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White Plume Mountain Battlemap

by Darren Moffett

I know this adventure was for AD&D non-specific, not Known World/Mystara. It has a lot of very cool traps and some pretty interesting monsters. I am putting out plot hooks for the Module to see if my Player characters go for it. I have also drawn the map on 5' grid for use with miniatures (see Attachment)
I am considering putting it on an island in the Sea of Dread, Maybe Burning Rock or Fire mountain or one of the volcanos on The Thanegioth Archipelago or even The Isle of Dread. I had them chasing down the Iron Ring to a slavers import export place. For that, I used "Slave Pits of the Undercity" There they Discover that the Iron ring is tied to "the Slave Lords" who are Controlled by The Master of Hule, was Hoping to get them into the Master of the Desert Nomads series that way. Right now that they have rooted out the Iron Ring out from Threshold and are trying to bring the rescued slaves from the slave pits home. They don't seem to have any interest in going to Hule or of taking on the other Slave Lords. So the "Iron Ring liaison to the Slave Lords", (the Boss thief at the end of Slave Pits) happened to have a copy of the poem referring to the treasures in White Plume Mountain. And a written set of orders telling someone from the Iron Ring to retrieve the Treasures of White plume mountain. So I took the Time to make the map. I'm hoping that the PCs will take the bait and try to get there before the Iron Ring does.
All I have to figure out is where to place the mountain. I don't really want it on the continent and since it's a volcano I am thinking out in the Sea of Dread as one of the many volcanic islands.