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The Origin of Worgs

by John Calvin

Just a random thought - something that hit me while I was pondering over the 2300 BC era - what are the origins of worgs?

We know that most of the humanoids on Mystara are descended from pure-breeding strains of beastmen. Before the Great Rain of Fire, the beastmen were chaos incarnate. Their forms determined by the whims of fate, and never were there two alike - although similar traits might be found in multiple individuals. This changed after the GRoF, when beastmen began to breed true. Some theorise that this might have been due to the radiance energies left in the wake of the GRoF.

Regardless, sometime after 3000 BC, the beastmen ceased to be beastmen and became humanoids - orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, ogres, and the like. Although these breeds differed in shape and temperament, they all had one thing in common - a humanoid shaped body and intelligence. However, what if there are other breeds of beastmen that took a different evolutionary direction?

Worgs may represent just such an instance. Although in many ways they look like wolves, they are a distinct race. They have a rudimentary language and often get along fine with goblins and other humanoids. It is possible that a breed of beastmen took on a more animalistic appearance which ultimately converged with the phenotype of modern wolves. This could have been an entirely natural (by beastmen standards) process, or it could have involved one or more extraneous factors. The Taymorans of the time were developing the first strain of lycanthropy, and nearby tribes of lupins and proto-worgs could have been vital components in these experiments. Perhaps the worgs were bred by their fellow humanoids to be used specifically as mounts (the use of horses as mounts did not happen until later in the history of Brun).

What do folks think of this idea? Are there any other monster races that could be descended from beastmen stock?