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The Wellsprung Lycan

by Sean Meaney


Leon de Sylaire shifted to werewolf and dropped down from the tree on to the Elves...that was his first and last mistake. Sheon Ewanil shifted to Wellsprung Lycan. The almost alien horror of the transformation paused Leon de Sylaire in his tracks...and he turned and ran. The fear of this unknown Lycanthrope seizing control of his brain in a most unnatural and unfamiliar way.
A blur of silver and it stood over him. With a single bat of its monstrous clawed hand, the Were Elf smashed the Werewolf through the trunk of a tree, crushing his organs and bones to paste.

DM Briefing: A Humanoid or Demihuman has discovered the Well of the Moon in the Great Pass through the Black Mountains (X5 - Temple of Death) and bought home a Case of rather unique Lycanthropy. The pure strain Lycanthropy is safe for Humanoids and Demihumans because there is no animal parent spreading the Disease. Anyone stumbling across the well of the Moon might acquire the disease...and assume a new Lycan form consistent with beastform-free lycanthropy.