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by Lost Woodrake

The Great Academy of Wirrtenheid

The academy is a centre of scholarship and research, populated by the extremely-intelligent Nagpas and Grey Philosophers. Located in an isolated cavern, inside one of the abandoned Azcan pyramids - it is indeed a gloomy place, with Malices (undead manifestations of unresolved thoughts) sweeping through the dark corridors. The Academy is led by the Council of Thirteen Ponderers: 6 Nagpa, 6 Philosophers - and the Grand Dean (who can be of both races).

Location: Several thousand feet under Soth-Kabree. Utterly isolated.

NPCs of the Wirrtenheid University

Prof. Heimrikh Lazarum: The Great Dean of the university is a Grey Philosopher, whose expertise is the Philosophical Meaning of Undeath and Its Influence on the Concept of Life. Recently, his research has led him to make some discoveries concerning the Radiance - and he is extremely interested.

Prof. Ephramn Gottvin: Prof. Gottvin is the chief rival of Prof. Lazarum. This Nagpa is an expert classicist and an excellent scholar of Nithian and Azcan cultures. He is constantly plotting against Lazarum, hoping to be the next Grand Dean.

Who-Am-I: This malice is the manifestation of the deepest question regarding the stability of identity. A meeting with Who-Am-I is always an highly deconstructive experience - leaving the victim extremely perplexed and in despair, with no firm concept of his own identity.