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War of the Immortals II

by Sean Meaney


The Immortal Benekander (Previously An assistant Technician of the F.S.S. Beagle and freed to immortality during the WotI) discovers the Wayback Inn - a location of Temporal travel allowing adventureres to egress into the Past. He leads an expedition through the looking glass into the age of Blackmoor and as an immortal sets about intervening in the emergence of the NUCLEUS OF THE SPHERES as an Artefact of the Immortals. The Detonation destroys the Region that will become Glantri. in the many millenia that follows, the Glantrian Region is settled by numerous Warriors who partition it up into Baronies. Without the exotic power of the NUCLEUS OF THE SPHERES, Wizards do not discover other more powerful Magics, rather this discovery is restricted to the Keep of a Dragon Slayer in the Mountains to the very south where a lone Alphatian Wizard on the run from his own people discovers an Immortal trapped in a Mirror and learns from him many secrets and Learns from him the secret of Technology.

With an army of Mercenaries from the South armed with strange weapons (Steam Artillery and a Steam powered Ironclad Fortress that moves on Tracks), Barimoor leads his army sweeping north into the Glantri Region to overthrow the wretched Baronies led by the Warlord Alexander Glantri.

This Technological power draws the attention of the OARD who begin infiltrating this pocket reality with plans to use it as a safe haven. Their meddling collapses the walls separating Two very different Glantri's and the Ironclad Fortress crosses over into the Principalities. The City of Glantri find itself under siege as the Ironclad Fortress simply appears outside the city Walls with an army.

It has a terrible effect however, as Benekander is trapped in the Mirror and the Alternative Immortal has ceased to exist. The events leading to the repair of the NUCLEUS OF THE SPHERES by Benekander and his Mortal companions does not occur, and Magic across the World fails for a week.

After AC1020, The Glantrian Region becomes Dimensionally unstable and is wracked by a Maelstrom. From now on, strange dimensional warps appear every year during this week without magic leading through time and too and from other Universes and Dimensions - including the homeland of the OARD who begin a full invasion of Mystara at the Glantri Site.




Location: Fenswick Keep, Principality of Fenswick. The Principalities of Glantri

Description: The Night-dragon known as Princess Dolores Fenswick While sorting through some books in her Keep and discovers a reference to the Radiance. She hunkers down to investigate something beyond her knowledge. By morning she has flipped through fifteen books and found several references to the same obscure power (or affliction). She knows it is something she has heard reference to before.

What is going on? Dolores the Night Dragon has finally had time to sort through the various items of minor Interest in her Keep at Fenswick. Amongst them is the rather obscure secret of the Radiance.


Location: Brannartís Keep

Description: Dolores Fenswick raids Brannartís Tower, searching Brannartís effects for references to the Radiance. She finds he has deliberately removed most references on the Radiance from his books but there are an odd number of books on healing diseases and afflictions and a journal charting his progress to Lichdom thanks to a wasting disease he was afflicted with. It occurs to her that there are several other princes and powerful wizards with some degree of affliction including the Headmaster of the School of Magic.

What is going on? Dolores the Night Dragon has tracked the secret of the Radiance and connected it to an affliction that several nobles and powerful wizards seem to have in common.


Location: The Principalities of Glantri

Description: Synn the Night Dragon absorbs radiance energy utterly draining the Artefact known as the nucleus of the spheres in one go. The Region of Glantri and many nearby lands are rocked by a terrible earthquake. Wizards are caught in the destruction as their magic fails them.
Taken aback by the level of Destruction she has unleashed on Glantri and the surrounding realms, Synn flies off.
Glantri city is reduced to rubble along with pretty much every community in Glantri.
A miles long fissure open against the base of the colossal mounts spewing its poison across the Principality of Belcadiz.
Further tremors rock Glantri as a miles wide corridor of land from ten miles west of the ruins of Glantri city to the base of the Colossal mounts slumps into a cavity perhaps fifteen hundred feet deep.

What is going on? The Night Dragon, Synn has siphoned off five thousand Radiance points from the Nucleus of the Spheres causing the artefact to explode.

The Earthquake rocks everything in a five hundred mile radius of Glantri city- south to the southern edge of Malpeggi Swamp, East beyond the eastern edge of Alfhiem and deep into eastern Ethengar, North across the Kingdom of Wendar, even west as far as Sayr Ulan.

The Shadow elf cavern of New Grunland erupts and is flooded with superheated nuclear poisonous death which causes the land above to bulge upward. Because the colossal mounts move upward slower than the lowlands, Fissures open along the edge of the mountains in the Belcadiz Region spewing radioactive poisons across the Principality of Belcadiz All there suffer the Rotting Disease of the Radiance (No Saving throw thanks to the dosage).

Land from just ten miles west of Glantri city to the Colossal Mounts in the east collapses into a fifteen hundred feet deep trench and the region of Southern Glantri is choked by a poisonous dust cloud.

The Lower Broken Lands collapse creating numerous eight hundred feet to thousand feet deep Calderas across the broken lands. Upper Trollhattan collapses into lower Trollhattan which in turn collapses into the Cavern of the City of Stars creating a mile deep sinkhole. Ebon Lake soon becomes polluted with Trolls and a living semi-intelligent fungus.

A large portion of Alfhiem forest (Aengemor) slumps into a two thousand feet deep Caldera that looks about a hundred miles across. Only Shadow elves on the Surface survive - the immortals were preventing the subsidence of the many miles wide caves and caverns which would have failed and collapsed long ago had they not.

Worldwide Magic has failed, and Clerics are cut off from their Immortals.

NOTE: Synn has absorbed five thousand Radiance points which means that if she ever unleashed the Discharge Radiance power, she will unleash a mushroom cloud that will poison a 568 mile radius with the Radiance rotting Disease- Glantri at its centre, Ethengar, Wendar, Eastern Sind, Darokn, Alfhiem, and Rockhome would be exposed.

This is the beginning of a year long crisis where clerics and wizards will be without spellcasting powers and magic in general.