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Wivrin Orefinder

by Mischa E Gelman

History: Wivrin was born 43 years ago in one the gnomish colonies in northern Karameikos. He lived a very plain and dull life till his clan was attacked when he was 22 and mostly destroyed by goblin savages in the area. Though these goblins were soon dealt with by the combined forces of the local residents, Wivrin was left alone and lost in the world. He briefly joined another gnomish clan but did not find life among them to his liking. At age 26, he ventured south into Karameikos and hasn't stopped wandering that country, studying its residents and chipping his hand at all sorts of small projects in the country.
Personality: Wivrin is a generally kind soul but does not allow anyone to get too close to him, making no lasting friends. He is less of a tinkerer than most gnomes, having spent so much of his life among the humans, elves, dwarves, halflings and other beings who inhabit Karameikos. He still hates goblins with a vengeance and looses his cool when running into them. He is willing to help with anything he can help with, but doesn't like staying in one place too long.
Appearance: Wivrin is fairly tall for a gnome and might possess some dwarvish blood if you trace his roots back far enough. He is in decent shape and is of average looks by gnomish standards. His brown hair and beard are rarely trimmed properly and the travelling clothes he always wears are worn and tattered far too often. He doesn't place much stock in appearances.
Combat Notes: He is a normal monster (0-level). AC 7 (Leather) (6 vs. larger than man-sized opponents); hp 5; at 1; D 1d6 (short sword), save D1 (+1 vs. earth-based effects); ML 9; Al N; S 9, I 8, W 10, D 10, Co 14, Ch 9. Languages: Dwarven, Goblin, Halfling, Kobold, Karameikan, Common, can speak with burrowing animals. General Skills: Knowledge (Geography; Karameikos) (I), Fantasy Physics (W), Machine Building (I), Labour (Construction) (S), dwarven detection abilities, 90' infravision