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Wonders of the Known World

by Sheldon Morris

The Seven Ancient Wonders of the Known World
Adakkian World-Tower
City of the Dragons
The Colossus of Protius
The Earthshaker
Spiral Cities of the Serpent Peninsula
The Sump of Alfheim
Thothia's Temple of Dawn

The Seven Modern Wonders of the Known World
The Athenos Canal
Coral Palace of Ierendi
High Temple of Vanya
Randel Wall of Alphatia
The Slagovich hydraulic locks and elevators
Thyatis Coliseum
Yavdlom's Azizi Berungi

The Seven Natural Wonders of the Known World
The Valley of Diamonds (pre-WotI)
World Mountain of Ethengar (pre-WotI)
Angry Waters
The Arch of Fire in Norwold
Atruaghin Plateau
Valley of the Dawn
The Alphatian Maelstrom (post-WotI)
The Great Crater (post-WotI)

The Seven Magical Wonders of the Known World
Canolbarth Forest
Floating Ar
Glantri's School of Magic
The Princess Ark
Serraine the Flying City
The Temple of Death in Hule

Unknown to Civilisation's Sages
(well, at least the details are not likely known)
The Atruaghin plateau's Mystic Conveyor
City of Stars (and the Temple of Rafiel)
Nimmur's Star Device ziggurat.
Oenkmar (Jewel of the Deep)
Aegos' Hollow World elevator

Notable Minor Wonders of the Known World
The Citadel in Bettellyn
Blue Pinewoods of Boldavia
City of Brass
The Fire Ships of Ierendi
Alphatia's Flying Love Cruise
The Rainbow Bridge
Red River
Rockhome Ventilation System
Savage Coast Haze
Temple Statue on Taboo Island (lost)
World Elevator