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The Witches of Dymrak

by Håvard

An ancient circle of nine hags residing on different locations of the Dymrak Forest in southeastern Karameikos. Best known is Grizzelda who has had some dealings with the various Centaur tribes of the Kelvin Moors. Grizzelda is allied with the Firemane Centaurs, who have provided various services for her. It is not known which services she has given the Firemanes in return, but the Firemanes rivals, the Stormriders have theories of their own. Grizzelda has been harassing nearby families of forest gnomes (Earth Gnomes) living in her area, and these gnomes fear the hag greatly. In spite of her malicious nature, Grizzelda has managed to stay on relatively friendly terms with the Seer of the Lake of Lost Dreams. It has been speculated that she has aided the Seer in his battles against evil in the past. Grizzelda lives in the northern edge of the forest in a small grove of dead trees. The trees are actually undead Treants who guard her cottage. The only other member of the circle of hags whose name is known is Esmeralda, Grizzeldas sister. Esmeralda is allied with some of the goblin tribes in the western parts of the forest.