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Talisman of the Wild

by Parzival

This magical talisman gives its user the ability to form a mind link with normal wild animals (including birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, insects, and arachnids— basically any normal-sized non-magical, non-sentient creatures). The creature must be within 360 yards of the talisman’s wearer for the link to be made (360 feet if indoors). The DM should determine what sorts of creatures are in the area, detailing which minds the wielder can sense. The wielder may also specify a type of creature, and the DM can choose something that fits this category, or decide if such a creature is present.
Once linked, the wielder can see, hear, smell, feel or otherwise sense everything the linked creature experiences— even if the linked creature has senses the wielder himself naturally lacks. The wielder can control the creature, maintaining the control and link for a distance of up to 5 miles; if the creature moves outside of this distance, the link is immediately lost. The creature will move and function as normal for its kind, and gains none of the PC’s knowledge, ability, or powers. If the creature is placed in a situation of obvious danger, it gains a saving throw vs. magic each round it remains in the threatening situations; a successful save breaks the link and the creature will attempt to escape.
If a creature is wounded or killed while linked, the wielder must save vs. magic or take 2d8 psychic damage from the event. In either case, the link is immediately broken.
A creature can be made to briefly attack a target, but not the following: The creature’s natural predators, targets of two sizes greater than the creature, undead, magical creatures or monsters, or beings with which the creature is familiar or friendly with. The attack cannot last longer than two rounds, after which the link is lost, and the creature will flee (if possible).
Domesticated creatures are resistant to the link, and gain a save vs. magic to avoid it. Such a creature cannot be made to do anything which will harm or disobey their master (for example, the talisman cannot be used to cause a horse to buck his rider, or a dog to bite its master).
The talisman cannot affect a spell caster’s “familiar,” as these are not “normal” animals, despite their appearance.
The talisman can be used up to three times a day. The same animal may not be linked more than once. The link lasts up to four hours, but can be dismissed at any time.
While linked, the wielder must concentrate to maintain the control, and cannot take any other action, being largely unaware of his immediate surroundings, though normal signs of sudden or immediate danger (loud noises, heat, the appearance of a very angry bear, etc.) can be responded to, immediately breaking the link.