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Mystara Lore from Book of Wondrous Inventions

by Håvard

Aldryk Scortchbeard
Associated Invention: Aldryk’s Fire Quencher
An alchemist who barely escaped a devastating fire alive. He has turned to the study of fire in general and how to extinguish it.

Associated Invention: Balthazar’s Suite of Many Delights
A retired wizard who “ten years ago” constructed the Suite of May Delights in the town of Galgaboth. Galgaboth is located less than a mile away from an exotic dungeon. Over the last 100 years this has turned it into a boomtown.

Associated Invention: Beldane’s Subterrean Borer
A wizard known for exploring the wealths of the depth of the earth, also freeing imprisoned mages. Beldane is said to have achieved Lichdom.

Burton Bladderwick
Associated Invention: Bladderwick’s Human Catapult
An engineer previously working for Stefan Karameikos. He was accidentally beheaded during a test of his own inventions.

Associated Invention: Blashphor’s Ever Vigilant Baby Cradle & Nursery
A kind wizard living with his wife in the tiny and isolated village of Spinyon. His wife Atina died in childbirth.

Brandon & Dorian Grimm
Associated Invention: Brandon’s Bard in a Box
Two wild elves (Wendaran?) living in the domain of Taneilian

Associated Invention: Brandon’s Bard in a Box
A senile wizard who died from his own invention.

Glibberlin the Artificer
Associated Invention: Castle in the Clouds
Milennia ago (Blackmoor Era?), a being of an unknown species, called Glibberlin the Artificer, made unique discoveries about the properties of clouds when the blood of a storm deity was spilled on a cloud.

Associated Invention: The Clockwork Dragon of Mai-Faddah
An eccentric mage who loved in a flying castle with his assistants Symonn, Taiador and Allwyn and a company of mercenary amazons. When he learned of a drolem on rampage, destroying Balfour’s Landing, he went on to create his clockwork dragon. The dragon was later stolen by agents of the Thief Guild Master Curare.

Associated Invention: Damos’ Ball of Bowling
Dean of the Post-Graduate College of Magic in Glantri. His college temporarily lost its funding when Al the Stubborn and Ithoria the Magnificent leveled 16 blocks of downtown Glantri with an Earthquake Spell.

Associated Invention: Damos’ Ball of Bowling
Damons magic jarred a lesser Efreeti, named Blywirkl, into a ball of bowling in a grudge match with Bethfra “Gutterball” the Enchantress.

Moxwul Darak, the Arch-Mage
Associated Invention: Darak’s Thaumaturgical Printing Press
Darak invented the Printing Press 120 years ago. It was later perfected by a Gnome, Mardok Torgul. Since then, presses have been constructed in most cities and major towns.

Turgan “The Eel” Jethlarh
Associated Invention: Death Engine
The Eel was a noted assassin who swore to only slay evil and chaotic creatures. His fortress was eventually invaded by his rivals. The Eel has now retired.

Oskar Wyrdsson
Associated Invention: Death Engine
A lunatic mage who made several reconstructions of the Death Engine. He now travels the universe in a flying fortress. Some say he is Immortal. He is later reported playing poker with a Red Dragon.

Princess Daphne
Associated Invention: Death Engine
Mentioned briefly in this entry. No details given.

Disteron of Kerendas
Associated Invention: Disteron’s Dismal Disposal
Former head of the Alchemist’s Guild in Thyatis. He was killed by his own invention.

Dorian Helmcleaver
Associated Invention: The Train of the Dwarven Thane
A dwarven champion who reclaimed the kingdom of Stonepeak which fell a century ago.

Edison of Glantri
Associated Invention: The Electric Cooker
Inventor of the Electric Cooker and other food preparing devices. He died years ago.

Cragwig Evem
Associated Invention: Evem’s Mirror of Enviable Image
Assistant Artificer for the firtm Carruthers Three-Toe. He was later promoted to Chief Assistant Artificer.

Jon McSpereson
Associated Invention: The Extra-Dimensional Safe
A Magic-User who was extraordinarily fond of making puzzle-boxes.

Bardolpho the Mad
Associated Invention: The Fiendish Exercise Machine of Bardolpho the Mad
A former emperor who was given the Exercise Machine by the Gnome King Bibbloon the Inflated. This was followed by the period known as Bardolpho’s Gnomish Massacre.
Note: This one was created by Allen Varney

Flavion Fleabotttom
Associated Invention: Fleabottom’s Brick Mac
A Gnomish Toymaker from Highforge. He made his invention years ago, at a time when the Gnomes and Dwarves of Highforge first began mining in the Black Peak Mountains

Rig Bindle
Associated Invention: Fleabottom’s Brick Mac
Current foreman of Ben Dalen mine in the Black Peak Mountains.

Associated Invention: Gnomish Submersible
A Gnome who lived in New Mistraven after the destruction of Old Mistraven. New Mistraven was destroyed in a caraclysm and was replaced by New New Mistraven, but Winchesmira disappeared in the incident. His workshops are belived to still be found deep beneath the new city.
Note: Created by Jeff Gubb

Obidiah Knackerstes
Associated Invention: Honest Obie’s All-Night Armor Merchant
A Junk/Armor Merchant who died after making a wonderous invention. His daughter Ophelia is now the only one who can operate the machine.

Hotspur Herethol
Associated Invention: Hotspur’s Selecto-Staff
A Magic-user from Wendar who began his life as a carpenter. He was the student of Anzo, Master of the School of Shadows.

Don Wand the Arch-Mage
Associated Invention: House Vacuum
Actually it was the Arch-Mage’s Maid, Cleo, who encountered the interdimensional dwarf merchant who introduced the House Vaccuum.

Prince Jaggar
Associated Invention: Jaggar’s Transofrming Gargantoid
The entry describes how Jaggar in his younger days visited the realm in Davania where the Alphatians were fighting the native Gnomes. The Gnomes were the creators of the Earthshakers, and the Alphatians created the Gargantoids to battle with them. Jaggar managed to steal a Gargantoid and bring it back to Glantri.
Note: Created by Bruce Heard

Kruze the Wizard
Associated Invention: Kruze’s Magnificent Missile
A Glantrian Wizard who relocated his home to the Five Shires. He helped defend the Halflings from Orcs.

Arroman the Ambitious
Associated Invention: The Levelmaker
A Wizard tired of adventuring.

Associated Invention: Melrond’s Foolproof Dishwasher
A mediocre wizard who charmed a Black Pudding. He provides his inventions to restaurants and kitchens everywhere.

Percus of Gorias, Alastor the Magnificent, the Recluse Dor & Thelma the Archivist
Associated Invention: Moodarvian Rings of Emotion
Individuals credited for inventing the Rings.

Governor Dmitri
Associated Invention: Moodarvian Rings of Emotion
A man who lost his knighthood and later his head after serving Price Logan bad oysters.

Morath the Migrant
Associated Invention: Morath’s Mobile Manor
A Warlord listed among the world’s greatest heroes. He came from an exiled people. He lead his people through three decades of chaos before his death.

Wictar Oddwaddle
Associated Invention: Oddwaddle Centipede
A Gnomish Inventor of Highforge who was hired by Kreeg Talawain, head of the dwarvish clan, to assist in his successful mining operation. Aided by the dwarvish engineer, Sig Rumbottle, he completed his invention in AC956. The Prototype accidentally crashed into the End of the Journey Tavern.

Olaf Grunndi
Associated Invention: Olaf Grunndi’s Stupendous Repository of Arcane Lore
A dwarven explorer who befriended a clan of sprites centuries ago. He lived in the Dwarven City beneath mount Caylorne. This city has now been abandoned for centuries.

Associated Invention: Rahn-Ko’s Ranger Fooler
One of the mightiest Arch-Mages in the far off land of Nalorian.

Associated Invention: Rumblebotty’s Flying Nightmare
A gnomish inventor captured by the Orc-Lord Rumblebotty who forced the gnome to construct a flying fortess for him.

Saonuihun the Sorcerous
Associated Invention: Saonuihun’s Speeding Sphere Game
A powerful wizard.

Sultan Jalinas
Associated Invention: The sultan’s Uncanny Ghost Ride
A despotic ruler of a small eastern province two centuries ago. During a rebellion, his palace was stormed and his family executed. The Sultan himself managed to escape, aided by Gypsies

Sheik Yaman
Associated Invention: The Rain-Making Machine
Sheik Yaman is the ruler of a rural area south of Ylaruam. He hired Glamus the Weather-Maker to make a rain making device for him. However, rivalry with a local witch doctor lead to the death of Glamus’ apprentice Yun. Upon the death of the apprentice, Glamus fled. Both the Sheik and the Witch Doctor are looking for Glamus.

Associated Invention: Ungah’s Dungeon Cleaner
Brother of Rahn-Ko (see above), known for his clean dungeon floors.

Lord Vanserie
Associated Invention: Vaserie’s Wondrous Elemental Heater
Note: Created by Bruce Heard

Prince Volospin
Associated Invention: Volospin’s Dragonfly of Doom
Note: Created by Bruce Heard

King Dorfin
Associated Invention: Dorfin’s Little Shop of Horrors
Ruler of Highforge.

Prince D’Ambreville
Associated Invention: Ambreville’s Watershoes

Associated Invention: Bargle’s Infamous Firepack
Lady Marianita
Associated Invention: Marianita’s Relentless Spy
Glantri’s Ambassador to Specularum.

Associated Invention: Teldon’s Ever-Glowing Beam
Guild Master of the Specularum Wizard’s Guild.

Prince Morphail
Associated Invention: Morphail’s Night Wings
Morphail had a Gnome servant built these mechanical batwings for him.