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Inner Circle Gaz 7: Kingdom of Wolven

by Giulio Caroletti

Area: 43,205 sq km

Population: 156,400 (90% humans, 10% rakasta)

Government Type: Wolven is a monarchy, although its ruler has the title of Duke.

Important Figures: Randolph Iuga, Duke of Wolven

Description: Southernmost kingdom of the Inner Circle, Wolven is also one of the most ancient. It is divided in a northern zone, called Ayxia, a plain where farmers cultivate corn and breed cows, and a southern one, known as the Fork Hills, mostly used as pasture lands for sheep.
Wolven has a good military force, among the best of Nentsun, but it is a region where few magic users are found. The official religion of Wolven is the Church of Dragor, a wolfman divinity who bless its clerics with lycanthropy. The Church of Dragor discourages intelligent youths from becoming wizards, and those who become so are watched with suspicion in this country. It is interesting to notice that the wolf-clerics of Dragor seem to be the only example of lycanthropy in the Inner Circle along with the shapeshifting clerics of the Bear in Ursi.
Wolven's capital is the city of Alba Mater (pop. 26,000), built along the river Alius, in the northwestern part of Ayxia; the "Mark of White", main temple of Dragor, is located here. The Duke lives in a palace a couple of kilometres away from the city.
Another important city is Mizar (pop. 17,000), built on the road which leads from Alba Mater to Shuyra.
Last but not least is the city of Shuyra (pop. 9,700), an important military outpost on the frontier with the hostile state of Glajura.