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Thoughts about a different WotI outcome

by Bruce Heard

In retrospect, something I would have liked to have done with Wrath of the Immortals (WotI) was to include two possible outcomes for Alphatia. The first is the sinking of the metropolitan landmass (the present outcome), another would have been a civil war resulting in all the provinces becoming independent. The old empire would then be scheming to recover its former glory, while Thyatis struggled to gobble bits of the wizards' old empire (aside from addressing their own internal troubles). Former provinces could have become bitter rivals as they endeavor to establish their own imperial dynasties (outside Vertiloch). I think this would have been more entertaining in the long run. Of course, a third alternative could have led to just a portion of metro Alphatia ending up in the Hollow World, while the rest becomes independent states. Ditto, Afheim's dark fate. An option to avert the emergence of the shadow elves would have been acceptable, given that the changes remains options which DMs can eventually repeal. Just a few thoughts.