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War-Journal of Bue Geirsteinson - Prologue

by Jacob Skytte

Vatermont 13th, the year 1000 After Crowning of the First Emperor of the Thyatian Empire

It is with a heavy heart that I pen these words. I have chosen to keep this journal, to always keep these events close to my heart, for it is the wont of man to forget, even when faced with such terrible actions that will forever change his heart. I am Bue Geirsteinson of Clan Noslosford in the great kingdom of Ostland. My father is the jarl of my clan, Geirstein Thorgelson, a mighty warrior and a veteran of many conflicts. He is the undisputed ruler of Clan Noslosford, wielding power over many men, but alas, this is not enough to fulfil his ambitions.

Father has decided to rise against the king himself, the great Hord Dark-Eye, rightful king of Ostland. I say rightful, though truth be told, I had my doubts about his place. I too felt that father was destined to become king of Ostland, as do most of my family; mother, my brother Lot, and my sister Oda. Only my youngest sister, Lis, was never convinced of this. Her innocence and purity never allowed her to believe in any plot that would cost men their lives. But while I adore Lis, I was raised to be a warrior, believing in the might of arms and the rule of the strong over the weak. The rule of Geirstein over Hord. But all that changed when I finally met king Hord.

It is the wish of our king, great Hord Dark-Eye, to surround himself with the heirs of his jarls, to keep potential upstarts close at hand, and to scout for the best and bravest warriors. So it was that I was sent to his court in Zeaburg, to serve under him. Great was my surprise when I learned what a man our king is. Hord Dark-Eye is the most powerful warrior in Ostland, of this I have no doubt. He is also regal, his eyes shining with the strength invested in him by the Gods. It took only a few days before I saw that Hord was obviously the one appointed by Odin the All-Father to rule the nation of Ostland in his place.

I was torn. My whole life I had been told to believe in the will of Odin, and my father had convinced me that His will was for father to become king of Ostland. Now that I was faced with the fact that Odin wished not for my father, but for Hord to hold that throne, I did not know what to do. I knew that I could only turn to the godar for advice. Fortunately I was allowed to speak with the mightiest of Odin's servants, Asgrim, he who is also called the Bowed. I confided everything in him, certain that he would speak to me of the will of Odin, and advise me in this matter.

"Come, let us take your story to the king," was all he said. Fearing for the life of my family I had no choice but to repeat my tale to Hord Dark-Eye. In his rage the king demanded that a force of men should be raised to punish Clan Noslosford for this treachery. However Asgrim calmed him, speaking of other solutions. In the late hours of night, I was finally given a choice. It would be for me to decide if my clan should be saved. If I would remove the treacherous elements within my clan, the rest of the clan would be forgiven. Otherwise it would be stamped out. I had a year to resolve the issue.

Such is the state of affairs as I prepare to face my father this Loshdain in his winter hall here in Zeaburg. I have to face him and give him the chance of giving up. And I have to save my sister Lis from the madness that will surely follow. I have already waited far too long before acting.