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Walking Stone

by WingofCoot

AC 2
Hit Dice 4 to 6
Move 90' (30')
Attacks 1 bite
Damage 1d8
Number Appearing 0 (1-4)
Save As Fighter 2 or 3
Morale 5
Treasure Type Nil
Alignment Neutral
XP Value 75 to 275

A simpler example of the type of mineral-organic combination life form represented by the sandfolk, the walking stone is a "grazer" that lives on the minerals of Tharsis and the unusual semi-mineral flora found there. When resting, the creature appears to be a boulder about 2 to 3 feet in diameter. When it moves, the "boulder" rises up on ten long legs and reveals a set of rock-crushing jaws.

Walking stones are often hunted by groups of sandfolk. In addition to food, the creature's legs are used to make javelins/spears, and a tough organic layer beneath the outer shell of rock can be used to make a leather-like substance.