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Mapping Lake Windrush

by Robin

Lake windrush appeared first in the Expert set , yet only its southern edge
Then soon in B10 it appeared in a 3 mile hex scale and a detailed 2 mile hex scale
However, there were clear discrepancies even between the two maps of B10.
The shape and size of the Lake varied greatly
And it was not coherent with the Threshold map of the Expert Set. The canon sources are in the red rectangle.

Fans (however beautiful there maps are) put another discrepancy series in this issue, by altering shape and making the lake larger with the next version.
However beside these flaws, the fans mostly kept the same main shape. I placed all fan maps of the region could find, in the green corner to reflect. Agathokles, John Calvin, Sturm and others made these.

As my 1 mile hex maps try to follow the canon maps in preference. I had to make decisions and mergings.

The B10 3 mile map was based on the Expert set map so these two sources should take preference.
I took the 3 mile, the 2 mile and the 500 feet hex maps and made them the same size and overlapped
The first only B10 3 and 2 mile, clearly revealing the discrepancies
and then adding the Expert Set map. More differences.
I had to shift and merge this abit until I got a reasonable shape not too far from either canon source.
The south coast is now as the expert set, the main Lake shape us as the detail 2 mile hex map of B10. Threshold has been shifted a bit south as per Expert map, (and not theB10 maps), and the Windrush River took a more Southeastern flow instead the B10 version of South by southwestern flow.
Fitting this together in the 1 mile hexmap of the region thus far I finally was possible to fill in the edges (as per Expert map, B10).

I did take the fan maps into consideration with every decision I had to make, yet in the end neither diid reflect the canon better than this merger of the canon sources.

The final result is in the Black rectangle.
I hope you all like it
I will use this in the main 1 mile hex map also continue to work upon