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Vala (Wise Women)

by Robin

Nordig Wise Women as per Wikipedia

Must have an Wisdom of 12+
Must have an Intelligence of 12+
Prime Requisites WI & INb (+10% XP if both 16+, +5% XP if either WI or IN 16+)
Must have a Piety of 16+ to have contact to Immortal, gain spells, Cast Clerical/Druidic spells, access Seer powers, Visions, etc. If Piety is lower than 16, all these abilities are not accessible but Mage/Seducer spells still are.

Can use only; Staff, Dagger, Net, Club/Torch, Tossed Object, or preferred weapon of Chosen Immortal
No armor or Shield, Bracers are alllowed
Can use Mage and Cleric Wands & Staff as normal
Can use Mage(IN) & Cleric(WI) Scrolls if succesful ability check at -2 and not opposing to immortal
Can Use other Wizard(IN) & Cleric(WI) magical Items if succesful ability check at -2, but is unknown which is released if variables are inside
Must follow one Nordic Faith Immortal. Chosen Immortal Mostly Frey or Freya, but others exist too, including Loki and Hel.
Must respect all other Nordic Faith Immortals (opposing is allowed, desecration not)
No allowance into Glantrian Great School of Magic due Clerical/faith background (seen as danger or Heresy)

Required Languages;
Local, Fairy

the benefit of +1 on saves vs. Charms and Enchantments.
Magical spell casting from mixed Mage/Cleric list
Often used in setting up Rune Stones, Henges, and such
Known to be good healers
Not regularly feared like Witches, and fully respected among equal faith followers and mostly among aligned immortals(not opposed).
Seer Powers

Extra Skills
Read Runes

Required Skills
Honor Immortal(s) Nordic Faith
Knowledge of Local History

Advised Skills
Knowledge of Herbs

Seer Ritual
Ritual Peparation is 1 Turn
The Ritual itself lasts only 1 minute (6 rounds) per gp cost. There is no ritual required for Self seeying (this action takes 1 round)
To see if a Seering Ritual is succesful, do the ritual, roll 1d100 lower or Equal to the number and attempt in the table for success, then roll the Risk Chance...afterwards receive payment. If failed, no vision will become available, and no risk is rolled, ...also one does not receive any payment (a tip at best, if lucky).

Self....See Close Future Self or direct environment---within 1+(1 minute (6 rounds) /IN & WI adj).An int16, and Wis 18 Vala =+2 & +3=+5 would allow seeing the next 6 minutes only.
Can be done each day after meditation as often as the Vala has IN & WI adjustment points x2 with a minimum of 1 (in the above example the Vala could do this 10 times each day.) It is possible for a Vala to have such low Intelligence And Wisdom to be unable to do this more than once a day, seeing only the next minute.
Seering one-self does not need a ritual, only a minimum Piety of 16
(for more on Piety)

SCI....See Close Future Individual--------Today to tomorrow
SNI....See Nearby Future Individual-------This Month
SFI....See Far Future Individual-----------over 3 months or Later
This is for a single individual.

SCG....See Close Future Group------------Today to tomorrow
SNG....See Nearby Future Group----------This Month
SFG....See Far Future Group--------------over 3 months or Later
This is for any number equal or lower than the level of the Vala.

SCR....See Close Future Region------------Today to tomorrow
SNR....See Near Future Region-----------This Month
SFR....See Far Future Region---------------over 3 months or Later
This is used for a general region, It also is used for Heroic/Immortal tasks.

Risk....Risk is the chance of becoming so deep in the vision it will appear real to all in the ritual.
Risk may be lowered (not automatic) by the Vala for each of her Int, & Wis adjustment
Any XP gained in this deep almost real Vision is also real for 50%. Thus if a vision is so deep and realistic you(as a group) have to combat 40 Orcs of 50 XP each, and you perish as last member of the group in that vision when you've killed 26 Orcs thus far, you(as a group) awake alive with the 26x50=1400xp x 50%=700XP. The last active member of the group when the vion ends counts as the limit of the XP gain
Cost....Cost this is the minimum requirement of components costs in a settlement (in wilderness half), and the Vala mostly requests doubles for her work. When paid this is also the amount of XP she gains from performing these rituals (If paid less or more the XP gain does not change).
Of course it is up to the DM what the Vala sees, or in a Risk circumstance what does happen. Keep in mind actions done before the seer vision actually happen in real life might change the actions of the other characters reacting on this, and thus might differ from what the seer vision described. For example if the fighter group got a very lifelike vision revealing the weakness of the Gnoll fortress, and blabbering around on their way of attacking openly, a traitor or spying gnoll might tell this to their friends, totally altering the vision. "Remember the future is rarely written in stone" is a saying of the Vala.

Studies Spells after meditating daily in Holy Book (Grimoire) which serves as spellbook. New spells are gained by Memorization of Immortal Dreams&Visions over a period of 3+1 day per level of the spell and penned down asap. These visions and dreams may be gained at any moment and require special herbs/minerals in Broths, Vapours and Teas(hence the Knowledge of Herbs and Alchemy Skill). The first time casting it costs 1000GP/spell level, and requires a succesful casting (IN+Lvl)x2-(3-spell lvl)=% succes until succesful to allow later castings. of course some spells require (willing mostly) subjects in this try-out period. it is up to the vala to resolve this as per her immortal chosen will.

I have expanded the List in Gaz7 slightly following information from Wikipedia describing this class, and crossreferencing these with spells I know.
I thus allow the Vala to know/use several Seduction spells this due her sexual background as per Wikipedia.
These spells are listed with the (Sed # level notation and page number of the book)
Many spells require wool/or thread in specific weave patterns to affect enemies, and as such the staff of the Vala holds many Threads
First Level
Cantrip(sed0 page 4)
Catfeet(sed0 page5
Balance(sed1 page8)
Charm Man1(sed1 page9)
Darkness (Mu1)gained from Immortal at Lvl 1
Detect Danger (DR1)
Detect Evil (MU1)
Detect Magic(MU1)
Draw forth the truth (Sed1 page 11)
Interpret Runes (CL2 as Gaz 7 Player book 27) also here
Light (MU1) gained from Immortal at Lvl 1
Protection from Evil MU1)
Trust (Sed1 page 15)

Second Level
Charm Animal a(s MU 1 Charm person on 1 animal) requires animal bone or piece of fur/feather
Confuse alignment (Sed2 page16)
Cure Light wounds (CL1)
Curse (CL3)gained from Immortal at reaching Lvl 2 (or replace this by Minor Curse Sed4page32)
Detect Invisible(MU2)
Forget(Sed2 page 19)
Hold Person (similar as in MU2 but target acts similar to a sort of Fear, and refuses to move or act except backwards or defence
Produce Fire(DR2)
Quicken Pace(Sed 2 page 21)
Remove Curse (CL3) gained from Immortal at reaching Lvl 2
Savoir Faire(Sed2 page 22)
Silver Tongue(sed 2page23)
Strength (Sed2page24)
Ventriloquism (MU1)

Third Level
Charm Man2 (sed3 page25)
Charm Person (MU1)
Fly(MU3) use of Henbane seeds in fire(smoke inhalation) required
Phantasml Force (MU2)

Fourth Level spells
Charm Monster (MU4)
Cure Disease(CL3)
Cure Serious wounds(CL4)
Dispel Magic (MU3)
Locate Object(CL4)
Polymorph Self (MU4)
Vacancy(Sed 4page34)

Fift Level Spells
Magic Jar(MU5)
Polymorph Others(MU4)
PassWall (MU5)

Sixth level spells
Anti-Magic Shell(MU6)
Conjure elemental(MU5) (only of same sphere as Immortal)
Death Spell (MU6)
Word of Recall(CL6)

She breaks off the point of sharp weapons and tools
Known to own several wands
Buried with wands,
Often wearing no shoes or open shoes to reveal magical toe rings (This character can still only wear 2 magical rings at the same time, but some rings are actually a group of rings set in a particular pattern), burried barefoot in grave
Magical necklaces, pendants and wands are common in use, buried next to body