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The Witches of Radlebb

by Håvard

Karelena, Solorena and Trilena were three sisters who sought magical powers. Some say they were the daughters of one of the Witches of Dymrak driven away from their mother because of their inability to work magic. In their quest for power they encountered Bastoloth, a demon servant of Nyx. He bestowed upon them magical powers and gave each a demonic ally in the shape of a black panther. In Bastoloth's service, the three settled in Radlebb forest. However, their plot to turn Radlebb forest into a dark realm of their own was thwarted by the Callarii elves. The witches vowed revenge, but were prevented from destroying the elves by the powerful wizard Elyas.

Their desire to destroy Elyas was strengthened when they learned of the Black Opal Eye, the artifact in Elyas' possession which would make the witches almost invincible. The witches learned to combine their powers in ways which would allow them to defeat Elyas. However, both the witches and the wizard perished in the battle.

The Black Opal Eye.

The Black Opal Eye is actually one of the two Eyes of Traldar. The other Eye, the White Diamond Eye, is in the possession of the Seer of the Lake of Lost Dreams. The two eyes were created by a Nithian Wizard called Traldar. He was the one who originally lead the Traldar from Nithia to their current homelands. Some say that The Eyes of Traldar were actually Traldar's own eyes who had become gemstones after the Wizard had died and which still contained his magical powers. No one knows how the Seer and Elyas obtained the two gems or whether there are any relations between the two wizards. No one knows what became of the Black Opal Eye after Elyas Tower was destroyed.