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History of the Sar

by Sean Meaney

Year Event
1 SY This year the Bandit Chief Yan Benang encounters a Gold Dragon who he takes as Wife. The Bandit Chief Yan Benang encounters <gold-dragon> who he takes as wife (he abducted the beautiful young Princess whose servants were taking her to meet a rival chief).
157 SY The great cataclysm destroys the Blackmoor Civilisation and the World begins to change its tilt. At this time the Yan are clustered around a Fortress on a Hill. The Rain of Fire is seen in the East.
158 SY The nomads of the Sar push east as tremors rock the Sar. The Escarpment has begun to form. The Bandit Kingdom of the Yan becomes the dominant controlling interest in the Southern Sar. The Current Bandit Chief of the Yan is Yan Naga.
238 SY There is unrest in the South East as tribes filling the Yazak Steppes begin to push into the Sar. This is the beginning of the great Migrations. The Greater Kelintji travelling into the Sar for Food and Water come under assault from Humanoid Raiders doing the same thing.
657 SY The Yan build a Fortress to protect their small piece of the Sar.
967 SY The Fortress of the Yan is destroyed when intense tremors rock the Sar. Surviving the destruction is the Kai-Mother <gold-dragon> (the original gold dragon) and her granddaughter, the Princess <wild-flower>.
968 SY A decision is made to construct a new Citadel from the Great stone hill on which the original Fortress sat. Skilled Artisans and labourers begin digging into the stone.
973 SY A Kadaitch (a Cleric of Law-found amongst certain tribes of the Sar at this time) named Lela Goreng from amongst the many tribes migrating into the Sar speaks to the Kai-Mother regarding the Survival of the Sar. He suggests that the construction of Fortifications along the Escarpment of the "Upper Sar" will protect the herding peoples there from the ongoing migrations.
998 SY The Cleric Known as Lela Goreng weds the Princess <wild-flower> becoming the First Kaisar of the Goreng family line. He invites many Clerics of Law to the Sar.
1023 SY The Construction of the White Mosque is undertaken across the Bay of Benang at a site important to the Clerics of Law (the Crypt of the Martyrs of Law). The Second Kaisar known as <golden-eyes> participates in the labour. The Imperial palace is still under construction at this time.
1024 SY The construction of the White Mosque is finished. <golden-eyes> forgoes his title of Kaisar and stays on at the White Mosque to Teach Law to young Clerics.
1032 SY The Imperial Palace is finished. The third Kaisar Safran Goreng is the first of the Kaisar to sit on the Imperial Throne.
1056 SY Kaisar Nasi Goreng on advice from the Kaidaitch and the current Kai-Mother orders the construction of the Tiers of Pain. He also orders the construction of the Wards.
1657 SY Humanoids on the Yazak Steppes herd a thousand greater Kelintji down into the Sar. The Great beasts swarm over the Tiers of Pain as though the Tiers were not there. Most of the Kelintji are killed. The rest are forced north off the Escarpment.
A famine ensues.
1857 SY The Thousand Years of Anarchy Begin The Migration peaks as a million humanoids push south across the Sar and down the Arm of the immortals. The Sar is decimated by the conflict that occurs. The Tiers of Pain are lost to the overwhelming number of humanoids and the Upper Sar finally falls. At this time a great steel ship is seen sailing the seas to the south. It is full of Halflings. After asking directions of the Kai-mother, they head east around the serpent peninsula with several clerics of Law who will migrate to the Sind to convert the locals. As the Empire is pushed from the Upper Sar. The Empire is forced to retreat into the south where It becomes two regions of a City-State. The Capital in the East and the White Mosque in the West.
During this age of Anarchy, A mortal Thanatos (questing for Immortality) opens many gates in the Upper Sar until the Sar is so mingled with the outer planes that one might travel through multiple realities and planes by simply walking from one village to the next.
2858 SY The Thousand Years of Anarchy End There is a fable that a Kaisar had attacked Thanatos on his home plane during this time with a small army of Kelintji Slayers because Thanatos had taken the "Heart of the Sar". It is thought by many that this means that the Kai-Mother was abducted by the Immortal Thanatos yet some versions of the fable suggest the heart of the Sar was returned to the Kai-Mother. The Age of Anarchy ends with this event yet the Upper Sar is still inaccessible due to the dimensional disruption caused by so many gates.
3000 SY The Migrations are well in the past as the World settles into its new position. The Sar is now several thousand miles south of the Arctic circle. New Crops and Farming techniques learned from the Distant Nithians provides for the rebuilding of the Sar from the thousand years of Anarchy. Kaisar Nasi Goreng (the fifteenth of his name) retakes the Tiers of Pain and The Yazak nomads are pushed back beyond the Wards.
3457 SY The White Mosque is infiltrated by Clerics of Thanatos leading to an assassination attempt on the Kai-Mother. There is a purge known as the night of justice in which the current Kaidaitch (a cleric of Thanatos) and his fellow evil clerics are slaughtered.
4157 SY (1000AC): The Modern Era). At this time the Current Kaisar is Kaisar Nasi Goreng (the fifty seventh Kaisar to wear that name). He is giving the current Kai-Mother (still <gold-dragon>) no end of stress.
4169 SY (1012AC): Kaisar Nasi Goreng betrays the Sar to the Heldannic Knights. He is Killed during the conflict by a Gold Dragon (Considered a very bad indictment on his character) and the Heldann Warbirds are destroyed in a terrible battle over the Imperial City in which the Gold Dragon is reportedly killed. Servants report that the Kai-mother <gold-dragon> passed away in her apartments during the conflict.*
The New Kaisar is <golden-talon>. He is of the Benang family line thought lost for four thousand years. It is revealed that the original Kai-Mother had an affair with a General in the service of the First Kaisar of the Goreng line. That Generals' descendants became the Kai-Mother's traditional Protection through the millennia ahead.
* The Events 0f 4169 SY (1012AC) are detailed in the Short Story "The Wolf and the Dragon"