balding was born in Thyatis in 955. Was fairly prosperous, owned some land and managed it well. Unfortunately he was a heavy drinker. One night, while drunk he knocked over a lit candle and burnt down his home, including his wife and 3 kids. Distraught and overcome he fled his home. He got into several fights and found that most of his troubles disappeared for a while. He joined the HK so that he could constantly do battle and forget his past. Unfortunately Wilhiem still had a strong streak of compassion. He would bend the rules to make life easier on others when possible. He was also the knight who brought in Chaplin Thorn, much to the regret of some other knights. However while his compassion is somewhat annoying he will carry out his orders regardless of his own feelings. Currently he is serving as the Commander in a Norwold commanderie. He does puzzle his squire in that he will ask that a glass of whisky be left out for him each night and only occasionally is the glass empty in the morning. Wilhiem taunts himself with his fault, he finds himself doing this with more and more frequency. However when on campaign or expecting a fight this tendency disappears and a very competent military commander emerges.

"Leave out a glass of whisky please."
"Damn it all, its just a kid, show some compassion would you!"

game notes: Fighter lvl 12, skills: leadership, military tactics, estate management

2. Restraint: Knights are supposed to fight for Vanya out of devotion -- not because they just feel like it. Fighting in anger is a definite no-no.

Giving it some thought I've come up with a solution.
When he joined Wilhiem was accepted as merely a man-at-arms, and while they should worship Vanya it isn't required. His battle rage prevented him from attaining knighthood while a very proficient fighter. However several years went by and the rage slowly died down. Having lost his main driving force he turned towards the worship of Vanya and has been a loyal follower since. Perhaps what annoys his superiors is that he will question orders when he thinks they are inappropriate. He will however carry them out.