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by Bruce Heard

Type: Light warbird, Waffenadler class
Date of Commission: AC 1010
Port of Call: Landfall

History: Commissioned as the garrison warbird based in Landfall, the Wirbelwind began its lacklustre career under the command of Luftkapitän Georg Silbergrubb, a crony of the province commander, Siegfried Meinhard (qv). Although most of the crew remains unaware of Georg's lack of morality and treacherous behaviour, it performs its duties as commanded, just as should be expected of disciplined Heldannic airmen.

Georg's relationship with Siegfried consists in carrying his ill-gotten gains from Landfall to a place in hidden in the hills near Helskir. There, the landing party dressed up in the manner of Helskir civilian takes Siegfried's illegal cash and brings it to a banker downtown. The money is deposited under a false name, and the landing party then returns to the Wirbelwind. The word among the crew is that these trips are "secret missions", with no other details. Rumour aboard has it that money is used to pay for an insurgency in Helskir for the benefit of the Order. In exchange for his silence and "loyalty", Georg receives a percentage of the money deposited, which is given to him by the banker.

The truth is that Georg managed to get a double of the key that opens Siegfried's chest, and the seal on the chests' opening. In reality most of Siegfried's money goes into another account belonging instead to Georg (under yet another assumed name). Because of the convoluted network of communication between the banker and Siegfried, it may take some time before either discover the subterfuge and come after Georg. The closest to unveiling the affair is the Wirbelwind's first officer, Elke Schwarnase, sister of the late Anton Schwarznase (of Ylari fame), a candidate for transfer to the Eye of Vanya. She suspects Georg's activities and motives as well as Siegfried's involvement, but she has no conclusive proof. She quietly observes her captain, especially after their return to Landfall to try to turn up more evidence. Although Georg hasn't noticed anything, Siegfried has, and he keeps an eye on Elke. Siegfried is worried that she might travel to Freiburg and make some inquiries at the Voice's regarding money transfers to Helskir.