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Fourth level Magical Spell


Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Creates up to 32 gallons of wine

This spell causes wine to pour from the casters finger, as if from a bottle or a wineskin. The total amount created cannot exceed 32 gallons. (about one barrel)

Casting time varies on complexity. Filling a barrel will take about one round, as the wine flows quickly from the hand. Filling several wineskin could take 10 rounds, and the flow would be briefly paused between skins. Filling the glasses of many guests at a royal banquet could take the maximum time allowable, 12 turns. (2 hours)

The wine created must be a single variety. The wine created may then be modified for up to two hours with another wineform. This is how spellcaster winemakers often make fine wines. He creates a simple white or red wine, ages or modifies the flavour, then cast a final wineform to "lock the blend into place." Once locked, it can no longer be modified by wineform spells.

The caster may decide what sort of wine is created, within reason. Creation of exotic or rare wines may be disallowed, or require that the caster is very familiar with it, and an intelligence check.

Players are welcome to come up with new ways of modifying the wine. Bubbles, increased potency, and no alcoholic content could be an interesting start.

This spell was often used in role-playing scenarios, and even used in combat once. Some high powered orcs were chasing the party up a flight of stairs, and mage decided to dump a barrel of red wine upon them. After they fell down the stairs, the party began combat while the mage increased the potency of the wine. After several rounds, the party ignited the 150 proof wine with a thrown torch and fled.

That little battle changed the level from 3rd to 4th.