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by Bruce Heard

Type: Light warbird, Waffenadler class
Date of Commission: AC 1011
Port of Call: Forton

Service Records: Built as the garrison ship of the Forton, the administrative centre of the Province of Heldland, this warbird has not seen any major combat to date. The ship's name was inspired from the ever-present mists prevailing in the surrounding hills of Forton. Its commander, Luftkapitän Ilse Degensinger still resents not receiving her orders to join the great strike against the Davanian Simbasta, as ill-fated as it had been. She dreams of glory and great battles in the skies of Mystara. She craves the kind of glory that made such warbirds as the Karmesinfalke so famous in the Ordensflotte. But instead, she feels she is wasting her time in such a forgotten, minor outpost as Forton where nothing important ever seems to happen.

Over the years, hoping to get much needed attention from the admiralty, she has driven her crew to strive for perfection. All principles of the strictest Law must be observed aboard, to the point everyone should move in straight lines and right angles. Uniforms and equipment demand impeccable care. All rules must be followed to the letter. The warbird is scrubbed inside and out, and interminably polished and buffed. Not a speck of dust is to be found, as she conducts regular inspections with her white gloves from stern to prow. Woe be the slovenly and the careless aboard the Wolkengeist.

The crew despises their commander, but nevertheless take pride in their work and strength in their faith for Vanya. They dutifully follow their orders, as tyrannical as they may seem. In short, captain Degensinger is a nut. She is a pathological case, as much for her insensitivity and maniacal fixations about order and cleanness, but also her blossoming paranoia. One of her habits is to walk the deck, watching for the most minute breach of conduct, while rolling two marbles inside her hand. Despite all, Captain Degensinger is an able tactician and a very skilful blade at that. Most importantly, she masters the use of the common fog shrouding the region of Forton and has trained her crew well. They know how to operate swiftly and quietly, communicating with a series of gestures if need be.